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Altair had so many agents in this world and Kyoaag N'gaas may have some as well. If Desha had any hopes of succeeding with his plans for revenge, he would need to get allies. Unfortunately he couldn't be sure who to trust here yet, so perhaps he would just create one. It had been a common practice amongst other gods on the Council back home, especially near the time of his imprisonment. The Council members had started getting paranoid so they wouldn't trust anyone with the power of a god. Thus the practice of exarchs had become common. Some Council members had had hundreds of exarchs, but Desha would only need one for now.

Hovering near the edge of the Wood, Desha pondered whether he should continue with this. Beyond the Wood was light. That one god had used light much in the way he used darkness. If he went into the light would he notice him? Perhaps this was too much risk just to create an exarch. He started to head back into the Wood when the nugget of hate that was his heart started to blaze. No. He would go into the light. Not even that cursed god of light would stop him from getting the justice he deserved.

This place brought back bad memories. Here he had entered into this world. He would be the first to admit it was an improvement over floating through the void beyond space and time trapped in a rock, but not much of an improvement. Here he had also lost his true form. Gore was caked all over the bottom of the crater, but that wasn't what he was looking for. He wanted a piece of his mask. Almost in the very center was a large piece of it. That would do nicely.

PP Stuff

1 PP - Mold (Minor) (Desha's Crater is now officially a real place. Tongue out)
1 PP to future Beget (Major)

--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
"We should depart then." Kol'Gar concluded.

Before he left however, he felt it only right to reward the formians for their success. He approached the hive's queen and spoke to her.

"Your people have served well, and now they shall flourish. Soon you will have the means to begin the widespread propagation of the formian race. Spread Order throughout these lands."

When he was finished he made his way to the surface and waited for Vasa and Vion to lead the way.

PP usage: 1
1pp Nourish: The queen births two dozen larval queens. Soon new semi-nomadic formian colonies start springing up around the eastern fringes of the forest and in to the wastelands surrounding it.

swift continued trotting off towards where the sun was closest to the earth for a short while before realizing the he was alone once more. Not knowing if he was going the right way and not wanting to meet the light god alone he simply plopped onto the ground and started to doodle in the dirt, he drew many would be draconic creatures; committing there image to mind every time he found one he liked. He was sure it would not take the others long to find him and point him in the correct direction.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
Jormy, I tried to catch you on mibbit but no luck. Basically, since Kol'Gar is the only one who knows where the throneroom thingy is, it makes the most sense for him to lead the way. If this causes a problem, please let me know and I would be happy to change my post

The Twins, however, insisted that Kol'Gar lead the way, owing to the fact that he presumably knew where Altair was and they, in contrast, had no idea whatsoever. The band, at last, set off, traveling wide across the world, Balist near Kol'Gar, and the twins attempting to keep track of Swift Foot, though he had a tendancy to wander away. Vion mused that Izuru would have been envious: this one apparently had no trouble vanishing even under the watchful gaze of four other gods. But each time they found the lizard-god and slowly the group made its way to the high court of the gods. Vasa went first and greeted her daddy and then introduced the gods as they entered. Vion remained behind to ensure that no one escaped and, when the last one was through the portal to the other plane, he entered himself, although he remained towards the back, uneasy with the prospect of his father's asking unpleasnt questions about where these moon-gods came from. Although... perhaps he might be able to placate him with information on this Desha fellow...
~The Hall~

 looked up as the doors opened and Vasa stepped through.   He rose, a smile creasing his face behind his mask, one that quickly faded as more and more people came through, none of whom he recognized save Kol'gar and Vion.

His eyes fastened on Kol'gar.

"Did I not send you to find Althas, Kol'Gar?  Why do you return with my children and these others?"

Seeing that Vasa wished to say something, Altair waved his hand.  "It is no matter.  Find him soon.  Daughter, what is it?  Why do you bring these others here?"

 settled onto the throne and the mirrors shifted, shining a halo of light around his head as he waited for a reply. 
~Gods in the Hall~

Vasa smiled, "So Kol'Gar is your servant. We were unsure, but it seems much has changed since we last parted ways."

The throne suited him, Altair's daughter thought. "We brought these ones to meet you for three reasons. The first is to introduce you to Swift Foot, who is your son by mother, we believe. The second," she glared at her brother, "is to introduce you to Balist, the son of Vion."

"And finally, to request that you mediate a conflict. You rule the light, father, just as we govern life and death. Balist, here, seems to manage magic, yet Swift Foot, in his winged eagerness, apparently stole some of it, or so Balist claims. We bring this matter before you so that your wisdom might restore peace, which will in turn allow us to prepare the world."
Altair looked at the first god.  Was that a hint of Vega's fingers?

"Welcome to the Hall of the King of the Gods."

He turned to the other God, and immediately saw the resemblance to Vega.  His eyes raised and met Vion's eyes, who seemed to be trying his best to avoid them.

"We will speak."  He said, before looking back at Balist.

"And you are moon-born.  You too are welcome to the Hall of the King of the Gods."

"I will hear this dispute, and by my word and the power that Eago has placed in this throne shall make my word binding.  Balist, I will hear from you first.  Speak.  What is it that you claim this other has done?"

Swift happily wandered around the throne as Altair spoke. He barely even paid attention but was still easily able to hear what was being said, the important parts at least. As Altai addressed the stubborn youth that was his brother, at least swift would stubbornly insist was his brother. Swift approached the throne inspecting the mirrors, though swift had to squint against the bright glare to see much at all. Swift soon bored of the mirrors and would move to the throne itself. Though always minding to stay out of Altairs way as he spoke swift eagerly moved sporadically all around the room examining each little part then quickly moving on. To onlookers Swift was taking but a single fast glance, but to swift he was studding every little small detail and taking a mental note o fit before excitedly bouncing to the next. Swift was as a excited school kid in a candy store.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
Playing with his string, when the elder god spoke, it distracted him just long enough that the string he was playing with zapped him and disappeared. "Ow!"

Looking up at the elder god the way a kid tries to look at the sun,"Wow! You're very bright!"


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I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Altair chuckled.

"Yes, I am quite bright.  There's a reason my wife would call me Sightblinder, after all."

 tugged at his clothes, covering up the seams that had allowed extra Light to shine forth, and the entire room seemed to grow dimmer.

"Better, little one?   Now, please tell me about magic, and what you think happened.  Could you do that for me?"

 then noticed Swift's behavior, and fixed the God with a glare as he approached the Throne once more

"Excuse me.  I'm sorry, do we bore you?  You seem to be more interested in my Chair than in the fact that I was asked to be an impartial arbiter between you and Balist.  Poking around my Hall when you should be listening and attending is an excellent way to... damage... that impartiality."   

Swift Glanced up to Altair “ who said I was boared, there is so much in this room to learn so much indeed. I listen to the one who would claim himself king, I listen much indeed,” swift thinks for a little before deciding for sure that it would indeed be appropriate to call this one father since it was him that summoned his essence from the nothingness it dwelt in. “father really you are wound up a touch tight are you not? I simply find this room of your interesting. “swift then continued his apparent random and quick examinations of well; everything including Altair himself, though that inspection stung Swifts eyes causing them to water.

It was not hard for Altair to gather that Swift took this matter and indeed most matters very lightly. To Swift it was a silly argument his domain her domain this right that right, Swift barely new such concepts and hardly saw any real reason to get upset over such things. To him it wasn’t like he had harmed someone’s children after all. Swift dwelt little on the right or the wrong of it all as he darted around the room inspecting everything and everyone in a apparently half hazard way. Though to swift every last inch he inspected was analyzed in great detail as he skipped around the room sporadically.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
"Father?"   Altair rumbled.   Of course.  The Golden moon.  If a God had come out of the other egg, then it only followed that a God had come out of that one as well.  Surely the power that had bathed that Usurper of Darkness was divine in nature... just another divine, not Vega.

"I expect more respect from my children, Swift.  The most basic of courtesies will go a very, very long way towards getting you what you want, and a long, long way towards not making others upset with you.  

It appears you have little interest or care towards the matter at hand, so perhaps this will go easier if I start with you.  Tell me why I should not strip you here and now of that which Balist claims you have stolen.  And if you would keep what you have allegedly stolen, you should stand and face me when you do speak."

Sensing their Master's irritation, the crystals in the throne began to hum quietly, a faint light dancing in their depths. 

At Altairs words Swift stopped his examining of the room, there was much to examine still but he was being addressed now and the tone seamed less friendly. Swift turned to Altair and cocked his head to the side. “ Tell you why you should not strip me here and now of that which Balist claims you have stolen? Did he lose anything? I simply created a force that was very similar to his for my children syrely that is by no means theft for he still has that which he made. IF he means I have dabbled into his domains then perhaps but stolen is not the word for it. I made a gift for my children and those strong of mind who deserved it. When Balist as you say his name is, accused me of stealing and used the weave that managed to get itself tangled in my new creation against me I severed the connection between the two so that the energy I created would not again be tangled in his magic’s. There is no theft there.

Swift Straightened himself and looked as serious as his form allowed, which was akine to a young child tiring to look angry, perhaps even boarder lining on Cute but swift could not see himself. He looked directly into Altairs brilliant eyes, it burned but swift was stubborn and would not look away until he had said his peace.
       “ You are no king of mine, I bent no knee to you, I swore no oath. Indeed I have done nothing to show any form of fealty to you at all. You can not be my king, I will and can not accept you as king while you have no opposite. Whiel you would sit here King of gods, A light with no dark so balance you on this earth. With no god to maintain the light and darkness of the world. No to accept you as King of the gods is to accept a true imbalence within the world. While I have no will to correct this inbalence nor will I be a part of it. If you would be King then there must be a dark to your blinding light to sit upon a throne and opose your edicts and wills. There must be someone to walke the grey between and assure that light and dark do not rip the world a sunder in there stuggle for dominence. In short Father. You can be no king of mine while balance is lacking within the world. To me your are but a God who would seak to bring a unbalanced order unto the world. I ask how may Darkness flourish and take root if we all accept and allow a single god of light to rule.”

Swift turned his eyes from Alatir, they burned and watered and he saw spots wherever he looked. Swift continued one in a more cheerful voice now
        “besides I did not come here to meet a king, I came here to meet you Father, I came here to know of the force that brought me into this world. Though I had trualy hoped I would know of both sides to my coin.”

Swift suddenly plopped onto the ground before Altair looking up at him. Swifts cloak; which was obviously much to large for him, almost completely enveloped him, his head popping up from the pile of cloak the hood of said cloak flopping to the side covering half of swifts face.

Again swift talked in a high pitch and joyful way that was his norm and looking completely out of place in this room.
           “ I purpose that the dark and light gods that I met be crowned king and quean of the lands. I could follow them, The dark and the light, the life and the death. All that would be left would be some neutral force to make sure the balance was at all times kept within the world. To this I could swear my fealty as much as is in my nature to do that is.”

Swift watched Altair for his reaction, he also watched the young gods who leade him here as well.


Swift casts a vote for Vasa & Vion to take the thrown, though he does not expect much to happen with the vote he formally casts it in the thrones presence all the same. He further sends his call for a vote to all the gods of the land

0PPcantrip = Swift projects his words calling for Vasa & Vion to claim the throne and become the new King/quean of the gods so the world may know balance. This is sent to only The gods who are currently residing within the Prime plane (not sure if the other god is in the prime plane of the one he created


An' ye harm none, do what ye will
With the light god gone, alone at last, Izuru shed his deception, shreds of the false body scattering and dissipating into the wind as he dived seaward. Shifting directions suddenly right above the surface, he turned his fall into a run, easily skimming across the surface of the sea until he reached the shore.

Coming to a stop once he hit the beach, he looked around. "Empty. Beyond the wood and the sea below, I've found nothing but gods and some plants. It may just be me but what sort of other life can expect to thrive in a sunbaked wasteland such as this?"

Shaking his head, he continued along his path. Reaching the border of The Wood, he was surprised to find a new creature walking about. Following these new beings, he watched and listened, travelling with the group he had encounter. For days, he wasted his time, listening and learning.

Eventually, he grew bored. "They know this area of land too well. The few dangers are mundane to them as they follow their daily routines. Perhaps though, if I can find another place that could be suitable, I could move them their and watch their efforts. Yes."

With that he set back off into the empty land, travelling south until he reached a great chasm across the land. "I do beleive this area will be suitable. Though, not so close to the cliff. I don't want them stumbling over the edge."

Retreating a good distance back to the north, he pulled out a small seed he had taken from the forest and planted it into the dry soil. Channelling his power into it, he urged it to grow, to expand, to provide a wide area free of the sun's burning flames, to shield those who live beneath it.

Up grew the tree, expanding and growing, reaching skyward. But, as suddenly as it had sprang to life, it stopped, much smaller than the trees from The Wood, it's dark blue leaves rustling in the wind. Standing back surprised, he frowned. "That was a bit disapointing. I expected something more grand from my efforts."

His frown vanished though as he noticed a fine mist coming from the leaves. Each twist and movement in the wind shook more and more of the mist free, scattering and swirling about in the wind, a growing cloud of vaporous fog which soon had engulfed him.

When the cloud stopped growing, it covered a wide area. During the day, the cloud reduced vision, but it also cut out the dangerous sun light from above, allowing plants to grow in the twilight environment. At night though, the cloud grew dark as pitch, offering almost no visibility. "Hm, the tree is not very impressive, but the effect certainly achieves what I want. I need only bring things from the north to populate the area now. And then I can watch and see how they adapt. Of course, with such a flat landscape it shan't be interesting. Let us see what I can do about that." Drawing forth his power once more, drawing some strength from the leylines as the earth shook and splintered, molding to match the image in his head.

Growing tired, he waited for the time of darkness once more before sending clouds of mist to engulf the people he had discovered living beneath the boughs of the wood, drawing them out into the wasteland and beyond until, when the sun revealed itself once more, they found themselves living in this new habitat. All around them, they found new plant life sprouting from the ground, trees and grasses, though they found no other animals. Using fire to guide themselves at night, they soon began to adapt to their new home as Izuru watched them.

PP Expenditures
3 PP (Stored) - Forge Artifact (Greater) - The Mist Tree
2 PP - Mold Land (Greater) - The landscape around the Mist Tree alters greatly, forming rolling hills interspaced with a few higher peaks. The Mist Tree itself rises onto a particuarly high mountain in the center of it all.
1 PP (Stored) - Nourish Land - Grasses and trees begin to grow within The Veil.
1 PP - Command Populace - A group of Ancients begins living within the Veil
1 PP (Artifact) - Nourish Populace - The ancients populace within The Veil grow and adapt and begin to prosper in their new environment, using fire at night for increases visibility.
1 PP - Stored for Beget

0/8 left

New Terrain
The new mountains and hills created are similar in structure to the areas of southern and easten Ohio and western Pensylvania, to give real world examples of the terrain type that can be searched up for reference. The tallest of the mountains tend to be closer to the ocean.

Mist Tree
The Mist Tree is a living tree with the powers of an artifact. With a silvery trunk and dark blue trees, it is roughly the size of a relatively normal deciduous tree. It's leaves constantly give off a fine mist that scatters about the tree and forms a thick fog which negates much of the intensity of the sun above, making the area within livable, if dark at night. Over time, the mortals living within this fog begin to call if The Veil. The mist covers from ground level up to around a three thousand feet above sea level, though the exact height does vary somewhat with the terrain below it.

Once a year, the Mist Tree sheds its leaves over the course of a week. The mist thins and the sun becomes harmful again (though much less than normally so still). The leaves possess a powerful magic of their own, and when used in the casting of spells and creation of magical items (particuarly potions), they add a great deal of potency. Harvesting the leaves before they fall of naturally renders them useless.

The Mist Tree provides PP for spawning creature that live fog and mist, particuarly those living within the Veil.

The Veil
Not a defined artifact or location, this is simply the general mortal term for areas covered by mist from the Mist Tree.

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71235715 wrote:
"You propose my Children take the throne from their own Father?  You have Vega's nerve, there is no denying that."


"I did have an opposite, once.  Before you, before this world, before time itself, she and I lived in harmony with one another for a time that lasted beyond the limits of imagining...

You claim I am unbalanced, I have no equal.  This is not true.  As long as I have her in my heart... the remembered touch, the thought that if I turn around fast enough, she will be waiting behind me... that perhaps our game of hide and seek never ended, that my heart would not need to ache quite-"  
He broke off, then continued in a more controlled tone of voice.

"What I mean to say is that for as long as my Vega resides in my heart, I have my balance, Sericea has its balance, and it will last until I can find her again."

 shook his head.  "I do not feel this action you have called for makes any sense, but Eago has told me how the Throne will react.  It is a moot point, but I vote for myself.   As for you, Swift.  I have this to say.   If you seek balance, have a portion of my power.  May it grant you perspective, and perhaps also what you seek."

A golden orb appeared over Altair's hand and he cast it out towards Swift.

1 PP Given to Stargazer for Ascending Mecha's God.

In a Flash of light Glimmer appears within the throne room, In it’s front claw is a Large chunk of moon crystal. Glimmer lands near swift Handing it to him before curling up around him protectively. Swift stands taking the Crystal he empowers it with his own divine power before tossing it into the golden light offered by Altair.

The crystal altering so that resemble A humanoid shape, comprised of countless tiny blue crystals. The entire shape has few details, and its very existence seems to feel out of place, as if it does not belong in the world.

Swift Cocks his head slightly to the side not sure if he managed to achieve his goal or not, surely it was not the form he had chosen but he was summoning a power beyond his understanding into the world so some mistakes would happen. He quickly granted this new god a piece of his own domain of knowledge so that he could be assured that it would be well versed in the world.

“I dub thee Toran for that is the name that the void tells me belongs to you” Swift says in a light voice before pausing.

It was only now that Swift realized he really did not know what this new god was to him. He could call it his child since it had ben born from him and of his very essence. But it did not feel like a child to him, surely it was not a brother. Really swift had nothing else to refer to the new God besides Simple Toran God of Balance or at least he had hoped that was a proper title surely that was his intent. Though he often made mistakes still when making new life.

With that thought Swift sent Glimmer off to scour the earth to make sure that he did not mistakenly bring any other creatures to life when he made the new god. Surely his track record with such was not the best.


1PP +1PP from Altair - Beget Toran God Of balence and Knoledge -formed from a Peice of Crystal that broke off from the golden moon. Though connected to swift by domain there is no other true relation betwean the 2 gods. Toran simple is born of all the oposing forces that exsisted int he world currently, least all the ones Swift was aware of.

Mechs accends

Name of God: Toran
Domains: Balance (Active), Knowledge (Passive)
Appearance: A humanoid shape, comprised of countless tiny blue crystals. The entire shape has few details, and its very existence seems to feel out of place, as if it does not belong in the world. Although the form is genderless, Toran refers to itself as female.
Symbol: An infinity sign, with the left half filled black, and the right half left empty.
Titles: The Arbiter, Toran the Watcher
Opposed Domains: Extremes, Entropy, or perhaps Nothing/Everything.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
Kol'Gar stood in silence by the doorway. He had little to add to the conversation, but he listened, as Altair's decision would ultimately pertain to Order. When the little god Swift Foot called a vote, Kol'Gar did not need to think about his response.

"I vote that Order be uninterrupted. Altair, King of Gods should remain so, and this vote is a waste of time. We should work to uphold the laws and rules of the King of Gods, not seek to upset his power because you disagree with his ruling. It doesn't matter if you agree with it or not, we need to uphold the Divine Order of the Cosmos. There should be no disent, only loyalty."

~Gods in the Hall~

"What foolishness is this to think that children would usurp their father?" Vasa asked.

"If Altair wishes us to take the throne, we shall follow his wish, but not before. Until then, you have our vote of confidence, father," Vion said.

Vasa added, "We entrust this matter to your sound judgment. If neither child will tell you truly, then perhaps what little we know will be enough."

Vion continued, "Balist here has an innate sense for a power that is in the world. It is similar to the power of the gods, but it is as if the world itself wishes to make things so. Anyone who has spent time with him could see this from his actions. From his... outrage, I gather that SwiftFoot has created something similar and, in the process, meddled in affairs that were not his. If I understand this correctly -- and since neither appears willing to speak of it, I do not know that I do -- this is a power that does not stem from the world but rather the mind of the user, although he seems to claim that they are one and the same, or at least in some way related."

"You, father," Vasa said, "are king of the gods, even if they acknowledge you or not. As we rule the world so that we might search for mother, you rule us and all we are. Let it be a decree that this magic energy and this psionic power be forever and irrevocable sundered, let them be an anathema to each other."

"Though Swift is a strange fellow, perhaps that has is only because he has had little interaction with proper gods. I plead mercy for him for now, so that if there is any wrong, let that decree suffice." Vion had his reasons for hoping for mercy.

~Edge of the Woods~

Isam shielded his eyes from the harsh light of the sun as he looked out at the lands beyond the woods. The trees there were hardly as large, nor as thick, but they held offered enough shade that life could still live out there. The area around where his people lived had been picked clean: the edible roots had been dug up, the berries picked, the fruit devoured. But out there, there he could see untouched land.

Sighing to himself, he dashed out into the light. His skin was dark, nearly black, from doing this before. Despite the tan, he could almost feel his sun blistering under the light. He made it under the shade of another tree quickly enough, though, and from there dashed to another, and another, until he found one with a bush within reach. Carefully, his large hands picked the precious orbs and he gathered them in a loose skin. When done, he raced back to the protection of the woods. At least he and his kin wouldn't go hungry tonight.

Altair nodded his thanks to his children and Kol'Gar, then listened to the words that Vasa and Vion spoke regarding the conflict before him.

"Thank you both for your comments.  It is a shame that I did not get the full story from these two here, but I shall make do with what I have heard in rendering a decision."

Swift, by your own admission you have created a force that is similar to Balist's magic, yet, as Vasa describes, distinct in source.  Balist, as this force is simply similar to your own, you have no true claim to it, therefore I cannot say that it has been 'stolen' from you.  As such, I must find favor with Swift and will allow him to keep his new force.

However,  Swift, you can understand how there may be some confusion inherent in having these two similar forces without sufficiently distinct names.  I accept my daughter's reasoning in this.  

I declare"  
The crystals lit and began to hum...  "That from hereonout, the disciplines of Magic and Psionics be sundered from one another.  Let them be distinct."   The crystals flashed, and it was so.

~The Woods~

Although the Sun did not fully permeate the dense foilage of the Wood, that was not to say that here and there patches of the light did not shine through.  And in the intense radiation, some of the animals began to change.  

A new predator, seemingly made of light, stalked the forest floor, searching for prey on silent cat-feet.


A new Edict has been added to the throne... the severance of Psionics and Magic... any god or mortal who tries to blend these two together will go against the Edict.

1 PP:  Spawn Beast:  Light-Touched Tigers - Beasts of stitched-light that stalk the woods.

Balist having completely forgotten his outburst earlier, and not understanding what was all going on yet (some day he will), he pulled a few strings and from it came out a boquet of the flowers he made earlier. The frostshadow rose, and firelight lily while seemingly completely opposite of each other, seemed to thrive in each others company. Absently scratching his head, he walks up to Altair and hands him the boquet. Looking over at Vion, "Papa, I feel I must go now. All is right, yet all isn't right. Maybe brother can help me figure it out." And with that he makes a quick step and disappears from sight.


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I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Altair glowered.

"Enough with this appearing and vanishing without notice.  It is less than dignified."

He waved a hand and a shimmering curtain briefly covered all the walls, although only faintly on the doors.  Within seconds, the curtain faded, but its effects were still there.


0 PP:  As current owner of the demiplane, Altair prevents anyone from coming or going except THROUGH THE DOOR.   Whippersnappers.  *grumpgrumpgrump.*

Vion bowed his head respectfully and motioned to his sister that he wanted to leave. Unfortunately, Altair caught his eye and it was clear that his father wanted... words with him. Reluctantly, he made his way over to the throne.
As Vion approached, a shimmering curtain of light sprang from Altair and surrounded the two of them and much of the dais, such that those without could not see or hear what happened inside.

Within the shroud

Altair rose from the throne and walked down to stand before his son.

"Vion, I take it you took your Mother's eggs from my pocket.  I have two questions for you.  The first is why you would do such a thing... taking one of the last links that I have with my wife away from me.  The second is if you have used both eggs, and if both have produced Gods.  I met another that had some of the features of Vega not long ago, but she swore she was unrelated."

Within the Shroud
Vion looked at his father, squinting, for a moment as he tried to determine what to say. Part of him wanted to appologize, but part of him, the part that felt the pain in his hand from where his father had burned him, argued for defiance. "You were always hiding them, and I was curious. I had planned on only sneaking a peek, but I could feel that mother had made them. She left three eggs behind, and she left three members of her family. That does not seem to be a cooindicence. We miss mother as well; why did you hide this link to her from us?"

"And yes, unfortunately I did use both eggs. I had thought that sister was in danger. Both produced gods, although the other... there is something wrong with it, I fear. Although there was danger around and I wanted to protect it, it tried to flee. As soon as I let it go, it vanished. I am afraid it is too simple of a creature to survive on its own, but it is too stubborn to accept aid."

The Black Lord paused for a moment as he hoped that he might appease his father. "I believe I have information about what happened with mother, however."
within the shroud

"BECAUSE THEY WERE MINE!"  The god roared, causing the shroud to fluxuate under the pressure.

The shroud rippled as if blowing in fierce wind.
within the shroud

 "The LAST links I had to her, and you took and LOST them because of your insatiable, infuriating CURIOUSITY."   Altair turned away, arms folded across his chest.

Vion waited, and just as he opened his mouth to speak, Altair continued in a softer tone.

"You share that with her, you know.  Curiousity, trying to find out what was hidden under every rock, in every nook.  You should have just asked, but I cannot fault you for that.

No, the true reason I am upset is because what I just told Swift was a lie.  I do not have peace, for my memories of your mother are sliding away.  I cannot for the life of me remember the color of her eyes, Vion.  Her Eyes.  Do you remember?  Were they blue?  I think they were."

He turned back around.

"I do forgive you.  Let us speak of these other matters.  What you say about this other explains much... it hid underneath a cloak for a very long time until I was able to convince her to emerge from it... and her words seemed... slippery.

And what information do you have?
Within the Shroud

Vion looked apologetic, though his feeling of defiance prevented him from putting it into words. "Mother's eyes? I... they were the color of happiness. The plants down there, on the world, I tried to make them the color of mother's eyes. It didn't work, of course. For whatever reason, when the world was created, the color of her eyes wasn't included in it. But," he paused. "At least you actually remember mother. I think... I think my memories are fake. As if someone put them there. But, they feel real, and if I believe them to be so, is that good enough?"

He shook his head, dispelling his doubts. "Yes. The darkness  that you had attacked earlier, I found it. Its name is Desha and it told me more than it realized. It said that gods cannot control time and that he was from a different... place in time. Not the future, not the past, but a different now. I am not sure what he meant, but if he thinks that time is a constant force, then he must have been created after mother went missing. I think that he was created to be a distraction. I think someone who understands time made him that way, this  those memories and thoughts. And, if someone did that, then I believe that this individual must also have mother, to take her darkness from her and put it into this vessel along with its created memories."
Within the Shroud

Altair considered his son's words.

"Thank you for following up on that for me.  The thought that someone might have actually taken Vega is... troubling, to say the least.  We will have to keep our eyes and ears open for more clues.  I refuse to give up on her."

 turned and ascended up to the Throne and sat in it.

The shroud dissolved.

"Thank you again for bringing this to my attention, Vion."  Altair said.  

Swift stares at the gem figure for a while as altair and his sons talk, having already forgotten why he created it that bit on knowledge lost to his dream like memories. Swift pokes at it and examines it for a while. He could tel that it had life within it and he could see the powers of balance and knowledge connected to it through faint nearly invisible line within the fabric of reality. Swift for the life of him could not figure out what he did wrong, he was sure there was something he must be forgetting about creating life.

With the insatiable curiosity in mind swift suddenly ran to Altai and gave him a Quick Bear hug though swift could barely reach around altairs wast to do so Altair non the less felt a strength from the little creatures arms that one would not expect of suck a small frail looking thing.

Then with a deep bow that again caused swifts hood to flop over his head he turned and started to skip out the door calling a thanks to his father for settling the dispute, though for the life of him he really couldn’t recall why there was such a dispute; Swift thought to himself he really must work on his memory problem, though this thought was pushed aside by his curiosity and out the door he began to skip.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
As Altair spoke with Vion, Kol'Gar wandered the Hall of the King of Gods. He saw the grotesques that adorned the walls and balcony ledges, and pondered about being made in their image. It dawned on him that these statues which decorated the Hall could be used to increase the overall efficiency of the pantheon. He passed by each grotesque in the Hall, and as he passed them by he defaced them. Literally. Kol'Gar reshaped each face to be blank, possessing no eyes, ears, or mouths. As he shaped each one he charged them with divine energies. The satues animated but only for a moment, for they had no instructions and with no free will they simply returned to an immobile position on their perches. When he was finished he waited for the shroud of secrecy to lower before unveiling his creations.

"Behold!" He announced. "The figures that adorn these halls are now animate constructs. They will always obey the King of Gods to the letter, for they have no will of their own. They can act as servents, messengers, and labourers, allowing divine attentions to be diverted towards more important tasks. I call them 'marut'."

3pp Forge: Marut are sort of a cross between artifacts and exarchs. They are not truely sentient, but the orders they recieve can be very complex (the VIs from Mass Effect are comperable). Marut can provide Harm pp for use against unlawful or oathbreaking mortals, but are not powerful enough to pose a direct threat to a diety. At the moment marut resemble faceless humanoids of various shapes and sizes carved out of black stone. They lack the bronze armour that the marut from the Monster Manual wear because metal armour hasn't been invented yet.
The Hall of the King of the Gods

The crystal figure that Swift had crafted began to move, animated by the essence of knowledge and balance. However, Swift had made a dire miscalculation-- the reulting god was so balanced, it was imbalanced. Before its conciousness could recognize what was happening, the young god's essence destabalized, dissolving into the fabric of the world, inactive but theoretically salvageable.

But this was not the full extent of the knowledge god's mistake, for the gods in the Hall could hear the sound of an orchestra. At first, the music was very faint, as though it was struggling to reach them from across several worlds. But gradually, ever so gradually, one sound began to assert itself over the others; a single flute, seemingly growing ever closer to the Hall. After several minutes, the door flew open, and in walked Jyezmurd, god of revelry and love.

Now a chubby figure, robed in vines, playing the flute and apparently intoxicated, stood before the Throne of the King of the Gods. He continued to produce music the likes of which the world had not yet known for a few seconds, until the door slammed behind him and he realized that he wasn't... wherever he was before. After taking a moment to take stock of his surroundings, he addressed the bright being sitting on the glorified chair and asked, "Who are you, where are we, and why am I here and not at the party?" 
Like a blister slowly filling with pus, the strange warping anomaly was growing larger and more distended. And like a slowly growing blister, it seemed, with alarming rapidity, to be approaching bursting point. And, theoretically, the world would be showered with torrents of hypothetical reality-pus. But what can bursting out of the reality-blister was not pus. It wasn't even liquid. There was a great tearing sound as the air, perhaps even the fabric of time itself, seemed rent apart and deposited its burdensome cargo.

It was a city. One the like of which the world had never seen. But it would see. As time played its little game, rushing ever onwards, it would rush towards this city. It would rush afterwards as well, as Time is wont to do. But the fact was, this city was both coming. And it was already here.

The fact that it was a city was the first clue that something was amiss. As far as anyone was concerned, cities did not merely appear out of nowhere, even out of distended reality-bubbles. The second clue was simply the incredibly advanced nature of the thing. Nothing had ever before been seen in the world, at least, nothing so obviously wrought by mortal hands. And yet, how could it have been? What mortal could have had the power to erect such a thing? What mortal had the resources, the time, the knowledge?

It was an ingenious thing, truly. The whole thing gleamed in the beating sun, sitting in a sort of valley. Neat little rows of houses formed the outskirts up on the steep hills that flanked the city proper, with tidy arrangements of roads leading down to the heart of the city where the buildings became steadily taller and more densely packed. The result was a city that sat in a dip in the land, metallic buildings lining the edges of the valley. A track ran through the city, raised on stilts. What exactly it was supposed to carry was a mystery, however, for the track was empty. The whole city, in fact, was empty.

Yes, that was the most peculiar aspect of the city. It was as though it had been plucked wholesale from somewhere and plopped into the present. But all the people, it's makers, its inhabitants, all were conspicuously absent, with no indication of where they might have gone. Without caretakers, the city may fall into disrepair. Rust would creep its reddish fingers over the metal city, and the whole thing might have fallen to dust. But there was a clicking from the centre of the city. Something was happening, something was moving. Was it the old inhabitants returned? Was it some other, unknown visitor? The truth was, the city was not entirely empty. It awaited only the proper moment. But what might that moment be?

2 PP +1 PP (Stored) Forge - The City of Constantine is plucked from the future and placed upon the surface of the world, empty. It is a metallic city, with tracks running through it for some uknown purpose. For now the city is empty, but it awaits inhabitants. The city is still littered with evidence of its previous inhabitants, which provides 1 PP in Command actions to cause a populace to adopt practices or learn skills that the previous inhabitants have left evidence about.

 2 PP Stored for a Shape Action.
As soon as Altair had finished talking with Vion, he pulled his sister along with him as he left the hall. As they left they saw a strange figure wrapped in vine approach the planar portal. Vasa paused for a moment but her brother urged her on. Reluctantly, they left the area and traveled west, to the end of the continent and beyond, to where the Allspark floated in the air.

"Did you want something?" Vasa asked her brother, eyes cold.

Vion shuffled his feet in embaressment. "I am sorry," he said simply.

"I don't know what might have been, but I thought you were dead. Given what I thought at the time, I do not see how I could have done otherwise."

Vasa gave a forced smile and nodded. She was not pleased, but it was hard to stay angry at her brother. "Perhaps," she offered, "if we hadn't been separated..."

The Black Lord nodded and smiled back. "Without you, I don't think straight."

That helped bring a bit of warmth back to Vasa's face. "Well, perhaps, then, the solution is  to ensure that we don't get separated again."

"But what if we try to find Althas again? Any extended search has that possibility."

The White Lady turned towards the Allsoul. "Our creatures have the potential to find what we want for us, but it is impraticle to go interview them individually. Perhaps we should centralize, make them come to us."

That seemed like a decent plan to both of them and so they began their work. First, they summoned up an appropriate place upon which to base their plans. Below the waves, where even Altair's sun did not shine, the earth yearned to obey their command. It groaned, and buckled, and broke free, rising from the ocean floor, casting aside the waters, and reaching up to where they floated, and the very tip of the land touched the Allsoul itself.

It would be pointless to call souls to them yet, however, as there were still so few in the world. Thus next they worked on the Allsoul, infusing it with power, tieing it closer to their creations, and through it causing the Ancients to thrive and grow.

They paused, tired but not yet finished.


1PP Mold land: The Lonely Island. This is an island in the large sea between the two main continents. The Allsoul is now at its peak.
3PP Alter Aritfact: The Allsoul increases in power and is in some way tied to the ancients. In addition to its previous power, it now also grants 1PP per week to nourishes that affect certain races and causes them to increase in number (the nourish can increase birthrates, for example, but it can't create iron deposits). Any god can use this PP, however it can only be used on the Ancients and any race that was altered from them (or, altered from one of those, or so on). Thus, dragons are unfortunately excluded, but if Hobbits were made from the ancients, then the hobbits could so receive the nourish.

4PP -  Altair, Althas, Balist, Desha, Eago, Izuru,  Jyezmurd, Kol'Gar, Kyoaag N'gaas, Swift Foot, Vasa&Vion

All PP producing Artifacts (and Exarchs, if there were any) are reset. 
Exhausted from his labors, and paying more attention to the mortals he was watching, Izuru failed to note the energy silently leaking until it had gained it's own sentience. Spinning at the sudden odd sensation of being watched, he was witness to a new god arriving in the world.

PP Expenditures
1 PP + 1 PP (Stored) - Beget God - Zel Sens


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Cookie Collection
71235715 wrote:
Altair looked at the rotund figure before him and burst out laughing, glancing over at Kol'Gar to see if the other God remaining found this quite as amusing as he did.  After half a minute or so, he finally regained his composure.

"I'm sorry.  I do believe that Swift had something else in mind... but... but you are certainly not that.   I am Altair, King of Gods, and I welcome you to my Hall.  Here is my Captain, Kol'Gar.   And I was unaware of a party, good sir.  Perhaps it is up to you to start one?  We avoided bloodshed today, that is as good a reason for a party as I can think of."

Jyezmurd seemed puzzled for a moment. "But that doesn't explain where the..." he began. However, before he could finish asking where the other party was and how he got here, one word the shiny guy had said caught his attention. King. The Reveler thought, I am in the presence of a royal, and he's asking me to throw him a party! This is it, Jyezmurd! This is my shot at the big leagues! Quickly regaining his composure he bowed respectfully and adressed the King of the Gods, "Sir, while I would love to throw you a party, I don't have anything I need to do so. I can't just pull a party out of thin air. Welll," he corrected himself, "not one fit for someone in your position, anyway. I need to know the occasion, the theme, who's going to be coming, and, most importantly, what supplies we have here and what I'll need to get." Jyezmurd began to take a more thorough look at the Hall and said, "So, while I look around here, why don't you tell me more about the kind of party you want?"

After a few minutes of searching, the god of love looked, disappointed, at the King. "This has got to be the lamest throne room I have ever seen," he said. "Where's all the alchohol? The music? The dancing girls? Man, your highness, you really need my help." Turning his attention back to the Hall, he mumbled, "Let's see about some music. Now, where did I put that..." Jyezmurd felt around his robes for several seconds before saying "A-ha!" and producing a silver baton. He placed it in his right hand, flicked it around in the air, muttered "A-one, a-two, a-one, two, skiddly doo!" Suddenly, a host of instruments, silver as the baton, appeared within the Hall, playing harmonies so sweet, that the air in the Hall began to get teary-eyed, and the hearts of the stones were moved by their smooth tones. Satisfied that the party would have decent music, the Reveler whispered "Dismissed," and the instruments vanished as suddenly as they had appeared. Returning his attention to Altair, "So, yeah, about those details..."

8 PP
-3 PP Forge (Greater): Baton of the Silver Chorus, summons instruments of varying descriptions whose songs move the hearts of men, beasts, and inanimate objects. Provides Command PP for the purpose of causing emotional responses.
5 PP Remain

Swift Paused at the door as the strange new god wondered in, he somehow knew this was again one of his mistakes. With a Sigh swift continued out the door

Once outside swift though to himself “I have got to change my luck with things upon this world; First I will need a place to study a place that will collect the knowledge’s of the world for me and help me learn. Oviously there would be more there then any 1 person could hope to learn but perhaps with this I could remember could have a place to help retain the information of the world and prevent me from forgetting.

With that swift remembered the unfinished library high in the sky, this would do nicely he though; as such swift immediately went to work completing his great library.

With in The shimmering Plane

With the new city completed and the Kobolds growing well Glimmer decided that it was time to teach them to craft on there own as was proper of a intelligent race after all using psionics all the time would make them lazy. As such she began teaching various kobolds the delicate art of crafting tools and buildings with there hands, at first they would only know the basics but the hard work combined with there psionics would allow them to go far.


3PP Forge (Greater) - Swift foot creates the Great library, The great library contained everything that ever happens or has happened in the world, However because the library is detailed all the way to the happening of insects it is nearly impossible to find any specific event. Further only deific beings connected to the Knowledge domain may use the Great library.
Effect: Generates 1 PP for a Specific action type based on the day SEE RULES for further info

Sunday - Craft (Minor) - Avatar.
Monday - Alter
Tuesday - Forge
Wednesday - Beget
Thursday - Mold
Friday - Shape
Saturday - Spawn - may be gained repeatedly not more then once per weak

Only 1 god may benefit from the library per week
Except on Saturday; You must have the Knowledge Domain to benefit from the library
Expect on Saturday You may gain a bonus pp for the same action twice During the course of this game.
The library may only be used once per week, this means that once any god has used it no other god may use it till the following reset.
Except Sunday All actions must be completely paid for when using the Library
If you are performing a action that matches the library actions for the day of that post, AND a god who possesses the knowledge domain spends at least one of there own PP to help you with the action. Then you may use the library  for the specific action that you were helped with.

Glimmer commanded the Kobolds to learn the art of making and using basic tools, they may now craft simple constructions and building as well as make and use hammers and other tools. They are adept at mixing this with psionic building techniques to make advanced structures otherwise beyond them.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
"Erm... yes.  The occasion is the birth of the world... we should celebrate that, after all.  Invited... All of us.  Invite every God you can find.  As for supplies..."  Altair grinned.   "We are Gods.  We have limitless supplies.   However, we should not hold it here... here is-"  He broke off, feeling something strange coming from outside the Hall.

"Excuse me."  He said, walking down the dais and out the doors, vanishing moments later to reappear above a truly bizarre city.

"Eago.  What am I looking at?"   he said quietly, knowing that his servant would hear him. 
~Lonely Island~

On steady foot the twins climbed down the barren mountain that they had raised from the seafloor. Their divine power still sparkled in the mud which, in the heat of the sun, was drying into hard and sharp stones. Off in the distance they could see with their god-eyes the hazy line of land that was the continent, but that aside, this place was isolated. Not a critter crawled on the slopes, and what sea-plants remained on its surface were burnt and would be blown away at the slightest wind.

Hand in hand, the two gods breathed deeply and the air smelled fresh, as if the sea had scrubbed it. When they reached the water's edge, the twins turned back to the mountain and bent the world around them as they walked into it. A cavern opened up, seemingly occupying the inside of the mountain, but it was larger and existed in another world. The floor seemed to be gravel, which gave way to dirt, but that turned grey and became wisps of mist as they walked further in. Every moment or so they would stop and pillars would rise up from the hazy floor. These would surge towards the unseen ceiling and eventually fade into the darkness above. These were strange things, smooth to the touch yet, like the floor, seemed to be made of naught but fog. As the Twins looked in each, it showed them a memory of their past. The entire place was illuminated by a faint glow that seemed to come from no place in particular, although the mists themselves were perhaps the source.

After a lengthy stroll they came to the center of the cavern. Directly above them, in a different world, the Allsoul glistened. From the floor two thrones coalesced, one of obsidian, the other of white ash. The twins climbed the steps to them and sat down. Soon, the first soul entered their realm and stood before them. Then, another came, and another, and soon a great line was forming. Vasa fixed the first with her eyes and asked it to tell them about its life.

Meanwhile, a spark of what might eventually become a life fluttered down from far above, from the Allsoul, and it whispered to Vion its hopes and dreams for its life ahead.


2PP Craft Minor: Sha'a, the Hall of Judgment. Here the Twins sit and interview the souls of the dead (and talk to souls that are about to be born). This is not the afterlife, although when/if an afterlife is created, this would be the first stop on the way there. The entrance to Sha'a is on the lonely island and requires no great amount of magic or other powers to enter. However, the portal only opens at twilight, either when night falls or dawn breaks. There are, technically, two entrances to this plane, but the first (at the tip of the mountain, where the Allsoul is) is designed in such a way that only potential souls that have no yet entered a body can use it (it is barred to all others). The main entrance appears to be a cave in the side of the mountain. These are the only two entrances and exists. Even gods have to come and go through the front door.
1PP Command: Souls. When one dies, their soul must  travel to Sha'a to be interviewed by Vasa and Vion. Similarly, when a new soul is to enter the world, it first travels to Sha'a to talk with the gods about its life to come, although once born, people (usually) have no memory of this. Due to the nature of Sha'a (and the portal connecting it to the real world), births are more likely to occur at nightfall (when new souls are able to leave Sha'a) and deaths are more likely to occur at dawn (when the souls of the dead will be able to make a direct trip to the hall of judgment). This isn't to say that births and deaths ONLY happen then, just that a statistically significant number of them do.

1PP remaining
A little soul whispered in Vion's ear.

"I'd like to be born soon.  I'm excited!"

~Formian Den~

A strange being of clockwork and tubing was waiting in the tunnel as the Formians came back towards the Hive.  It seemed... indistinct. 
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