How does Glamor Blade work, exactly?

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Glamor Blade creates a copy of you (conjuration, specifically) that sticks around and uses your actions. What I don't get how it's either A) useless, or B) horribly overpowered. The only two ways I can read this make it one or the other.

Since the Evil Twin uses your actions and powers, the ways I read that are that I either use my powers to make him do something (for example, I expend Host of Shields if the Twin uses it), or he gets his own dailies and what have you (which could be more than a bit insane with the Artificer's Simumalcrum power). I'm inclined to assume that it's the first one, because otherwise this power gives me an additional use of everything else, which is completely insane.

My other question is what it means by "any affect that targets the duplicate and you only effects you once," because I would have assumed that was the case. I suspect that WotC was just trying to be clear, but it makes me feel like there's some huge detail I'm missing (which happens with me and conjurations/summons).

As best I can tell, if the power isn't broken, the main use for it is to be in two places at once, but it confuses me to no end.
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It's farther on the useless end than the overpowered end, but it's not as bad as other people would claim.  Basically, it lets you be in two places at once, for the purposes of who you're attacking, OAs, blocking off attack paths toward your squishies, etc.  What you don't get is twice the attacks, or twice the actions, or twice the encounter/daily usage.

The "only affects you once" line means that if both of you get breathed on by a dragon, you only take damage once.
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Is usefull with sigil carver paragon path, because you want to be adjacent to your allies, for the +2 to all defenses and the level 16 feature.

Not awesome, but not bad. For me is a Black (see ratings) power in general, blue for sigil carver.
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