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according to today's Rule-Of-three, there are no more gamma world products or support planned, other than a dragon article in September. this could be the final nail the the gamma world coffin, as this essentially kills that game.

Gamma World Themed - Deck of Many Things? Hmm sounds like they got the janitor to come up with some content... Could this be some sort of star-gate portal that spits out things based on what number you dial?

I hope it is a treasure trove of omega tech...

Here is to wishing :D Cheers!

Thanks for pointing this out battlemaster95.
While I too am interested in this Rolodex of Many Things (card decks are SOOOO D&D Tongue out), and will most ceetainly download the PDF (assuming its free like all the other GW articles thusfar), I've long objected to the idea that GW is "dead".

Sad to say, I think it was always kind of stillborn...

The way I see it (and I admittedly have little to base these opinions on), GW was what happens when corporate tosses the idea people a old, rancid, chewed up bone. The folks who wrote up the current GW really wanted to show that the 4ed system can be just as flexible as any other gaming system, but corporate only saw this as another profit margin (hey, WotC is a business, I dont fault them for wanting to make a buck), and so, they agreed to sink a small bit of cash into the GW project, but ONLY if the idea people would try to work in the TCG-ish mechanic that we all love/hate (take your pick) as an experiment to see if WotC could possibly turn D&D into a similar breed of cashcow that Magic:The Gathering is (I feel that M:TG is where WotC's REAL money is), as we've seen with the pushing of the Fortune Cards for regular 4ed.

But enough of my idiotic softcore-Marxist rant about the "evils" of WotC. My real point is that GW will only die if we, the players, let it die. I for one consider GW to be my primary form of D&D nowadays, for all it's (lack of) support. If they come out with more material, that's great, I'll definitely look into getting it. If not, well, it's a really loose and fluid system, we can come up with just about anything we want to keep the game alive.
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They haven't published 1e material in over 2 decades, but its still alive on game tables arround the world.  Heck, Alpha Metamorphis (GW predecessor) is still being played after 30+ years out of publish.  I know in our group, Gamma World is strong and running.  I see us playingthe current GW for years to come with or with out WotC support.
Hey All-We do not need a company pumping out material for a game that we can create ourselves. I have been playing DnD since before there were hardcover books published and I have enjoyed may published adventures from TSR and multiple 3rd party companies. But the best adventures and expansions have always been what we made ourselves. Customized to our game play and players both DnD and Gamma World along with many other games that entertained us.

Please stop stating that GW is dead. The post before mine I agree with when they said these games will be played for years to come. They will. They already have been. Use your creative juices to explore more and expand more on your own. Please do not get caught up in the need to purchase everything ever published for every game ever created. Have fun with them and share them with whomever you can.

Game on!!!
Please stop stating that GW is dead

I believe the above posters were merely using the term "dead" as a euphemism to indicate that the publisher has officially discontinued it.

Has anyone heard any updates on this?  I can't seem to find it and this is depressing if it never actually came to fruition...
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