powers and charge

I would like to know the difference between activated, continuos and automatic powers
my understand is:
automatic always occur when the condition takes place
activated the miniature has to be active when the condition takes place
continuos powers they are in use all the time

but here is my question how do I understand what kind of power it is (because in some cases could be confusing)? which of them I can used still when the creature it is inactive and maybe another examples for better understanding

also certain powers like +2 speed and +10 damage on charge of the lord of blades can the miniature use it due to a free charge granted by a warforged battle champion?
It works best if you ask us examples that you find confusing.

LoB's Juggernaut is an activated power that can be used as long as LoB is not inactive or dazed. This means that it can be used on the bonus charge granted by Warforged Battle Master.
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