New Player Looking for Info

Hi everybody, I'm new to the D&D scene. And I'm looking for a good website where I can purchase D&D mini's for my 4th edition game. However all sites that I have been able to find are either selling in singles and most sites are all out of stock, of everything. Have they stopped producing D&D miniatures now as I'm finding it hard to find a good source to get the hero packs and the monster booster packs and most suppliers are selling 2nd hand mini's or just don't have anything in stock.

If any of you have any links to some sites where I can order online that would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
They (WotC) are not producing miniatures anymore except for  specialty items (Beholder collectors set, Dragons collectors set).  It  has been this way for over six months now  I think.  Miniatures on the secondary market are  becoming scarce.   EvilBay is your  best bet if you don't like any of the prices you find on the net. keeps 'advertising' that they have updated their mini stock,  but I rarely see anything 'new'.  If you haven't though, I would at least look there.   Don't let any of this deter you from D&D though, it is  still great.
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