Encounters: After a season is over, any plans to release as a Module?

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It seems like this would be pretty easy, the materials are already developed and designed for a DM to pick up and run for some players.  Why not release finished Encounter seasons as Modules, so that everyone can enjoy them and not just folks who can make it to Encounter sessions? 

C'mon WotC, I'm speaking your language here ($$$).
no but the 'rewarded' dms at the few stores worldwide that run encounters sell them for a fortune on ebay the day after they get them
From what I understand of what the officials have released, they want Encounters to stay more in a theme of supporting cons and the FLGS. Or I could be confusing it with Ashes of Athas again.
This question is brought up every so often, and usually gets a fair bit of support, but WotC has made their stand that Encounters is only for organized play in brick and mortar store fronts.

Personally, I would like to see the modules dropped into Dungeon when the next season starts, but that's probably a pipe dream. ;)

I would also be happy to pay for a KotS style folder with the maps and module booklet for each Encounter season, as I do not get to take part in them at all due to timing, but WotC seems pretty set on not pursuing this avenue of money.

Maybe the fear is that if people know they are going to be publishing the module after the original season is over, they will skip the Encounters at the stores, and opt to get it and run it on their own time.
So many PCs, so little time...
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