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Hey there,

Currently attemping(badly) to design a dungeon, first time doing so, so after a little help. 

The party is 4 level 4 players, so I am doing a final encounter with undead being the main monsters in the dungeon.   

Can you guys make any suggestions(and tell me what book they are in) for a final guardian(s).  Something large and skeletal would be nice, I have looked and what I can find is either too hard(lvl 10) or not really appropriate as a Guardian. 


Bone Mongrel Dracolich, Level 8 Elite Brute (Source: Draconomicon).

Seems a decent enough guardian. It's designed pre-MM3, so the damages and abilities should be manageable for a 4th-level party. You can always drop it to 6th-level if needed. I'd probably do something like have its breath weapon spawn skeleton minions as well. 

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I think thats one of the few books I don't have access to. 
De-level a level 10.

"Skeletonize" something that is otherwise appropriate. That is, reflavor it or describe it to be more skeleton-like.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

Knock down two Witherling Horned Terrors from Monster Manual 2 to 6th level from 8th, toss in five skeleton soldiers (level 6 minion) form Open Grave, and the Demon Face Idol (6th level warder) trap from Demonomicon.
De-leveling, the guide for that is in DMG 2 right? 

Lol, if this was Quest, it would be so easy, I can knock up monsters and dungeons for that in minutes  

I appreciate all the help you guys on the forum have given me over the last few days. 
No, it's in the DMG 1.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
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