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So this deck consists of U/G spells and a large amount of artifacts to get a destructive combo. I need help finalizing the deck and would greatly appreciate any opinions or tips. Thanks.

Creatures: 18

4x Darksteel Myr
4x ´╗┐Ornithopter
3x Memnite
3x Myr Welder
4x Solemn simulacrum

Spells: 20

2x Ichor Wellspring
2x Withstand Death
4x WorldSlayer
3x Darksteel Axe
4x Ponder
3x Darksteel Plate
2x Reclaim

11x Forest
11x Island
Oops this deck is suppose to be a U/G deck not U/B.
Theres a phyrexian card that is in every way an improvement on reclaim. It can be paid with health, and it can target your opponent.

Also... I dont see how well this would win. The way I see it, you spend tons of mana and waste a lot of time just to end up with a bunch of 0/1s, 0/2s, and 1/1s that wont hardly help you win. Its a slow race to nowhere. Try to work on destruction combo that hits a lot harder than this one.
I think you're misunderstanding something about Myr Welder. It does exactly nothing in this deck.
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