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So we finally got to split to two tables at the Game Matrix tonight. Two tables of 6, so I was back in the DM's chair.


I'm narrating the opening scene after the party Thief has picked the lock, the Sun warpriest decides to call Vontarin out and we cut straight to the combat. I'm a little worried because team Hero gets a little spread out and unfocused. First the Tiefling Infernal Hexblade (played by my wife) moves into the room and tosses her RBA bolt at Nathaire/Vontarin, then the Dragonborn Vampire moves in and Swarm of Shadows up to beside him. Following up, he minor action breaths on him and then AP Taste of Life and crits (with blood drinker). Suddenly, Vontarin is down to 21 HP, is dazed by the Symbol of Dawn and then things get interesting. After the Dusk Beasts go attacking the Tiefling (with one crit) and the Sun Warpriest, the Necromancer attacks the Dusk Beast on the Priest, the shadow bolter knocks the Tiefling to 4 hp. The thief double moves into the middle of the room and the Cavelier (played by a man whose first game of 4th Ed was tonight and hasn't RPed in 6-7 years) moves out and throws the Thief at Vontarin. I had to at least let him attempt it. Rule of Cool demanded it. I allowed him to treat the thief as an improvised Heavy thrown Weapon, He declared Holy Smite and rolled an 18 on the die, doing 17 points of damage. I allowed the Thief an acrobatics check to grab the balcony and pull himself up instead of falling to the floor below (rolled a 26). Vontarin hit the invisible vampire with his psychic melee attack, made his save but was still stunned by the Holy Smite. On the next round, the thief grabs Vontarin (had to roll a 17 on the die, got an 18) and drags him over the balcony, knocking the host unconscious and trapping the ghost in the orb again. The rest of the fight was pretty simple at that point but it was a blast.