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I know it seems like every player with a gripe out there is merely annoyed at their DM's, but sometimes it's based off ACTUAL.....oddness, from the DM.

A friend of mine has a DM that has vamped up the players with templates like crazy. He was allowed to take a half-dragon dwarven barbarian (his favorite style) and he had a whole story to the character, I'm personally against additional templates like half-dragon, but appropriately accomodated, it doesn't have to be game breaking. Also, the half dragon has a legacy weapon (not sure what it is, but apparently it grows in power like it's wielder supposedly) without knowing it, and BECAUSE he doesn't know it, it just functions as a +1 greatsword. Also, the DM is ruling that the player can't use +1 adamantium gauntlets because half dragons have claws (the barbarian is a bear shaman, I think he has the ability to shift to bear form or something) and the player is complaining because adamantium is required for him to use some of his abilities (possibly homebrewed).

Now the problem is that he also allowed the party sorceror to have a sword that can store spells, in addition to a wand that can heal and.....oh wait, a wand that can heal? That's nothing special actually....well aside from the fact that it never seems to run out of charges, also this sorceror has an evil eye that allows him to memorize spells used against him and add them to his spell list (did I say wizard? Nope, I said sorceror, sorceror who has an ability not as amazing as learning permanently from scrolls but with the ability to cast more spells per day.....oh did I say cast more spells per day? Read on....), in addition, since the DM doesn't like to get 'bogged down', he doesn't track the number of times the sorceror has been casting per day, the sorceror could have cast up to 100 fireballs and the DM wouldn't notice. Also, the half-dragon is certainly good aligned, the sorceror is an unknown.

Now there's another party member who's problematic, the doppelganger, oh but I'm being harsh. I mean the DM gave the player doppelganger stats, and it was just in addition to his half-fiend template, and now he couldn't have doppelganger stats AND half-fiend additional stats without a tasty little dessert like undead template now could he? Well of course he couldn't.....he's grooming the player to receive lich stats as well. Now what's this character, who took a few levels of samurai and monk, doing all the while in combat you say? Dominating them surely! Well yeah he dominates them, he stares very intently from hidden locations, because according to him, one more death would be his last so he doesn't want to risk it. Also, as far as detect evil spells are concerned, this character is an angel, even though the player clearly has ulterior motives.

I don't know about the sorceror, but the demonic doppelganger zombie has a challenge rating of 27, while the half dragon is 15. The DM's bright idea? Slap on more templates. The player refuses because he says it doesn't mesh with his roleplaying. Additionally, the half dragon's player doesn't trust the other two players because they're both showing signs of wanting to switch their alignments (and that's IF they're not already evil).

This DM makes me HATE homebrews. Only positive thing he ever contributes is a good story and bringing life to characters he's interested in, combat with him has always been a fiasco. While a good story and interesting characters is high on my list, I can only tolerate broken combat and bad decisions in the realm of player freedoms to a certain extent.
That doesn't sound like the DnD game I know.

A Half-Dragon Dwarven Barbarian I can easily deal with in a higher level campaign so this isn't an issue.  One does need to remember that a 'normal' character should be higher level to compensate of course.

That Sorcerer is just plain broken with nothing to really measure it against.  Unlimited spell known potential and apparently no limit on spells per day; why would this guy even need anyone else around?

A half-fiend doppleganger who's turned undead and gained a template....  Lets see... 4 HD monsterous humanoid +4 LA (Doppleganger) +4 LA (Half fiend) = ECL 12.  Throw on another +4 for Lich that a 16th-level character with only 4 HD although how he got Caster level 11+ is beyond me.

If that game is working well I imagine its balance is sitting on a pin.