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Under 'past life' in the DDI it just says a revenant qualifies for feats, paragons classes, etc of it's past life.  Qualifies for, but does not say it is the race and entitled to all it's powers, by my understanding.

So a revenant eladrin would not get fey step by RAW reading revenant in the DDI.  My question is why does everyone on the forums imply that the revenant would get fey step, even in the 'revenant handbook guide' someone posted, the author mentions all the racial encounter powers and how useful they are.

So would a revenant eladrin be entitled to fey step or not?  Either a lot of people the forums are wrong or I'm missing something, I'm ok with either option just curious which is true, thanks.
Check the article that the Revenant came from. It includes a bunch of feats that allows a Revenant to obtain the racial power of the race from its past life.

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Or the revised version (as of HoS), the Past Soul feat.

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