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Hello All,

I am wondering if anyone can provide some advice or point me to a supplier of some sort of deck transportation case.  I currently just use fat pack boxes or those crazy boxes that have the Mirran/Phyrexian art on them that flip around and would like something that has a place for multiple decks in boxes and dice that is a little more secure than cardboard and preferably with some dedicated slots to put these things.

Any ideas?

I use an old fishing tackle box, works great, olds like 12 decks, my playmat, and dice.
most card shops should have cases that fit up to four decks,dice,extra cards and other stuff i know that fantesty games and chimps comics sells some of these cases hpe this helps you.  or go online to ebay and type in magic the gathering cases.  

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If you are handy with power tools and want something that will really last, check out a deck box I made a few years ago.  I posted instructions, too.

For something a bit less time-consuming, try looking for lunch boxes, or gun cases.  Retro-style (tin) lunch boxes made a comeback a few years ago, and that should work perfectly.  Never tried looking for gun cases, but I expect you could find *something* and they should also be quite durable.

Tackle boxes work OK, but in my experience they are always weird sizes, and often have bits of plastic in the way. 

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I remember going to a FNM out of town and this one guy shows up with a steel breifcase. I was like "daamnnn this guy means business".

For myself I just use Ultra Pro Deck Box. They are cheaply made and if you're rough on the lid it'll break apart but they are pretty good otherwise. I carry dices in my pockets.
Many moons ago i liberated, from a skill crane machine at wal mart, what my USN vet grandpa called a "dopp kit". Since i didn't do a lot of traveling and i'm a freaking slob, i used it to store my M:TG decks. I think it held 6-8 decks, plus room for counters, d20 for keeping score, card sleeves, and little origami envelopes for each deck. Black cloth, Chicago Bulls logo on one side, NBA logo on the other, trimmed with dimpled basketball leather. I don't even like basketball, but it looked like a good deck bag. Current dopp kits will undoubtly work just as well with decks and deck boxes; a tooled leather bit will make you feel like Hef, whereas a modern GI kit will make you feel like GI Joe. That kit left my posession, along with the all the decks, the loose cards, and the box they were in, in  The Great Magic Purge of more recent memory. I got back in recently, and had been using boxes like what the Fat Packs and Deck Builders Toolkits came in to transport the decks, each in a generic Ultra Pro Deck Box, till i started to run out of room. A buddy pointed me to Harbor Freight Tools and their "instrument cases". I went to take a look today and saw several sizes of metal cases like #5 discussed. I don't think my collection is valuable enough to warrant one of those (yet) and i wasn't satisfied with their divider systems, either "none, diy" or something i may not get to fit my decks. However, Harbor Freight also had this little gem for $5 US.

 If you forego the deck boxes it'll hold 7 decks w/o cards getting mixed up; while the removable dividers aren't full height, there's ridges on the lid that cover the gap. If you must have boxes it'll hold 6. The middle 2 dividers will have to be removed and the decks placed on their back to fit under the handle. The little gap on one end holds my abacus style score counter and the gap on the other holds my counters with a bit of space left over for card sleeves.
also if go to walmart go to the photo breifecase they have big ones for camra equipment they came with deviders to make ur own slotas th size you want.  It is what i use.

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Full disclosure: I have not used this product. However, it seems pretty cool.

This might be what you're looking for.
I made mine out of a tool box I got at a hardware store:

It holds 12 EDH decks in cases pretty snugly.  The tool box was like $15.00.  It had nothing in it but a thin foam liner.  I tore out the liner on the sides, keeping it only on the top and bottom, and sectioned off the rows my gluing in thin pieces of balsa wood I got at a craft store for $5.  I am getting to the point that my EDH decks (and the ones I am planning) are edging up towards 20, so I will probably adding a second box before years end.