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So, I thought up this really hilarious idea of using Chandra, the Firebrand to duplicate Sorin's Vengeance and kill someone in one shot.

Deck looks like this plus 24 land.


4x Chandra, the Firebrand
2x Sorin Markov
4x Solemn Simulacrum
2x Doom Blade
4x Go for the Throat
4x Lightning Bolt
2x Burst Lightning
4x Arc Trail
4x Grim Lavamancer
2x Sorin's Vengeance
4x Perilous Myr

Please give me your thoughts. 
Not going to lie, when I first read the post I got excited over putting two of my favorite planeswalkers in a deck, not to mention the nice combo you have in mind.  Although Unless you can get your burns out your left open so I making room for vamps.  Blood Seeker I could see being helpful and gatekeeper of malakir as well.
What would you take out? The discard or Black Sun's Zenith?
Tezzeret's Gambit
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Tezzeret's Gambit

Instead of Sign in Blood?
What about a B/R pyromancer ascension deck?
What would the benefit be of Pyromancer over Chandra?
im not sure how to do the card link thing like everyone else but here is how i suggest the deck be made.

4xdragonskull summit

x4 chandra the firebrand
x2 sorin markov

x3 sorin's thirst
x3 go for the throat
x2 sign in blood
x2 sorins vengence

x4 incenerate
x4 lightning bolt
x2 reverberate

x3 Blood Seeker
x3 gatekeeper of malakir
x4 vampire nighthawk

I know it could probably use some tweaks and changes but i was trying to make it more spell heavy rather than vamp heavy to support chandra.
I like that list but Islands might be right about Tezzeret's Gambit since you can proliferate Sorin and Chandra. And what do you think about replacing Blood Seekers with Grim Lavamancer?

By the way, to link to cards, it's [ c ] c a r d n a m e [ / c ] without the spaces.
The difference between Tezzeret's Gambit and Sign in Blood with Chandra is very clear to me now.

Sign in Blood = pay 2 loyalty counters, 4 life and draw 4 cards.
Tezzerete's Gambit = pay no loyalty counters, 2 life and draw 4 cards.
My mana curve was a little bit screwed up, so I took out the Diabolic Tutors and replaced them with Arc Trail to help me control the early game better.
After some playtesting I took out Tezzeret's Gambit. Looking for replacements.

Edit: Perilous Myr
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