Are you building a GenCon Warband?

Building a GenCon Warband?

Are you building a GenCon warband?
There is one last thing that you need to know.

The Items Compendium, which will be released tomorrow, will be legal for GenCon. I am not certain it is going to have any game-breaking pieces in it, but, I can preview a little bit here.

The old sets are included (Treasure Trove, Drow's Fortune, Epic Arcana). However, some costs have changed. Heck, some keywords changed. So look at them again.

The half set that was promo'ed last year at GenCon is filled out and included. (The Outfitter's Shop)

There are two complete new sets.
Alchemy and Shipwreck.

There are new kinds of items, as well. And even one specifically for Beholders. (Alchemy has Beholder Eye Mastery).

So, I'm going to guess that for most people, a minimum of 33ish new items, and maybe closer to 40 or 45 if you include exiting but tweaked items.

I realize this sets challenges to get a warband together in time.

This is, not surprisingly, intended. Good luck, and lets find out who this year's best players really are.


Thanks Tried.  Sounds great!  I am looking forward to seeing these. 


Please post the link as soon as they're available for download.

Its up at
Some people seem to think that the Horn of Fog is too good. I don't think so.

Horn of Fog
Level 1–9 F Stealth or Aquatic
Covering Fog: Use at start of round: Until end of round, line of sight ends after 6 squares.

First, only figures that have Stealth or Aquatic as keywords can use this. That's not very many pieces.
Second, those pieces have to be 1st through 9th level; that eliminates a lot of good pieces.
Third, either you're paying 3 points, or your opponent is paying 3 points, to cloak everyone in some light mist for a round. Big deal.

Dave,  do you remember the threads where people (myself included) were begging for a rules change that would make start areas safe from first round nukes? We were told that that could not be done because it would make the pieces that rely on attacking from afar (ranged and area attackers) too weak, making them unplayable even. And now we have exactly that at the cost of 3 pts. Available to all factions, with a huge variety of pieces that can use it (see comparison check Cloak of Eyes) and those pieces are not some outlier pieces either (at the cheap end we have the Drow Assassin, Warforged Scout and Kenku Sneak, at medium level Gnome Trickster) but bread and butter pieces that already see much usage.

I am prepared to eat my hat if this item, unedited,  is not found in most all successful melee bands at Gencon. I will even wager that it will make such an impact that there will not be major ranged or area bands in the top 4 this year.

If it would not be edited at all, ranged teams would have very little reason to show up to play.

There is a change in the PDF.

Use at start of first round
Cost: 6

More than one of this item is useless !!!

The change in level requirements is almost an even bigger change.
yeah, the cut and past got left on that card, and I completely missed it because there were no other typos on it.  I couldn't understand why everyone was so upset about it...
I really like the horn of fog I will paid 6 points for avoid area attacks, unless my proposal for broken item it is the potion of blindsight I just disagree with giving blindsight so easily, I thought the cloak of eyes was to much, but this it isnt fair; for the bat familiar you get 6 points and it is only blindsight 5 squares for arcanes, but with this is for everybody and with a point cost of 3, also it will make useless maps like hellspike prision, temple of unseeing and tract of the tarrasque, and there some nasty area attacks and ranged attacks that can make this item to dangerous

just my two cents
Any piece can use the Potion of Blindsight, so long as that piece is not level 10 or higher. And, that piece then has blindsight until it takes damage. And, that piece is now worth 3 more points.

The Elf Pyromancer gets a little better, but he still only lives until he gets hit by one solid hit.

Soulrider Devil and Ogre Mage would probably like the item, though the Soulrider damages himself on occasion. Wild Mage is a little better, but still not great.

I don't know, I just don't see the item as broken. 
I had thought in th ogre mage, wand expert and renegade warlock, just with those 3 I think it is a real danger and other ones  that are potencially dangerous, xendrik champion, raistlin majere, wizard of tursmish with manshoon, emerald orb wizard, golden wyvern and free league ranger
It makes those three pretty darn good.

But is it broken? Nope. 

Game changing?  Yes.

Does it change the balance of power with hellspike?Absolutely. 

I dont know but certainly I will see this item more than I would like to, also another thing havent you considerate that the two unique items are unbalanced one cost only 3 points and gives +3 to def and the other one cost 15 points and has a lot of conditions just for summon a lich vestige?
Perhaps the item is "so good" that fewer and fewer people build bands that depend so heavily on winning map and playing on Hellspike (or a small number of other smoke/fog maps). Over time, fewer people are using those maps, because this "too good" item is showing up with enough frequency to rule out as much value in Hellspike.

Then, as Hellspike is showing up less and less, people are building bands with maps without smoke, this reduces the value of that item, so that bands choosing it are spending some unnecessary points. Over time, people begin to realize that these few points are enough to change their winning percentage and they start building bands without that item.

Then, of course, Hellspike comes back into fashion.

I see this sort of ebb and flow as good for the game. I wish we still had thousands of regular players. I hope we can get back there. 

I see this sort of ebb and flow as good for the game. I wish we still had thousands of regular players. I hope we can get back there. 

I agree, the game needs to be continuously in an ebb and flow mode for the good of the game.  Take this years GenCon for example - we have a number of new pieces that will make things interesting, new rules changes that will make things interesting, and now A LOT of Magic Items that will make things interestings.  Three factors that make things interesting adds up to a pretty good ebb and flow in the game. 

And I think we may be seeing an upswing in players looking at and coming back to the game.  With more activity here on WotC boards, a lot of chatter on the DDM Guild Facebook page (finally, something I missed from the old days), and all the "interestings" from above, we just may pull in players and grow the game a little this year.  And without any real new sets of minis this year.  We will see how many show up for DDM and the DDM Championship at GenCon.  Hopefully we will increase the number at the Championship by at least 10%. 


No new sets this year? 
Did I say that?
No new sets this year? 
Did I say that?

No.  Just an observation. 

Just no new 60 piece sets.  Wink

Technically, we have the Beholders Collectors Set, the Dragons Collectors Set, and Wrath of Ashardalon as new stuff this year.  And we did get "new" Epic figures in the form of DDM Guild cards. 

Good times.  Good times. 


Somehow I don't think Tried meant those...
I really hope get a surprise Smile, anyway I was wondering if the cursed item "chaos weapon" would cost -2 instead of +2 because it gives more disadvantages than advantages also  it is the only cursed item that has a positive value
On Tried told us that +2 is correct.
+2 is indeed correct, because in the hands of some primal creatures, the weapon is definitely an asset.  I will leave it to you all to do the math and figure out where and when.

However, it is cursed, and so must be assigned to a creature capable of using it at set up, as per the rules (and differing from the non-cursed items).
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