Map galleies not working?

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As a Insider member, shouldn't the map galleries be accesable to me?
Is this gallery working for anyone else?:

I have tried IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and even Rockmelt. But nothing opens it. Also, there are many other archives I cant open, although there are a few of the newer that I can open. But only if I find links to them from other places, never from the list:

Is it broken or discontinued?

I need the untaged maps from Dungeon 165 
That's a bad URL. Try this one instead --

If you can tell me where you found your link, we'll fix it (if it's on our site, that is).


If your only tool is a warhammer, every problem looks like a gnoll.

It's the same link. I just filtered it.

But it seems I made a critical fumble. I was pressing the 2nd link on the line called "map galleries", thinking that was the link to the gallery instead of the first link, wich I thought was just a link back to the issue. Seemed the link with the insider logo beside it should be the one leading to the insider content, but not so

But speaking of the content, am I missing the point here? The gallery seems to only hold low resolution images of the maps. And they are tagged. This can't be it, can it? Are there not versions of the maps that are suited for gaming purposes? I mean for actually printing i high resolution and without the tags?
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