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I wanted to start a DM thread to discuss ideas for Wednesday Nights Game.


Character Interaction Section
My 'vision' for this season of Encounters is largely based on the idea of the emotional Fall out of Man vs. Nature.

I am going to be attempting to stress the Natural elements of the spell plague as much as possible every week.

The text talks about Monsters who now inhabit part of the city--I will likely include some stuff about how the new river bank is beautiful and clean--human filth is only collecting on the shores of the river that pass by the Protector's Enclave. The humans who live outside of the Enclave will have a back to nature hippie glow to them--living a hard, harsh life--but hopeful and happy. More connected to the land then the Urban landscape.

Also, after the decemation I assume life is hard & outside relief is not going well--The armorer & weaponsmith will complain about high prices, everything they need being used for construction projects, etc. The Supply Cart is going to be a relief cart from Waterdeep, depending on the table I will intruduce Black Market themes as well. 

In terms of time, the module mentions five minutes of player interaction before starting the combat encounter--I plan to let that go until the players get bored. 
One of the things with Encounters is that they are designed to be short session played within 90 minutes to 2 hours.  I know must of my sessions go a little over that but not by to much.  While letting it go until they get bored would work fine at a home game, it might not work so well at an Encounter session.  Where you often have to deal with people having to be picked up by parents, the store wanting to close at a certain time and so on.  At the same time it might work really well.  It will depend a lot on your table. 
I also wouldn't "let them go until they get bored," as getting bored is contrary to the purpose of what you're working to achieve. I suggest instead you interrupt them just before they start getting bored.

Also, a good point was raised about the mid-combat reinforcements in my Q&A thread that I thought I'd link here. Remember that thread is ok for both PCs and DMs, but do use the spoiler tag as necessary.


Hola, Great First Week! I do not think anyone got bored. I have posted a Play Summary on my blog. Thanks, David S

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