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So this deck isnt supposed to be competative in standard tournament levels, but I want to have fun with the new spider fatty who can place removal enchants on enemy creatures every turn anywhere from 1-4 targets depending on how many spiders i want to tap.  I also think the new trio of Empire artifacts look fun to play with, so I want to put them in the deck too.

Basically, its supposed to just be a fun standard deck, and if it could be viable, any advice would be appriciated.  Also, I realize that it could probably be a much better deck with more spiders, no empire artifacts, and other spells added, and I might try that later, but for now I want to test the new artifacts =).

Blightwidows because infect makes for a scary blocker, grapplers for their mana cost, although i might MD sporecaps instead, 5 toughness is great for 3 cost.  Beast within for plainswalker removal/flexibility.  Can use a few webs early to remove some creatures, but should save most of them if possible for when spinner comes out.  His ability will be great to use during the opponents turn even on any creatures really, considering the webs cost no mana and they will be back next turn.  Reclaim is in there just incase one of your empire trio gets nuked, and stingerfling is for decks with lots of flyers.

Basic Strategy:

Get some spiders on the board to keep opponents creatures at bay so you can get webs/artifacts out and hopefully a spinner.  Hopefully it wont take too many turns to get the 3 empire artifacts out, their abilities are silly once you do, and are helpful even without all 3.  I guess this deck would be sort of like green control..  I dont know.

Thoughts?  Ideas to improve?  Mocking?
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I am Red/Green
To be honest, I don't think you need the extra spiders. Arachnus Spinner and his Web is probably all you need. Besides thematic stuff, you don't actually get an increased benefit from running lots of Spiders.

The artifacts aren't worth the space; they're cool flavour, but actually assembling the combo without any card draw or tutoring is a fool's dream, I think.

I think you want to fill the rest of your deck out with green mana acceleration and such. You probably want Garruk, Primal Hunter in there as well.
You can run Ancient Stirrings to find missing Empire cards that you are missing.
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if this is ment to be casual, then put it in the casual forums please?
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