Building on a Budget: "Good Lux"

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I enjoy reading Building on a Budget each week. I would like to see a "Good Lux Redux"! G."Good Lux was originally posted in February and there have been so many great additions since then that I would like to see how Jacob or anyone else would build it now. I have had a version of this deck since then and I have been trying to update to keep up with the new standard. This deck is very fun to play and I believe that with the right build it could be competitive. Here is the list I am currently playing, but I would love suggestions or even a new article in next week's BoaB. Can this deck be competitive?

Lands: 19
Island X4
Swamp X8
Jwar Isle Refuge X3
Creeping Tar Pit X4

Creatures: 7
Phyrexian Metamorph X3
Pentavus X1
Triskelion X1
Treasure Mage X1
Trinket Mage X1

Artifacts: 25              
Lux Cannon X4
Tumble Magnet X4
Throne of Geth X3
Semblance Anvil X3
Everflowing Chalice X4
Sphere of the Suns X3
Contagion Engine X1
Spine of Ish Sah X1
Unwinding Clock X1
Elixir of Immortality X1

Spells: 8
Black Sun's Zenith X3
Tezzeret's Gambit X3
Diabolic Tutor X2

Planeswalker: 1
Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas             

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