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Alright, so I had a different thread the other day looking for feedback and suggestions; but I think I kind of went about it the wrong way. So, taking a new step with this, how do you guys think the best way would be to re-create this little dude for the D&D universe?

I'd like to get just some neat brainstorming going on to make a radical hero that can do this:

From the other thread, it is just about obligatory to theme him to be an Animal Mastery so he can have a Dog companion and save up on 2 feats. I'd really like to keep ideas like that coming in; flavorful contributions that simultaneously maintain a character that is very playable.

I was kind of tossing around the idea of a Fighter|Monk hybrid before, but it seemed a bit hard to gear around, and I found out some pretty disappointing things after a bit of research like you can't flurry non-Monk abilities. I do think that he should be a human though (or maybe a halfling?), and a problem I tend to run into with most of this theme's potential set-ups is low AC for such a melee-oriented character.

Thoughts? Any suggestions or input would go a long way.
Personally i would see him as a pure Monk (str build, since he isint that wise nor can he take a punch very well), not a hybrid. If you watch the show he uses his fists as often or more often then any one weapon. Just pick up a ki focus and go to town with both fist and sword.

if your set on the idea of him being able to mark, perhaps multiclass into the Cavalier that was released last month, though then your build might be a bit streched out (something like 14 str, 13 Con, 18 Dex, 8 int, 10 Wis, 14 Cha).