Dragon 401 - Surely You Joust!

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Dragon 401
Surely You Joust!

By Alana Joli Abbott

If you are an adventurer who prefers sunlight to gloom, who favors chivalry and camaraderie over mingling with monsters, a joust might be just what you need to eliminate the dungeon doldrums.

Talk about this article here.

Well It has a new feat Jousting Charge which looks quite nice, I could see myself taking it.

Lovely article. Well researched and full of flavor and ideas. Thanks, Alana!

Also, I love the the cover art. 
Excellent article, and I'm so glad for Alana. She is a really cool and imaginative person (I've worked with her on an LFR project).

I was curious how this article would work with the one I was writing. They really work well together. You can use these rules for specific contests and add others based on Step Into the Ring. I love the detail Alana brought to the parade ground and the various events. You can run a whole castle tournament off of this article!

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Great article. It was well made and has lots of flavor and is reinforced by an interesting dynamic mechanic.

There will be times when it will be very useful i guarantee.   

Cookie to you Alana Joli Abbott  

Agreed, great article. I did have only one minor nitpick with it. The article on page 4 says that lances are basically the equivalent of longspears. As per current RAW, longspears are two-handed weapons which means it is roughly impossible for a mounted character to wield a shield while jousting or fighting with a "lance". Perhaps if a specific rule allowed longspears to be used one-handed while mounted, or perhaps the creation of a new one-handed weapon with the "reach" property called the "lance" could have remedied this issue. Other than that minor detail, this was a very flavorful article and I hope to see more from her in the future.

I've just noticed the one feat in the article doesn't actually work as written...

It says,  If you hit a target with a charge attack while you are mounted, you can push the target 1 square and then shift 1 square into the square the target vacated.

Trouble it's your mount that needs to shift not you, as powers/feats allowing you to shift have no effect while mounted.

This should be re-written as,

 If you hit a target with a charge attack while you are mounted, you can push the target 1 square and then your mount may shift 1 square into the square the target vacated.  

Can anyone confirm if any changes were made to this feat, or if it was removed from the article? I'm no longer a subscriber so cannot check myself, the feat doesn't appear in the compendium though.


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