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OK I have a few questions about how some things work with creatures with X in their costs.

If I use a Green Sun's Zenith to get a Primordial Hydra can I only pay 2G and get a Hydra that will instantly die (since X is often thought to be zero) or can I pay say 4G and get a 2/2 Hydra on the battlefield?

Secondly copy effects. If I Phyrexian Metamorph or Clone a Hydra with 3 +1/+1 tokens on it does the Hydra / Metamorph that comes into play have the same number of tokens as the one it cloned?

Thirdly - If I use Doubling chant with a 3/3/ Hydra in play will I get another 3/3 Hydra out of my deck or a useless 0/0  Hydra that instantly dies.

Your help is appreciated.


X is always 0 except on the stack

so with Green Sun's Zenith or a Clone or doubling chant the Hydra will always have 0 counters and be moved to the graveyard as a statebased action (unless you have some way to keep her alive)
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Relatedly, I'm guessing that an Oblivion Ring on a Primordial Hydra will take care of it permanently, since when it comes back X will be 0?

It's a fun trick that won me a match game this week.

That's correct.
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With hydra's like that, it's best to play with blue (for defense)


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