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I'm playing a Teneb, the Harvester Commander deck. Can I have a land such as Jungle Shrine in my deck, even though one of the colors it produces is outside of my Commander's color identity? (I am a very budget player, and only have multicolor lands which I could afford and were available at my local shop).

This is confusing because it hinges on whether the legality is determined by the presence of the mana symbol in the text box , and whether this applies only to non-land spells. I know, for example, that it would be illegal for me to run a Bosh, Iron Golem within my Teneb deck, and that Command Tower and Rupture Spire are perfectly legal.

However, if I were to have Karn, Silver Golem as my commander, wouldn't this make even basic lands illegal in my deck, since originally basics were printed with the Tap: Add one of (this color) to your mana pool?

you cannot have a "foreign" mana symbol on the card
"any mana" is fine, as are for example cards that search for Plains and Mountains, even though Teneb is not red.

i'm not sure how it works with a colourless commander and basic lands
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Basic lands are, indeed, illegal to play in Karn.
Basic land is illegal in Karn or Eldrazi decks.
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Thanks for the replies and clarification. I guess I knew about the color identity rule but blanked when it came to applying it to lands. Time to take a few cards out of my decks...
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