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Hello I was hoping to get some comment and reviews on this undead bursting Monk. 

level 30 Revenant, Monk, Honorable Blade, Raven Knight
Monastic Tradition: Centered Breath
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Light Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Mace)
Draconic Resistance: Draconic Resistance Lightning
Dragon Breath Key Ability: Dragon Breath Dexterity
Dragon Breath Damage Type: Dragon Breath Lightning
Choose your Race in Life: Dragonborn

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 12, Con 17, Dex 30, Int 10, Wis 22, Cha 12.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 10, Con 11, Dex 18, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 10.

AC: 44 Fort: 38 Reflex: 42 Will: 44 HP: 174 Surges: 10 Surge Value: 43

TRAINED SKILLS Endurance +25, Stealth +36, Acrobatics +30, Athletics +21, Intimidate +25

UNTRAINED SKILLS Arcana +15, Bluff +16, Diplomacy +18, Dungeoneering +21, Heal +21,
History +15, Insight +21, Nature +21, Perception +21, Religion +15, Streetwise +16, Thievery +25

Level 1: Disciple of Death (retrained to Draconic Triumph at Level 25)
Level 2: Melee Training (Dexterity)
Level 4: Superior Will
Level 6: Dragonborn Soul
Level 8: Versatile Expertise (retrained to Resounding Thunder at Level 11)
Level 10: Insightful Leader
Level 11: Thundering Breath
Level 12: Mark of Storm
Level 14: Superior Implement Training (Resonating dagger)
Level 16: Versatile Expertise
Level 18: Restless Dead
Level 20: Bolstering Breath
Level 21: Ghostly Vitality
Level 22: Concussive Breath
Level 24: Dragon Warrior
Level 26: Daunting Breath
Level 28: Enlarged Dragon Breath
Level 30: Lasting Frost

Monk at-will 1: Lion's Den
Monk at-will 1: Five Storms
Monk encounter 1: Drunken Monkey
Monk daily 1: Stunning Palm
Monk utility 2: Swift Flight
Monk encounter 3: Eternal Mountain
Monk daily 5: Supreme Avalanche Combination
Monk utility 6: Purifying Meditation
Monk encounter 7: Mountainfall Stomp
Monk daily 9: Twilight Touch
Monk utility 10: Iron Dragon Defense
Monk encounter 13: Furious Bull (replaces Drunken Monkey)
Monk daily 15: Dancer on the Sea of Battle (replaces Supreme Avalanche Combination)
Monk utility 16: Confirmation of Spirit
Monk encounter 17: Steps of Grasping Fire (replaces Eternal Mountain)
Monk daily 19: Rising Dragon Fire (replaces Stunning Palm)
Monk utility 22: Diamond Body
Monk encounter 23: Legion of One (replaces Mountainfall Stomp)
Monk daily 25: Watchful Hydra Stance (replaces Rising Dragon Fire)
Monk encounter 27: Furious Bull (replaces Furious Bull)
Monk daily 29: Mist on the Storm (replaces Twilight Touch)

ITEMS Monk Unarmed Strike, Adventurer's Kit, Life Charm +6, Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (paragon tier),
Circlet of Arkhosia (paragon tier), Arkhosian Scepter +6, Frost Resonating dagger +6, Belt of Sonnlinor Righteousness (epic tier),
Ring of Circling Fangs (paragon tier), Gloves of Ice (epic tier), Rapidstrike Bracers (paragon tier), Boots of Teleportation (epic tier),
Rain of Hammers Ki Focus +6, Shadowflow Dragoncloth Armor +6, Backlash Tattoo (heroic tier)

Well it would help guide discussion if you mentioned some of the goals of the build. Just looking over it it appears you are using thundering breath to add thunder to your dragonbreath, then adding to attacks with your weapon via honorable blade, and using that in turn to increase the size of your bursts with resounding thunder, and adding slides with mark of storm.

You have a few questionable rules items in this sequence though.

First of all, it is not clear that you can use a "ki focused weapon" for your implement attacks. The RAW seems to indicate that the ki focus is used on it's own, despite the builder saying otherwise. So you would need to be using a magic weapon as your implement. The easiest solution there is an accurate dagger and versatile expertise. You can even then add on nimble blade and deadly draw that way for more accuracy.

The next is the issue of keyword timing. If you get very technical, your powers don't gain the thunder keyword until they actually do the thunder damage, so they are not actually thunder powers at the time you are determining burst size or at the time you hit, so neither resounding thunder or mark of storm will apply. However if you opperate under a looser inerpretation that the powers gain the keyword because the WILL do thunder damage, then this is not a problem.
The goal of the build is to create a guy who can hold down the non focus fire enemies, and work as a back us tank do to the revenant's unnatural vitality. Using five storms and honorable blade with mark of storms will allow me to keep enemies next to me.  If they move away I get an opportuninty.  with the slide to pull them somewhere else hopefully making it harder for them to do follow there plans. I am going to try to keep most of the enemies out of shift range from allies.  If they attack me they also will be getting hurt by the ring. I also plan to use the Dragon breath ability as often as possible.

I plan on using the dagger as my implement not the Ki focus.  I thought the monk could use either a proficient weapon, or the Ki focus as an implement.  The Ki focus is there more for it's non attack abilities. I would rather have the resounding dagger than the accurate dagger to add extra slides to Mark of Storms.  The DM I play with allows the thunder to work as a keyword.  Would the frost cheese and thunder stuff both apply?  if it does that would remove the need for deadly draw to an extent, since Wintertouched will take care of that.  My DM in the past has allowed multiple damage types for similar reasons, but just wanted to check. 

Thank you for the feedback.  Any more info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If you're looking to lock down non-focus fire enemies, why not Iron Soul instead of centered breath.  Iron Soul Flurry of Blows seems to be a better lockdown than Centered Breath, and the con lines up better with revenant stats.  Plus more hp/surges since you're planning to lock down enemies next to you.
The high wisdom is needed for the revnant alive feats such as disciple of death and superior will.  But the lock down makes sense even though I will loose the damage output.
You don't need more than 15.  Starting with 13 lets you have Disciple of Death right off the bat, and you'll have enough at epic for superior will.  You have Stunning Palm to cover you until then.  Or you can drop one of your stat bumps into wisdom, and have enough at paragon to pick up superior will then.

But Stunning Palm is a Daily so only useful for one encounter per day,  where as I can use superior will starting at level 4 then the rest of the game everytime I need it.  As a revenant I am hoping to be in negative most of game play, without the superior will I will then also be stunned most of game play.

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