Let's have a happy thread. Interesting stories/snippets using powers/rituals/items.

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To better emphasize the meaning of this thread.  Only include things you did using game mechanics.  Things that were funny, amazing, sad, etc.  But basically the stories you tell other players that involve your use of the game (IE if it was pure roleplay and no mechanics involved..please do not include).  If it involved houserules please name them.

To get us started, we'll go with a few I've collected.

"Dude, you just did a drive by heal on him into a waterfall, while blind."
This one focuses on a bard I played.  Early in his career in a fight he got hit by an effect that blinded save ends, and he could never shake the effect (or if he shook it an enemy re-applied it).  We had an ally who had gone unconscious in a flowing stream of water.  So I declare a run action, double move leaped into the stream of water (further up than he was) the stream applied its 'on entry' force movement.  Bringing me in range of my unconscious ally for a minor action heal on him.  Getting him up just in time, if I had been one round later in getting him up, the current would have forced him over a waterfall, the fall probably killing him.  The drive by heal thing was a reference to the fact our characters had a gang theme so its appropriate.

"And then they took 3~4 hours to blow up a boat..heck of a way to bypass a skill challenge."
So there was a boat...we had to get stuff off of it, and make sure the people on the boat never got to shore (the idea was a skill challenge origionally..sneak on..get item..make sure enemy can't leave boat in time..or kill them while on board).  Our group was argueing how to do this when someone brought up why not just sink the boat?  We put together a plan, blast patches all set to go off at once (I think the idea was one blew up the next one blew up the next one..etc), then we did streetwise checks to find and purchase blastpatches without drawing attention.  Ally pulled out a jade sea-serpent he had been wanting to use forever, and we proceeded to swim all around the boat, attaching blast patches to it.  Stealth checks being needed of course.  Then our wizard set them all off with a scortching burst.  Finishing this up with pulling the boat fully underwater with the jade sea serpent.  From there it was just a question of defeating the one guy who actually could breath underwater and retrieving the item from the bottom of the bay.

This one isn't a story, just a cool character and his use of powers.  Faulty Memory, you basically spin a web of lies, beat an insight check made by the enemy, and the enemy believes your version of what happened.  Way too many stories to tell with this, from infiltrating a group of demon worshiping orcs (chars a changeling so could shapechange), to simply turning multiple combats into just checks of skill, as he could infiltrate most groups and make his way around.  But I will admit the player has one key way to describe this skill.
"Hey I got the pizza you ordered!" 'Well...yeah I do remember ordering a pizza *turns to his allies* whats a pizza?'

"And the bard completes that skill challenge solo..."
In general my bard solo's most social encounters but this was a fun one to do.  I'd recently picked up a new ritual and waiting for a chance to use it.  Well in a later skill challenge the idea was to try and convince a group of dwarven miners to continue the task they were sent to do.  But they had fallen upon much hard trouble (nothing we couldn't defeat but we had to convince them to keep going).  I ask if we have time for my bard to give them a bit of song to help inspire their convidence.  DM agrees so my bard does a little 10 minute concert, in the process doing the ritual "Athem of Unity".  Basically it says when its done I do a diplo roll..and help sway a group of ordinary people (commoners, articians, etc).  DM ruled that yes miners and their guards were commoner enough.  Ritual was successful enough...and the entire group agreed to my request..to continue the task they started...given if us PC's helped to cause the current trouble they had.

Edit: Putting in one more thats one of my real favs.
This involves a changeling Psion.  To make a long story short, a group of cultists were trying to sacrifice a baby to Shar, and we were trying to stop it.  The changing gets a nice idea, and consulting the resident religion expert, they concoct a fun little idea.  The changling changes into what the cultists should believe to be a representative of Shar herself, and enters into the room.  "I have come to claim the child for Shar."  A bit more roleplaying and moving, the changling actually takes the baby, as they believe the changeling to actually be a rep of shar (very dense cult what can I say) on the way out the changeling looks to a group of cultists, just sitting there in awe. "I find these worshipers...unworthy."  And proceeds to use some sort of at will AOE powers to make all 4 targets unconscious and exists the room, baby to be sacrificed being held.

So that's a few of mine, how about yours?
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This is an interesting thread  Stafir_Ortnev I'll give two examples.

1:  Feylock + Slashing Wake cheese (they later nerfed this combo)=owner of minions
A friend of mine made a a feylock that gained additional teleports everytime he killed an enemy and slashing wake damages all enemies adjacent to you when you teleport.  In one battle there were like 20+ minions all in a huge room and he killed every single one of them in a single round (slashing wake was later limited to once per round).

2:  Lolth domination fluff
A DM a often play with suggested a one shot lv 30 campaign (I don't actually suggest these though, too much work for one night).  Anyway, we all wound up fighting Lolth (the goddess) and she dominated all of us at once and had the ability to dominate 1 PC pretty much at will.  One of the other players suggested that she actually was making little magical toy replicas of the PCs and playing with them when she dominated us.  Of course the real PC was mimicing the actions of the toys as she had the barbarian toy  charge the cleric/runepries toy,ect..... And that's what happens when you fight Lolth MADNESS.

We were playing a P3 MYRE (LFR) in which the bad guy was merged into the trunk of a really large tree.  He could put a piece of himself outside of the tree to make attacks but then we could attack him also.  So, it went every other round, he was in the tree and untargettable.  Well, our Bard has a power which banishes the target *as an effect* of the power.  So, he banished the tree.  It was quite interesting since the tree cannot (technically) make saving throws, so it was banished for the rest of the encounter.  Also, the tree was covering the only entrance into the area we were seeking.  The DM kind of flubbed on that because he hadn't planned on *HIS TREE BEING BANISHED!* 
Honestly, just a touch of shameless bumping is all this is.  I'm still curious if anyone else has interesting stories of rules in use.

As a quick one..another with the changeling Assassin.

We play through modules more than a bit, mostly because we do a lot of LFR.

One such modules we all knew was rather combat heavy.  Have a combat to find a way to sneak into an area (basically stealing an identity), have a combat while in there as you are retrieving something and its guarded 24/7, then have a combat on your way out..as the previous one was loud enough to 'trip alarms.'

For any who's played LFR..taken.

This module was not written with changelings in mind...it especially was not written with a certain..previously mentioned, skill power in mind.

Fight one...hand waved.  Convinced group that changeling (with stupid high bluff checks) was actually a higher up in their religious order...and was given an invitation that everyone in order recieved (the skill worked well..yes I am a higher up..you remember that right?  Now where's my invitation?)

Group walked inside, skill challenges to find target were heavily modified, as changeling changed into the head guard..and it was merely bluff checks (which he was good at...) to get around and pump out info.

Targets found...bluff checks to pull guards away one at a time (first as the head..then comming back as individual guards) made them proove they could drop a guy in the surprise round..they could, so fight handwaved.

Changeling convinced our target..a group of kids being mindwashed..that he was their current caretakers (it said specifically that all but one obeyed the caretaker with little question...so yeah).

Combat never got loud enough for the final to be triggered...I made em take a few stealth checks to sneak the kids by the obvious places...but honestly when the head guard tells you that its a movement of the kidnapped kids.  And he's able to convince him that yes what he said is correct..well there is little you can do.

So yeah..entire module..known for its combats..bypassed by the changeling, bluff...and a single skill.  So after that 4 hour module ended in about an hour anna half..we all sat down an played car wars and talked heh.
This one is OLD (2ed old), but one of my favorites.

Party had gotten hold of a Swan Boat magic item, which was a feather that would turn into a boat when you said the magic word BWAL.

One adventure had gone terribly wrong, and the party was running for its lives through a dungeon, chased by a huge war party of orcs and goblins. We wer low on HP, out of healing, and the monsters were catching up.

We tied the feather onto the ranger's arrow, and shot it down the narrow hallway. Just befor the arrow hit the lead orc, we all shouted BWAL!

Orc war party now had a BOAT flying through the air at them! Killed a bunch at the front, and blocked the path for us to escape!

In our rapid-advance summer game*, the crew was prepared to face off against an invading force of hobgoblins and goblins in the Scales of War adventure path. The ogre was pulling a cart filled with caskets of pitch and the goblinoids were using it to set fire to the village. I fully expected the party to engage in standard combat. Instead...

The changeling warlock won initiative, got into range of the wagon, and announced that he was targeting the cask in the wagon with witchfire. He openly rolled a 20. The cask he hit ignited. I rolled to see the effects of this on the other casks and also rolled a 20.

The encounter was ended in less than one round.
Here are the PHB essentia, in my opinion:
  • Three Basic Rules (p 11)
  • Power Types and Usage (p 54)
  • Skills (p178-179)
  • Feats (p 192)
  • Rest and Recovery (p 263)
  • All of Chapter 9 [Combat] (p 264-295)
A player needs to read the sections for building his or her character -- race, class, powers, feats, equipment, etc. But those are PC-specific. The above list is for everyone, regardless of the race or class or build or concept they are playing.
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