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If a similar thread exists, please point me there.

Post any rules you´ve created to change any aspect or balance of the game. If you only play the rule in certain adventures please mention that.  

Post any ideas you have on how to improve or change any homemade rules posted on this thread.

Who knows, maybe WoTC will use some of our ideas if they make another game after Drizzt and revise the rules or if they decide sell marker/card expansion sets (wishful thinking?).


ive only played a few times but it seems like too many treasure cards are obtained throughout most of the adventures.

ive been trying the following with good success on adventures where you dont collect gold.

after defeating a monster roll the die: 1-10 do not draw a treasure card, 11-20 draw a treasure card


if defeated monster is a villan: draw a treasure card
if defeated monster gave 1 exp, roll a die: 1-15 do not draw a treasure card, 16-20 draw a treasure card
if defeated monster gave 2 exp, roll a die: 1-10 do not draw a treasure card, 11-20 draw a treasure card
if defeated monster gave 3 exp, roll a die: 1-5 do not draw a treasure card, 6-20 draw a treasure card

if we use any of the above rules, we usually redraw the starting treasure if it is not one of the more expensive permanent items.

ive been thinking of giving higher level monsters the better treasure cards and the minions the cheaper one time use cards but that would  add quite a bit of time to setup.

any comments are appreciated

any ideas for sentry rules changes?

what do you think of this?

replace Duergar Guard's and Kobold Dragonshield's  "Otherwise" Tactic with the following:

roll a die:

1-10: The Duergar/Kobold moves 1 tile towards closest Hero
11-20:  The Duergar/Kobold moves 1 tile towards the closest tile with an unexplored edge. if the nearest tile has an unexplored edge, draw a dungeon tile from the bottom of the stack and place it next to the Duergar´s/Kobold's tile. Draw a Monster card and place its figure on that tile.


1-10: The Duergar/Kobold moves 1 tile towards closest hero
11-20: The Duergar/Kobold blows on a horn. draw a dungeon tile from the bottom of the stack and place it next to the nearest tile with an unexplored edge.

i haven´t tried these yet but the first one looks like the sentry could get stuck dancing between a large section of hallway for a very long time. the second one would give the heros a reason to spend some time attacking the sentry.

im not sure if adding "if the Duergar/Kobold is within 1 tile of a Hero, it moves adjacent to the closest Hero and attacks the Hero instead." to the 1-10 results above would make the card too powerful. maybe adding an extra exp point would help balance it a bit...

We've used this a few times:

  • If a Hero sacrifices a healing surge token, they may take a second Hero phase during their current turn.  Effects that trigger at the beginning or end of a Hero phase only trigger once.  Play this ability only once per Hero.


Alan Patrick

Associate Community Manager, D&D Adventurers League


With fewer heroes (I usually play solo with two heroes) I find it quite difficult to get through enough tiles before reaching the quest tile, so I added this rule: tiles go down in the stack after the (5 + number of heroes)th tile.

Reducing the number of items gained through an adventure is easy to do with the treasure tokens. If you're not doing a campaign, you can just ignore the gold/jewels/etc tokens and only draw treasures when you get a treasure token. The advantage is that you can easily adjust the token mix to get either more frequent or less frequent treasures. Definitely ratchets up the difficulty without having to remember the ranges on a d20. But then again, I tend to like attempting the campaign games and end up using tokens anyways, because getting gold more often than useful treasures is a quality of Crawl I'm quite fond of.

I just wish there were shop tiles that could be mixed into the dungeon tiles so that even non-campaign games offer a bit of shopping (to better pick and choose treasures!), but that could be d20'd in (each turn, if there's not a shop, roll 1d20; on a roll of 1-4, place a shop marker on the current tile... something like that).

ETA: Just thought of something new, to make Encounter cards hurt less, and yet still be a vital mechanic for endgame (I'm thinking of the Vast Gate and Ashardalon Breathes! cards):

  • If you placed a tile with a black arrow, you must draw an encounter card in the usual manner.

  • Otherwise, if you draw an encounter card, roll a d20: on 1-10, the card is cancelled, otherwise play the encounter card as usual (with the opportunity to still cancel the encounter card with XP the usual way). Cards that cannot be cancelled still can't be cancelled.

When not exploring, roll a die: 1-10=encounter, 11-20=no encounter.
bigfruits, I like your "after defeating a monster roll the die: 1-10 do not draw a treasure card, 11-20 draw a treasure card". I've been using it now. Cool

First variant

2player- 3 healing surges
3players- 2 healing surges
4 players-1 healing surge
5 players-0 healing surges

*for experient players must remove 1 healing surge. if 5 players are playing give 4 damage between the heroes.
we all time put the tile that complete the dungeon on the last position possible in the setup.

Second variant


>>28 hp tokens

independent of the number of the players before the quest begin distribute 28 hp tokens between the heroes, now this is their hp. when they take damage, remove the number of hp tokens. when the heroe don't have hp tokens, the heroe die, and in the begin of his next turn the heroes lose the game. killed player still can be healed using skills and the itens from other players.

*for experient players use: 26hp
please tell me
1)what do you think? 2)do you think that this quantity of hp is good? 3)was the quest hard and funny or very easy doing it boring? 4)do you win in the last round?

Third variant

divide the treasure deck in three decks. with only treasures weaks, medium and overpower.

when you kill;
monster level 1 -draw a weak card
monster level 2-draw a medium treasure
monster level 3-draw a overpower

*if you kill monster more powerfull than 3 get one overpower treasure.
*put card that can heal the caracters in medium level treasure and overpower treasure.
I play Ravenloft and Ashardalon with my 10 year old son, who doesn't seem ready for the RPG quite yet. I changed only one rule: we don't draw encounter cards on black arrowed tiles. We only draw them for not ending on an unexplored edge. This cuts down on both the difficulty and the amount we need to remember.

When you level up you get back the new ful health (HPs).

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