Keldon Pyrebard

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Keldon Pyrebard -
Creature - Human Barbarian Shaman
Keldon Pyrebard gets +1/+0 until end of turn. It deals damage equal to its power to target creature or player.

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I'm not gonna lie, I first read this as "Keldon Pyrebread".

This might even be ok with one power because it is so mana-intensive. 
It was keldon pyrebeard for me.
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It was keldon pyrebeard for me.

Same. Pyrebeard.
I read "Pyrebird". Maybe a name change is in order.
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Pyrebeard sounds cooler anyway
I hearby declare that the new name is Pyrebeard. The image it evokes is awesome. And I seriously had no clue how to concept the card anyway. Spun a roulette wheel in my head with a bunch of iconic red characters and it landed on "barbarian shaman"
I was under the impression that it was Pyrebeard until right now, and was very saddened to discover it wasn't.

Although if you're actually changing it, Firebeard proably makes more sense than Pyrebeard.
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Pyrebeard sounds orders of magnitude more awesome to me than Firebeard.

Although now that I'm thinking seriously about this, how about Pyremane Invoker? Or Pyremane something similar? Concepted from a tribe of leonin that either have Blackbeard style fire in their hair, or are literally part elemental?
Pyrebeard sounds orders of magnitude more awesome to me than Firebeard.

I agree, but the actual definition of the word pyre doesn't really make much sense with to describe a beard.

Ah well, **** actual definitions.
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