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Sorry, I know this is the wrong Forum but NO ONE responds in the D and D Miniatures Forum. So I have some questions about Warhammer 40K...

Im looking at buying the space marine Battleforce, and maybe the assault on Black Reach. (This way I could play with somone right away) BUT, I am VERY surprised at the cost of the MAP itself. I mean, I knew Warhammer was expensive but I mean come on, $300 dollars just for a playing board! Anyway, is there any way I can get the board Pre-Painted? Or does it always come painted? ALSO, considering I have no clue about anything about Warhammer, what should a noob like me get. Are there any starter kits? essentially, because i am a noob and have no clue what I am doing, but I want Space Marines, Tell me what I should buy in order to get started. (Because with Magic the Gathering, I know everything, but im afraid that with Warhammer I know nothing) And I really want to get my knowledge of Warhammer better. So please tell me as a noob, what I should buy to get started, keep in mind I want to use Space Marines. THANKS!!!

Also, are the peices able to be "erased"? like, if i mess up while painting a guy can i wash him off and redo it?

Are there any ways to buy cheaper map peices? Where can I find out if stores have arenas already built for Warhammer 40K?

Is it a hard game to master? or is it similar to the learning curve of MTG? Are there sets like in Magic? or if i buy a box of people, are they always legal? 

I know that Half the Fun is painting your own guys BUT are you able to buy pre painted guys and map peices? If so where?
 Also where is the best online site to buy Warhammer 40K products? 
*Please add any other additional information to help a beginner like myself, THANK YOU!!!*          
Warhammer isn't even a Wizards product. It's made by Games Workshop. You'd probably have better luck on their site.
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Because all nerds are using Warhammer figures.

I got no clue.
You would also have more luck in General, due to population, and not feeling 100% off-topic. Unless you already have posted this stuff everywhere.
I was 100% sure this was in EDH.

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This forum can't even ****ing self-destruct properly.


Hey man!  I used to be a 40k player back in the day, I even worked at Sabertooth games and designed a TCG for it.

You should start with the assualt on black reach set, it gives you a space marine and an ork force and it's only 90 bucks.

You can paint over models, just spray them with another undercoat (black if you're going for a mostly dark theme, white if you want bright, vibrant colors).  You only do this a few times, since each coat of paint will slightly dilute the detail of the mini.  

The cheapest way to make a map is to go to your local fabric store and find some fabric that looks like grass, gravel, desert, or whatever theme you're going for.  you can use books for hills, just place them on the table under the fabric and it looks pretty cool!

The game itself is relativly simple, you shouldn't have too much trouble if you learned magic.  Your pieces are always legal, they just sometimes come out with a new army list that may change what they do.

They don't sell pre-painted guys, but if you've got extra money there are painting services out there.  It's not very cheap if I recall.

I don't know about an online store, I'd say google it and see.  I know they have their own store online.

The main thing is, have fun!  And hopefully enjoy some Wizards products too :P 
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