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Hi all.  Apologies if I put this in the wrong forum.

I'm looking for some good d20 Future adventure modules, preferably something with a space opera theme.  I've looked around on the Internet, but there doesn't seem to be much of anything out there.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.     
I don't think WotC released any official d20 Future ones. There are some available on rpgshop.com and drivethru.com for download (more so the latter than the former). There are also several campaign settings on the forums here, such as the Eylsium setting, there's also the Battlestar Galactica one. And one Dave worked on as well that I can't remember the name of. There's a couple versions of it if I'm not mistaken.. one using d20 Modern/Future rules and one using the newer Star Wars Saga rules (might find that version in the Star Wars forum).

Individual adventures.. should be a few floating here, or else where on the net. Or watch some old sci-fi shows for ideas.
A stable wormhole is found over a developing planet and they're opening bids to the rights to use it.
Transport cargo that turns out to be more than it seems.
Clones are turning up and running amuck.
Robots suddenly displaying odd behaviour.
All kinds of stuff has been done that you can snag for use.

If I find a place that has adventures, I'll let you know. 
Try tracking down the old Alternity adventures; Klick Clack, The Killing Jar and The Last Warhulk.

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