Are there rules for concealed weapons and how to draw them?

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Most Object Manipulation actions (RC 244) require a Minor Action. Wether it is concealed in a boot or sheathed on your belt is a matter of flavor more than Rule-based.

If the weapon is concealed in a container (chest) in your backpack for exemple, then you will need a Minor action to Draw the container, a Minor action to Open it and a Minor action to Pick-up an Item.
There's also an enchantment (hidden weapon IIRC) which means the weapon can't be seen until you attack with it.
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It could also be resolved with a Bluff Check in order to Gain Combat Advantage (RC 141)

Also, a Stealth Check could be improvised to craft a Hidden compartment or sheath using a Moderate DC (RC 154)
Concealing a weapon would probably fall under the Thievery, with sleight of hand. You make your thievery check to hide the weapon on your person, and anyone searching you has to make a perception check against that, or just uses passive perception if you are just being observed but not searched. Generally speaking unless you hide your weapon in a particularly difficult to get to place on your person, it would still be a minor action to draw (unless you had the Fast Hands utility or similar ability). It would depend mostly on if you were attempting to just keep it out of sight, or if you were hiding it so as not to be found if you were searched.
The answer, apparently and as usual, is that there are many good ways to do it. Pick whichever is best for your group and table.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

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