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Ok, so several of my players are headed to GenCon, and the rest of us mere mortals are left here.

That leaves my 4e DnD game on hold until the rest of them return.

I suggested playing a one shot of Gamma World, with some minor nudging they all are excited. One player is bringing his girlfriend along to hang out/play with us. 

But here's my conundrum, I can't for the life of me think of anything to run. I've been working on my DnD game for so long that I can't get my head around something "gonzo-PA-Gamma-Worldly".

I had thought about starting off the group as caravan guards heading to the great market Fistday o' Cantuum (First Monday in Canton here in Texas). It's a huge gathering of Omega Tech scavengers/junk dealers and just a big ol' market of shtuff that gathers once every 2 moons. Much like it is now.

The party will get the evening off to go minge/shop/whatever, when a commotion calls them to follow a group of people to the far side of the market. (Market area is about a square mile or so)
It's a raid of (insert threat here), who takes as many people as they can(and gear) as slaves. I was thinking Hoops, who are actually working for someone else.

But then I start feeling a rail road coming on.
Fight off raiders.
Find the slavers.
Rescue the slaves and stop the baddies while accumulating omega tech.

Too much? Not enough. Too blah and not enough gonzo?

Help me, community, you're my only hope.

Check out:

It works out pretty well.
The main thing that works with me and gamma world is not to try to create an adventure - since you want it to be zany but not forced. Don't get me wrong I like the modules but sometimes impromptu is the best bet.

If you want a quick weekend game. Start them off with some action: Suddenly an explosing and fight. It skips looking for the hook to a game and what are we doing... Since you want to guard a caravan - have the start be a raid on it where they are taken by THREAT
 a) I try to look at mythology: the 4 horse men (death, famine, war, plague)
 b) stretch it to something else with 4... 4 food groups: Grain - mutant horse, Protien - mutant bull, Fruits - mutant colorful zebra, Dairy - mutant cow.
 c) add irony: riding lobotomized giant human/ape mounts.

Add a reason: 4 horse men make me think of the apolalypse - so something very bad will happen
  a) reason: They are preparing for the worst where they believe all the potatoes in thier farms will suddenly vanish.
  b) thier train of thought: Thinking mel gibson - apocalypto - They believe that they technology will help them so they are gathering it and sacrificies
  c) lose potatoes... need a potato god: sacrifices to a large Mr. Potato Head Statue.
  d) irony again: They yell "A-POTATO-COLLAPSE NOW!" while attacking the caravan.

Add players.
Have fun.

Bonus points if a player plays a plastic plant potato.

Your welcome.

edit* Follow up - if you want others to be the cause of the Great Potato Collapse. Have them be the "Black Eyed Peas" who are destroying the potatoes on moral standing.... or something

edit 2* maybe the Black Eyed Peas is an evil alien POD with 4 Peas inside of it. He has inhabitited the holy food pyramid that the horse people worship and his roots are boring through the ground killing the potatoes...

edit 3* the holy food pyramid could be a collapsed FDA building :P
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