Dungeon and Dragon Magazine On the Go...

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Hello, all. I have been looking for a good way to make Dungeon and Dragon magazines more portable. I work in an environment that doesn't have access to the internet and with that said, I can't just simply log in to the site and check out the new articles throughout the day. I have an Android-based smart phone, but viewing the PDF's on my EVO is so painful, I would rather wait until I get home after work to be able to view them in a more native monitor sized format. This is what I'm trying to resolve! I want a way to make these magazines mobile without having to print them out every morning before work. 

I've been looking into Kindles or Nooks. Does anybody have any experience with viewing the magazines through these e-book readers?  

Perhaps there's an app I've overlooked on the Android marketplace?

Any and all suggestions would be greatly apreciated. There must be SOME way to make these more like a magazine and less like a website. Thanks so much in advance.