Checkout my Gunner Jensen build

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Starting lvl 6 on a campaign, i'm inspired by "The Expendables" Gunner Jensen


High Str
High Wis
Avarage Con
Low Int
Low Cha
Low Dex

Race: Neanderthal (the guy is freaking huge!)

1 - Jotunbrud (did i mentioned that this guy is huge?)
3 - Ascetic Hunter
6 - Zen Archery

1 Ranger
2 Ranger
3 Monk
4 Ranger
5 Ranger
6 Ranger

Bonus Feats:
Rapid Shot
Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Grapple

- I shoot for high damage with a composite bow
- I have outstanding grapple shenanigans
- no multiclass xp penalty

Gunner likes Guns'n'Hugs"