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This is a quick idea I came up with for a trap that is designed to annoy the hell out of PCs, alert enemys, and trigger other traps if you decide for it to do so.

This can be used preferably as a chest trap. Basically there is a chest in the room that looks safe to open. There is also indications of a valuable item inside like it being guarded by other traps or a sign etc. Some people might suspect a trap however you can use an illusion to fool them.

Now the trap is activated once the chest is opened you will only find a note with the words YOU ARE AN IDIOT! with 3 smiley faces at the bottom. At that point magical voices will start to sing the song shown in the video below.

This song is extremely loud and echoes throughout the entire dungeon which is why it is useful for a security alarm system. It can also be used to taunt them while the walls close in or whatever trap was set off too. This will eventually drive the PCs insane if not then annoy the hell out of them. It is up to the DM to determine how long this song plays. Closing the chest won't stop it by the way.

Now I used the chest trap idea because it is a good example, however you can use this in any situation where the PCs can do something stupid or get fooled or tricked.

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My campaigns are usually more serious, but I have to admit that´s funny. You could also try to rickroll the players...
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