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Hi there, I posted a similar thread over in "Whats a DM to do?" with no real luck. 

Essentially I am taking over running encounters at my local store, and need a 1 shot just to hep me get to grips with 4th Ed(as Apart from Gamma World, I have not run any 4th Ed, or really played it).

I need a quick dungeon, designed for 4 level 4 players, preferably featuring undead, and a printable battle map.  Ideally 3-5 encounters max. 

I have looked over loads of links to Dragon Magazine, Dungeon Delve, Classic Dungeon Crawl, and nothing jumps out.
The printable map probably counts for the biggest amount of work.

So, ignoring encounters, suitable level and story line, find the best map from the sources you have, and get that printed.

Now just re-populate the encounter locations with undead with similar ranged/melee mix as the source.

I'd suggest level 1 to start with. Your xp budgets for 5 encounters might be ~ 300,400,400,500,600.
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