Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

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I'm (somewhat) converting this to 4E.   It will be about one levels worth of encounters so I will likely cut out some sections.  May or may not use any of the monsters in the original.  The key cards and tech will remain.  I'll use the 'simulating tech ignorance' flowcharts.

Anyone interested in contributing post here.  Or just lurk and see what I come up with.   If you happen to be one of my players go away.

Any comments appreciated.
Reserved for opening remarks.

Adventure will run from deck 6 to 1 (backwards).  This probably screws up the order of the security colors.

For my campaign, this adventure needs a Far Realm tie.   The original ship actually left the planet 25000+ years ago and is now returning, due to relativity time on the ship has been 'shorter'.  One of the vegepygmy tribes is are now Far Realm thralls, descendants of the original crew.   The other tribe is trying to maintain loyalty to the orginal mission although they have trouble remembering what that is.  Part of the plot will be to realize the vegepygmies are not the enemy and are returning to warn the current inhabitants of planet.  The vegepygmies have gotten lost in space and time have no idea of the time difference.  In particular there is one of the vegepygmies who was the 1st officer who the party should resuce and bring back to their superiors becuase of his extensive knowledge of ''future' tech and his knowledge of the far realm threat to the planet.
Reserved for Tech Gear notes.  There's a 3.5 conversion of the tech.  www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/d20m/2...

It more or less usable for 4e so I'll going with it.

What's Gamma World got? 

Good links get a cookie or something.
Reserved for overall layout of the ship

The main door in the original adventure will lead to deck 6 instead of 1.   Part of the plot is around the same time the heroes arrive at the ship, a group of mercenaries arrive with a neogi squadron.  Using advanced tech they cut their way into deck 1 at the top of the ship.  Unless the players have really botched something, the enemy doe snot know the heores are already inside.
Level 1

The central computer is located here.  I'm starting with considering that as the main objective.  So this floor is the end game and will be the hardest encounter-wsie.  That works because a lot of the high level security areas, police robots, and most of the tech are located here.

Added some notes above about the vegepygmy tribes.
Level 2

This level is a 'service deck' and had a map but no real details in the original.   I'll probably keep it and use for a large area encounter.

What monster(s) to use here....?
Level 3 could also be one encounter.  The choke creeper, bloodthorns, web-birds and the ropers at the same time!   After the encounter the worker robots show up to repair the damage and then summon the police robots.  Notice I used 'summon'.  So no xp right?
Level 4 -  22 encounters of insane awesome in the original.    Maybe I'll just have something living in the lake...

I think I'll go with the frogemoth here.  It'd be a sin not to include it.
Level 5 - a sub-level of Level 4.  Another level left open in the original.  Thedrop tubes will have the heroes skipping this level but I'd like to put some treasure here that could save them some pain later.
Level 6 - the activity level.  What no holo-deck?  :P  This will be the entrance level.  I'll grab one of the security stations from Level 1 to use here to introduce the heroes to the adventure.  From there they will need to journey upward (backwards to the original) to complete the adventure.   The physical training androids are definitely in.  Too cool to leave out.  Otherwise an undetailed level in theoriginal but the map helps gives some nice potential here since many areas actually have one word room descriptions.  I think I'll leave the level empty (except for the two encounter) but use the surroundings to help layout the scene.  There's enough random future tech laying around in this level to generate interest at searching/exploring.

Police robots - I'm doing one for each role @ level 12.  This way any of the DMG encounter groups can be built for variety.  Any typed damage they do are embeded features of the droids.  The pistols/grenade launcher can be salvaged for possible use by the heroes.

Solider* - Warforged knight with a blaster pistol.
Artillery - Storm Abashai Sniper: grenade launcher with concussion grenades replaces thunderbolt.  Tentacle = sting.  Add paralysis pistol.
Brute* - Kuo-toa Spearfiend: make it a double weapon electro-staff (inspired by the kids watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars)  Changed basic attack to two attacks (3d10 each).
Controller - tempted to go with Exalted Brain in a Jar.  For some reason, I keep seeing Bender...that can't be good.
Lurker* - Human Assassin (assassin droids..hmmm)
Skirmisher - ??? I was looking for something that could dash in and grab/immobilize for the soldiers/brute but not seeing anything.

*human=looking droid, others have cannister shaped bodies with mounted weapons and tentacle arms

Can bump up/down levels as needed.  For elites, add a template.  I prefer class ones.

Solider with ranger template for throw (shoot with blaster) and stab?  Would a fighter style help here?
Artillery - Devastator (DMG)
Brute - lots of good class possiblities but savage rebuke from the Savage Berserker (DMG) is too good esp. with the electro-staff
Controller - Psion
Lurker - Spectral Assassin (DMG2)
Skirmisher - brawling fighter?
Final conversion notes.

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