4th E D&D online, One Player Controling a whole party

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Hello! I am looking to run some types of D&D games i have before.
Its 4th edition, i'm willing to teach new people if they are interested but people who actualy know the game and have the books (or a ddi subscription) will take a lot less work. Here are some things the game will include and be based around.

-One Player controling a party of 4 or 5 pcs
-Tactical based combat
-Switching characters between adventures, to try out new things
-Some random and some players choice rewards during the adventures
-Combat based with story but limited rp
-Including most things released in phb 1-3, martial powers 1-2, divine powers and so on, there are some limits
-each character starts at lvl 1, with a lvl 3 or less magical item, 84 points to put in stats (on a 1 for 1 cost).

Overall i'm looking for tactical combat where you can play around, try characters you've wanted to, switch out when you want between adventures, and have a great deal of control on your party, might even try to include some basic base building and such. I always enjoy adding more things to a game

my aim is cerebreturns or you can message this account or email me at facelesspriest@yahoo.com