Pretty cool Ranger/Cleric Hybrid-good enough for primary leader?

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Enna, Lvl. 16
Elf, Cleric/Ranger, Seldarine Dedicate
Versatile Expertise: Bow + Holy Symbol
Background: Impiltur
Theme: Ordained Priest
Hybrid Ranger: Reflex
Hybrid Talent: Prime Shot
Lore Option: Healer's Lore

Final Ability Scores
Str 11, Con 13, Dex 22, Int 9, Wis 22, Cha 13

Starting Ability Scores
Str 10, Con 12, Dex 16, Int 8, Wis 16, Cha 12

AC: 31 Fort: 28 Ref: 31 Will: 32
HP: 109 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 24

Trained Skills:
Insight +21, Nature +21, Perception +21, Stealth +18

Lvl 1: Hybrid Talent (Prime Shot)
Lvl 2: Blessing of Corellon
Lvl 4: Improved Defenses
Lvl 6: Versatile Expertise
Lvl 8: Mark of Healing
Lvl 10: Silvery Glow
Lvl 11: Lethal Hunter
Lvl 12: Gambler's Word
Lvl 14: Called Shot
Lvl 16: Prime Quarry

At-Will: Twin Strike
At-Will: Sacred Flame
Enc 1: Divine Glow
Daily 1: Beacon of Hope
Utility 2: Invigorating Stride
Enc 3: Disruptive Strike
Daily 5: Spitting Cobra Stance
Utility 6: Bastion of Health
Enc 7: Biting Volley
Daily 9: Attacks on the Run
Utility 10: Battle Surge
Enc 13: Mantle of Glory (Replaces Divine Glow)
Daily 15: Confounding Arrows (Replaces Beacon of Hope or Attacks on the Run)
Enc: 16: Cloak of Courage

+4 Radiant Longbow, +4 Predator's Feyhide Armor, +4 Healer's Brooch, Circlet of Mental Onslaught, Siberys Shard of Radiance (Paragon Tier), Bracers of Archery (Paragon Tier), Diamond Cincture (Heroic Tier), Boots of the Fencing Master, Gloves of the Healer (Paragon Tier), Ring of the Radiant Storm

More of a wishlist by end paragon really, I realize this is too much gold to expect in any campaign at level 16. 

My main question is, do you think this build has enough healing capacity to function as a primary healer in a party of four PCs?

You have one use of healing word, bastion of health, cloak of courage and mantle of glory as your heals per encounter. You could do with just that (possibly), but a leader does much more than just heal. I wouldn't use a hybrid as a primary leader. You could pull it off if you had a Paladin or some other leaderish PC.

Why not just roll a half elf? The big thing seems like you want twin strike.

I would say try it and see if nobody goes down.
Seems like it could do some pretty good healing.  If you are a little worried, then you might want to do the multiclass dip into shaman and take mending spirits so you have a 3rd minor action heal.

You may consider taking moment of glory for your level 1 daily because you can get a lot more milage.  You can have your whole party resist 5 all encounter, which is better than a 5 hp boost to the handful of healing powers you have.
It has healing word once per encounter, and bastion of health as it's only healing powers per encounter? You could do with just that (possibly), but a leader does much more than just heal. I wouldn't use a hybrid as a primary leader. You could pull it off if you had a Paladin or some other leaderish PC.

Why not just roll a half elf? The big thing seems like you want twin strike.

A bow hybrid ranger and cleric also does a lot more than twin stike.  Wink

Honestly, a laser cleric hybrid works practically as good as a pure one.
Mantle of Glory and Mark of Healing make the leader side of the build.  I don't like you have to rely on Gambler's Word for another really good heal (meaning lots of hp above the surge value) but that will just keep it interesting.

Battle Surge is similar to Defensive Rally (warlord).  It was always tough for me to spend that standard action, I probably only used it twice over about 6-7 levels before I retrained it.  But it was a great power in reserve.

I think you'll do fine with a 4 man group.
What's your party comprised of? Are you're encounters harder than usual?
The Seldarine Dedicate PP provides an extra use of healing word with an action point, and I do have a reasonably good chance to crit and get an extra healing word, especially with biting volley. Blessing of Corellon allows an ally to spend a surge when I use Elven Accuracy, and Mantle of Glory allows allies in a blast 5 to spend surges.

 I like beacon of hope for the close burst heal (in emergencies), and for the weaken, which is a fairly solid effect, in addition to the healing bonus.

 Hybrid ranger does offer this build a lot more than twin strike; disruptive strike for example, which looks great on a leader with high wisdom, and is an off-action attack. Ranger also ups accuracy. And damage. A lot.

Battle Surge is a lot easier to swallow than Mass Cure Light Wounds was, since that didn't come with an attack buff. It seems like another good emergency power.

My party is composed of a WT fighter, Charisma Rogue, and Wizard. All need reasonable amounts of healing, none can provide it themselves.

They can avoid taking damage pretty well. I say go for it.
You might want to look into taking the feat to get an extra utility skill power.  some of the heal skill powers are quite good and can help make up for the lack of class healing power
I didn't realize that Battle Surge was a standard action.  What do you think about Word of Vigor.  It's another encounter surge power, but in a close burst 1.  I realize, that more often than not you are going to not want to move in close to melee, but this would allow you to heal yourself and 1 other (maybe 2 others) each encounter for a minor action.  To me, the appeal of Battle Surge is that it is surge-free healing so it would be an ace up your sleeve on the last enounter of the day if pc's are out of surges, but you may get more milage out of yet another minor action encounter heal.
Heal skill utility are pretty bad, in my opinion. I don't think they would even be worth a feat slot. Even though Word of Vigor might be alright, the range does hinder it a lot. I plan to try the build as is, and if more healing is needed Spirit Talker and Mending Spirits will have to be my next two feats.
I don't think the build has enough defensive measures. I would ditch Improved Defenses for Superior Will. You DO NOT want to be dazed or stunned when your allies need healing. And I would maybe also ditch Lethal Hunter and get Focused Mind or at least Resilient Focus. I might even dedicate head slot to Helm of the Mental Juggernaut, eventhough it might seem like overkill.

Being blind is the other thing that cramps your style as a ranged character, so for that level 10 utility, you might want to pick up Perfect Sight (or better, Eyes of the Deep Delver if you switch one of your skills to Dungeoneering). You can also pick it up with Skill Power (instead of maybe Prime Quarry).

And Alliance Band is kind of a fun ring with Invigorating Stride.

I'd say don't worry too much about extra healing. Your allies can cover some of that with self healing and the like. I would try to squeze in a power like Fear or Deadly Lure, to grant bonus attacks to your allies.
I certainly wouldn't build a character without Improved Defenses, and ditching it in the name of "defensive measures" seems rather counter-productive. I agree that Superior Will is necessary for this build, and probably more important than Lethal Hunter, at least. Sadly, Fear is Lvl. 1, and rather outclassed at this point, while Deadly Lure attracts enemies. The defenses against blind are something to look into, although perhaps too situationally beneficial to waste utility powers on.
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