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Who's qualified/going? I think I'll be able to get my last 3 points to qualify this weekend, so I want to know who I can meet there.
I'm going cause I'm not a scrub that needs to go to multiple TCQs. :P
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shut up :P
I'm not going because I was only able to find one TCQ in my area and had to be with my family that weekend :P
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I'm not qualified, but I'm going. Maybe I can qualify there Is anybody else going alone, arriving at Thursday without a place to stay? In the unlikely case I would be glad to share the costs of a hotel/hostel/anything, and of course playtest a lot.
I live in Chicago, and have not gone to a single qualifier... some would call this a fail... I call it fate.

The main event and final grinders fall on Game Day and Market Days and am working a LOT that weekend... So, couldn't actually play without losing out on guaranteed money to do so.
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turns out I cant go soooo sad panda
wait ong what is there to do in chicago?
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