Will they ever allow full deck editing at least with the decks they give us?

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Probably asked countless times...But it is frustrating me. Seriously feel like interest eventually can fade for players on the online part of the game because of the COMPLETE REDUNDANCY with the 10 decks...Forget the counter-decks people do when preparing for a match.

This is the most essential thing missing from DOTP and probably the one thing I know the developers are holding off on purpose. To make a game incredibly great and even more enjoyable they completely blew off the fact that full deck editing at least with the cards they gave us in DOTP would make things exciting!

I know this is not Magic the Gathering ONLINE, but at least let us create our own decks with the freaking cards you give us in DoTP.....

AND if one is to ever want to play with the original pre-set deck they should just have a button that says "default deck" where the original deck and its 16 unlocked cards can go back to the one deck manager place.

Does anyone know if Wizards will ever allow full deck editing AT LEAST with the DoTP cards they give us?

P.S. I have never played with Planeswalker cards...came back after 8 years. It would have been nice of them to at least have the final unlocked card be a planeswalker.
While full deck editing might be fun for a while, I am convinced one of 2 things will happen:

1) Everybody starts playing the same few "net decks" that are significantly stronger that anything else
2) The uber deck will be quickly found which will destroy all online matches (except maybe mirror)

Much better, as I continue to say, is a limited format that gives opponents  a random pool of cards from our total pool and they have a fixed amount of time to build their best deck (full editing of this pool). Then they play against each other. This allows you to get your edit on. The winners will be people who can build a good deck quickly and who can play it correctly.
Only problem with your limited proposal is that this game has made many bad gameplay decsions to keep it as fast as possible(AnAp not being followed,only auto landtap,and may effects being must)

as you would need atleast 10mins to build a check the cards and build a deck which would be to long imo.
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Yeah -- I agree the time to look at and build your deck is a sticking point. Maybe some kind of league approach would work better.

you are asking quite a lot from a sub 10 euro game.

To the OP: No 

you are asking quite a lot from a sub 10 euro game.

True dat -- I would be willing to pay quite a bit more for some limited gameplay functionality.

you are asking quite a lot from a sub 10 euro game.

To the OP: No 


Pretty much my mantra since DotP first came out.
I don't care about full editing but Land editing should be in and it's stupid that it's not.
No, they will not. They are worried the delicate flowers picking up the game for the first time will see that MTG is a game with cards, and throw their hands up in the air in frustration and quit.
Its a pity I tell you...And I agree the fact you cant edit lands is hilarious lol
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