Hail and Well Met! (PC/DM)

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Hi everyone, I'm Erik, the author of a third of the Neverwinter Campaign Setting and both the Game Day ("Gates of Neverdeath") and Encounters ("Lost Crown of Neverwinter") adventures.

I'm here to answer questions (see my designated Q&A scroll, send me a private message, or email me: erikscottdebie AT yahoo DOT com) as well as hang out and be sociable. I hope you all enjoy the season!

Also, let me float two suggestions about keeping players away from spoilers:

1) If your thread is going to be spoiler heavy or is intended for DMs only, label it (DM) or (DM only) in the subject line. This allows people to tell at a glance that it's not for players. Threads that are looking for player insight should say (PC) or (PC/DM).

2) Make frequent use of the spoiler tag: [ spoiler ] insert text here [ / spoiler ] (without the spaces)

Welcome everyone, and see you on the boards!