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any one use the free Campaign tool Master Plan??? I use it for DnD since it hooks up to DnDi to get all the creatures.....Butit seems Gamma World content on DnDi is lacking. So I guess maybe I have 2 questions....

First Any one use Master Plan for Gamma World?

Second anyone hear of plans to include Gamma World Content in DnDi???

Here is a link to masterplan if people are intersted
I've never seen this before, but it looks pretty cool.  I think I might give it a spin for the campaign I'm running right now.
I've been dabbling with Master Plan since it has a combat management function. It's a little cumbersome at first, but I think a Gamma World library could probably be created rather easily (if not tediously).
Link doesnt work for me, keep getting one of those lovely "404 Not Found" screens. But, knowing my luck, that's still probalby a case of "the operator, not the tool".    Undecided
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I used it in our one shot of gamma world. I edited some orcs to match the module. Worked quite well.

We use it a lot in our 4e game. quite frankly, it kicks butt. I wish there was an iplay4e import like site for gamma world characters.
That would be nice, but then you'd have to find some way to convert your GW character into dnd4e format...Unless you found a way to get GW stuff into the character builder ;)
any idea if the format is published any where? maybe we could make our own?
I imagine you mgiht be able to work something with directly editing an XML file.

the iplay4e guys might also go for it if we had a well documented xml setup. it's not that bad, really. I was thinking myself of just doing it by hand and importing it.
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