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This week's Rule of Three addresses the issue of when we can expect the update.

You mentioned that the D&D Adventure Tools would receive a feature update this summer. We’re now into August, and we were wondering when we could expect that scheduled update for the Adventure Tools ?

The D&D Adventure Tools update that includes the features to build and more fully adjust monsters is currently scheduled for the tail end of summer, which in this case means September.

On a side note, "having the features all there" does not equate to "having the features all there and working in the capacity of which is expected."[/quote]

Celebrate our differences.

"features to build" really has to mean the ability to make a monster from scratch. Now, how far it goes... hard to say. At a very simple level, the tool should allow you to select level and role and then it will calculate the top blocks of the stat block. For powers, this probably also gets into "more fully adjust", where you would want to add a power column that uses underlying math to calculate proper damage (ideally depending on attack type, frequency of use, and monster role).

There are a lot of places in between where the tool could excel or fail. The old MB allows you to find some monsters you like and place them in the Holding Pen, then drag a power from one in the Pen to whatever you are making/editing. You could also search by power name and drag a power into another monster. Those are really powerful features. The old MB is very robust around having all the fields you need for power creation. A new tool might not be that good.

Beyond that, there are tons of features we requested more than a year ago for the old MB. Will an updated tool let us export in various formats? Will it let us assign templates/monster themes? Will it let us use traps? Bringing any of these into the online MB would be a big deal.

The ultimate question is whether this will be a patch that gets us closer to what we want or is a robust improvement over the previous MB and sells us on the online version. Very few of us expect the later, but we all hope for it!

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I must say that I am rapidly loosing faith in their ability to get anything right, just too many things accross the board were done completely half assed.
Heres hoping ...  Sometimes hope is all you have ...
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