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Hello, I search for a feat that adds Charisma modifier to AC instead ofDex, and another that adds modifier of charisma in base attack bonus instead of Str ... In any book released by the wizard ...
Hey Feldemon, what edition are you playing? If 4th edition, then the feat Melee Training (Charisma) will let you use your charisma modifier in place of strength for your melee basic attacks. I'm not sure if anything allows you to add your charisma modifier to AC.

If you're playing in 3rd edition (your reference to base attack bonus suggests that), then here is a handy list of all sorts of mechanics that let you swap ability score modifiers -> List. And here would be the board for 3rd edition optimization.
Sadly the list page got ruined somehow ... I used that page so much back in 3E. D:
You can substitute Strenth, Constitution or Wisdom (for Intelligence or Dexterity), in 4E, but I can't think of something that uses Charisma for AC...
It is a corner case, but Tiefling Paladins can take the feat Wrath of the Crimson Legion to use their Charisma modifier for attack and damage on melee basic attacks, which is better than Melee Training (Charisma). Imperious Majesty, another Tiefling only feat, allows Charisma to be used instead of Dexterity for Initiative. Can't think of anything that allows Charisma for AC though...
It's Paragon Tier, but the feat that allows Tieflings to add their CHA mod to saves against daze/stun is fairly sweet as well.  Really, other than AC, you can almost build a character that uses Charisma for just about everything (heck, with the right Background, you can even use your CHA to determine hit points!). 

We're about one or two rules mechanics away from making the Dos Equis character build "His Charisma can be seen from space." 
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There's a ring that lets you use CHA for surges, too.  Quite high-level, but still, it's pretty tight.
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Screw CHA for AC and just wear heavy armor. The only thing your CHA won't be touching is REF.
There's a ring that lets you use CHA for surges, too.  Quite high-level, but still, it's pretty tight.

Ring of Tenacious Will.
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