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Hey guys,

Does anyone know of a good online store to purchase quality mini's for D&D. Both PC and monster mini sets or single models would be great.

Any suggestions welcome.


or reaper miniatures

failing that - ebay.

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Thanks Vobeskhan,

Great site but they are out of stock on everything lol ...the Reaper miniatures look amazing though.

Worth waiting to see if they restock some time soon.
Though I hate let everyone in on my secret, is just amazing. Service has always been excellent and the owner is an overall nice guy. Several orders, never any problems. The prices are reasonable and he has a nice stock. Oh well, I guess the cat is now out of the bag.
I normally use Auggie

Really great stuff guys... love the rpglocker, I can see why you were reluctant to share :D

I appreciate the help!
Here's a list of places I shop for prepainted D&D singles. Anyone know of other sites?

Alter Reality Games
Auggies Games
Beholder the Bargains
Cool Stuff Inc
Game Hollow
Gold Dragon Horde
Imperial Depot
Miniature Market
Noble Knight
Popular Collections 
RPG Locker
Strike Zone
Troll & Toad
White Tower
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Pretty comprehensive list, ToxWeb! Gotta say, though, since I found Gold Dragon Horde I haven't really shopped anywhere else other than eBay if there's a good lot I want (well, my husband wants). I have bought from 5 others on that list but they are the only ones I haven't had trouble with and they are super helpful, too, so I keep going back. I love the pictures there too, the ones they have anyway. I was going to take a picture of one of their pages to post but don't want to get in trouble.

Id be curious to see if anyone has others to add, though. I like good deals, lol!
Wow. Those pics. Nice. Works of art. I'd like to buy some just to support the art. They are a bit on the pricey side, though...
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