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Somewhere in the barren world

He had forgotten what the world outside of The Wood was really like. Amidst all that green, all that life, the barrenness of the world had seemed a distant dream. He had been but a babe when he had been here last after all, growing The Wood at a young age and growing Strong inside it. No, still simply strong... he was still in his early teens. He had a while to grow yet. He hoped that facing his enemy and slaying him in the hunt would make him grow Strong at last. Hunting a god... he liked the idea of it. The mere thought of the danger, the challenge involved sent shivers down his spine.

This world was just so desolate though... so empty. So broken. The sun shone down overhead with a wrath that would kill almost anything from The Wood. The ultraviolet radiation frying any mammal that could possibly live in it. Even his scaled behemoths would likely suffer. Though their scales would protect them to an extent, their life span would likely be halved in such harshness. He wondered if there were creature's out here who died far far quicker than they should, yet never knew for having experienced the tranquility and shelter of his home? The thought was rather depressing...

He nodded with resolves, seeking his walking and plonking down onto the cracked earth. He would make a creature that could live in this harshness. Something... far, far different to what he made in The Wood. The Wood was a wonderful place, but if he brought what he knew from it to this world of dryness and bareness... he would fail. He needed to make something of harshness, of the wastes, not something of fetility and beauty.

Idly, he turned his head to look behind him... sighing a little. It seemed The Woods were completely out of sight now... the thought was... odd. He was sad, but at the same time, the idea of moving forward and seeing the rest of the world and finding his enemy was exciting. He felt like someone leaving home for the first time to make their own way in the world. Which was fitting, as that was exactly what he was.

Wait, what was that?? Looking up overhead, Althas' jaw dropped as he saw what seemed like... some sort of flying thing made all of crystal! A flying thing? He'd never even imagined something that took to the air like that! Flying high and free in the sky, hunting everything beneath it... such a thing was impossible in the cramped confines of The Wood. But here... this was perfect. He would make something to rule the skies, and be the ultimate hunter of the wastes, as his wolves were of The Woods!

But... simply making another beast didn't seem right. These things would be the rightful rulers of The World, the apex predator. It should be intelligent, like he was... so that it could exert its power and authority over those it held sway. Which would in turn be everything... and unlike that shiny flying thing, it should be of flesh, with scales tough enough to survive the sun. And it should breathe fire! No wait, ice. No, acid! Acid! Maybe poison? Ooooo, maybe he should make it shoot lightning out of its mouth! Why not all of them? ...no that would be silly. One of each? That made more sense!

Let's see... placing his hands upon the earth, Althas closed his eyes and concentrated deeply. Soon, in five directions around him, shards of earth shot out of the ground. Was was red with head, one blue with cold, one crackled with lightning, one hissed with acid, and one let out poisonous steam that billowed around it like a cloud.

Let's see... the should be big. REAL big. Bigger than anything else in The World. At his thoughts, the shards shuddered and cracked. And they should have... claws. Big, sharp claws, perfect for hunting. At his thoughts, a single clawed, scaled arm shatterd out of their earthly prisons. And wings! Huge, billowing winds to carry them into the sky. At his thoughts, wings shot out of the earthen shards, fearful, tyrannical wings. And teeth! With serpentine necks, and eyes that looked like a lizards, and... that thing had been called a Crystal Dragon if he read its essence right. So these would not be made of crystal... they would be TRUE Dragons!

At his thoughts, the earthen shards shattered, and soon enough, all manner of dragon were standing about him... huge, scaled, devestating dragons. Red, with temper as firey as it's devestating breath. White, smallest of their kind, yet with the stubborness and tenacity of the ice it breathed. Blue, who prided themselves on being as swift and devesatating as the lightning they unleashed. Black, a lurking predator as subtly as insidious as their acidic maws. And finally Green, savage and as unrelenting as their poison when it reached your lungs.

Opening his eyes, and looking up at his work, Althas beamed with pride. Finally, The World would have predators worthy of it! Strong, powerful, cunning, the strongest and greatest beings to ever walk its earth bar the gods themselves!

However, the Dragons were by nature solitary creatures for the most part... by necessity. If they were to hunt in packs, the world itself would be stripped bare, no prey being able to escape their maws. And so they took flight, screaming with voices as raw and deep as The World itself they were forged from.

"Wait!" Althas called to one, the blue who prided itself on strength and swiftness. But the blue did not hear him... perhaps they could not comprehend a god? And so Althas made for himself an avatar, before repeating his query.

Halting in its take off, it craned it's serpentine head, glaring at the godling. "What is it, my god? You may have created us, but I long for the hunt, and you hold little sway over me."

"I would not wish to hold sway over you, for you were made to rule this world as it's top predator. Holding myself above you as a fellow hunter would be the opposite of my intent," he told the dragon. "However... I would like to ask a favor of you."

The dragon frowned thoughtfull... before nodding. "Alright, I shall give you your favor. But in return... you must make something for all of dragonkind. To be a predator is one thing, but there is no pride in the matter! Nothing to show for our efforts! Surely we can debate amongst ourselves who has the most kills, or who has eaten the largest creature, but we dragons eat our prey down to the bones. We have no proof, it is as futile as speaking over who has had the most couplings, or flown the highest... there is no way to compare our efforts when falsehoods can be used so easily. So I propose something... beautiful. Something we can lie upon comfortably, and cry to our fellows 'this is the proof of my exploits!' Do you understand, young one?"

Althas frowned... that was an odd subject to him. Would he desire to outdo any other Althas' out there if there was more than one? To keep trophies of his kills to show the other hunters and go 'this is proof of my success?' ...yes, he would. He desired to be Strong, but that was not all. He desired to be STRONGEST. He wanted to be the Strongest of the hunters, of the gods. Surely, he didn't want to be the most powerful. Strength and power were two very different things. But he wished to show off his Strength, to bring Strength to his creations, show them to his parents and Grandfather, and go 'this is Strong. This is the proof of my success.'

"Very well," Althas told the dragon, growing slightly at this self-revelation. "I shall make something that you can horde, so you can compare your hordes to other dragons to see which is the superior predator, the superior dragon. Will this do?" Althas asked, reaching down and picking up some earth. Concentration, he made it hard, and shiny... a bright yellow hue that glinted in the light.

The dragons eyes widened, then glinted.
"Yes, that would do nicely. You are a god of your word, young Althas. Now what would you ask of me?"

Concentrating, Althas scattered the gold throughout the world, before turning back to the dragon. "Well..."


He was strong, but he could not fly. Once he got to the edge of the world, he would not have been able to pass beyond. To go towards his Enemy. But with a dragon to ride beyond the edge of creation, and to what lay beyond... he could. As he flew his mount... no, his comrade, through the darkness at the edge of creation, things became... more and more wrong. Time seemed to hiccup. Space seemed to congeal. And it seemed almost impossible to go forward.

"ENEMY!" Althas cried. "I seek you! Show yourself, so I might know your face and your name!"

PP Expenditure

3PP Shape Populace - Althas forms Chromatic Dragons.
2PP Forge - Make an avatar.
0PP Cantrip - Althas makes some gold. It's not wide spread yet, but he has sworn he will make it so.

The presence that Vion felt moved closer but then fled back the way it had come. The Black Lord barely had time to turn to see a shadow darker than anything else dart into a cave. No, he deduced, that wouldn't be Althas. His son wouldn't run away from anything. Part of him was curious to see what divine being would live here, but if this was not Althas, then he should instead backtrack to find Vasa.

There was a surge of power, however, and even as the god began to leave this area he found what he was looking for. Vasa lay on the ground before him, still, her light gone. Vion fell down next to her and wept.

~Elsewhere in the Woods~

Vasa, still very much alive, had finally noted that Vion was not with her and she had made a search for him, but to no avail. Where ever he was, he was not where her light reached. She was about to search through the Woods for him when Borte found her. This, unfortunately, was the perfect opportunity for her to find out about her son. She questioned the godbeast and, reluctantly, it responded. Not with the images that he used for Althas, that was too personal for Vasa. Rather, he chose to speak.

"He hunts," the wolf growled, his voice echoing in the goddess' head.

"Yes, but where?"

"He hunts the unthing that defiles the world, he has left the woods and will leave the world if he must."
Vasa's eyes snapped open. She grabbed Vion. Her nails dug into his shoulders. He didn't say anything about it though because of the terror that was in her eyes. "Don't let him take me away, Vion!" screamed Vasa. Without warning she was surrounded by orange light and dragged into the ground. No. Not dragged into, she was phased through the ground like she was a ghost.
--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
The pair had been trudging along a forest path, the light floor dappled with points of light arcing down from holes in the canopy. Animals avoided these lances as though they meant death. Which, of course, they did. The trees were young here, clean, with little of their bark stripped away. Their wide, almost leathery leaves guarded against the harsh glare of sunlight. Still, some light managed to filter down. The pair trudged along, meeting little in their progress. The cool sense of purpose that drove their steady walk was like an aura, driving away all who would impose. Soon, the view opened up. The youthful trees gave way to hard rocks, glittering in the sunlight. The pair could hear the distant rush of water.

The area was bathed in light, for nothing stood to block the sun's rays. The area was mostly flat and open, with one notable feature marking the landscape. In the glare from the rocks, it was hard to see at first, but as they approached, they saw it. It was a Throne, simple as that. It seemed carved, grown even, from sun-bleached wood. The Chair shone in the light, a grey, faintly blue colour, and chains of what appeared to be quartz crystals hung from it. The Throne was tall, straight-backed and elegant, with curving, sweeping lines reaching up towards the sky. A soft blue length of fabric was draped almost lazily across the seat, hooked onto one of the lengths of wood jutting sharply towards the heavens. It was a simple seat, but it meant power, it meant controlled elegance and majesty. It was the Seat of a God.

"Behold, the Throne of Sericea, a Throne fit for a God."

3 PP - Forge Artifact - The Throne of Sericea - This is in addition to the PP spent last week. The goal of the Artifact is to establish a sort of "King of the Gods". The Throne has certain powers to back this up, but obviously this should largely be a roleplayed scenario. As a matter of conflict of interest or whatever, I have expressly worked into the mechanics of the Throne that Eago cannot become "King of the Gods" himself, as a sort of peace offering if you will.

Firstly, the Throne provides the Kind of Gods with 1 Command PP per week that must be used to increase the cost of Command actions that are in opposition to his/her already set-down edicts. This works much like the Sky-Way River from AR. The main difference being that the King God must state in advance what constitutes a violation of his/her edicts.

Secondly, the Throne provides 1 Forge PP with the intention of upgrading the artifact itself. The specific function of the artifact is to upgrade the artifact itself, but even more specifically, this PP can only be used in one of two ways. To increase the amount of PP the first function prohibits by one (this can be of any action the King decides). To increase the artifact's combat rating by one. 

Finally, the King may be ousted in various ways, and in fact it is encouraged to change the King to avoid stagnation. Firstly, the King may be removed via a vote by the majority of the gods. Eago, who acts as a sort of Keeper of the Throne and cannot hold the Throne itself, is then required to take the Throne and give it to the newly elected King. In this case, the current King cannot interfere. Secondly, the King may be removed by a coup-d'etat. If a god or group of gods bests the current King in combat, the winner may claim the Throne for themself.
He was just forming layers of molten rubber, oil, and plastic underneath the doomstone continents when he heard the other god's cry.

"Ah. A visitor."

The planet of flesh and eyes ascended through the grey ocean sky, emerging through the odd waters into creation once more, noting the boy on the flying reptile.

"I presume it is you, who have called me?" The voice burned like bubbling pitch, "You have summoned Kyoaag N'Gaas. Speak your words." 
This was his Enemy? It was... massive! It was horrible... it was like it was the very evil twin of The World rather than himself. It would... be a truly marvelous hunt! However... he should at least attempt to interact with the thing before seeking to hunt it. He felt in his bones that this was his enemy, but... far better to be sure than to slay an innocent creature he had no intent of devouring.

"It seems you have no face to get to know," Althas quipped. "However, I have far more pressing concerns than your lack of facial features. Are you my Enemy, the one of Weakness who has created abberant things to send to The World that make her cry out in pain and suffering whervever they may tread? If so, then... why?"
His eyes wandered, and retained focus, "Ah, something has afflicted your lands, my dear deity? Or rather, you presme it an affliction. Let me see....hm. The only thing I have sent to the distant world was in the hands of..." His words trail off and His eyes burn with a lurid light over the young god, black pits seeming to scent air that wasn't there, "Your...grandfather's hands. A device to speak with me. He and I have pact, and so communication is a necessity. Should he decide to....alter the deal."

Many of His eyes roll about, seeming to have lost control, "Perhaps you have not searched every inch of your forest."
His Enemy was... oddly aloof. Feigning innocence, or perhaps they truly WERE innocent? He knew not... but he could feel SOMETHING about this monstrosity. Something that made him feel like they were two sides of the same... no, not two sides of the same coin, that would suggest they could coexist. That they could feed from eachother and grow stronger. This was more like... fire and water. Except that wasn't true either... perhaps two worlds. One where down is up, the other where up is up. They couldn't coexist, or get along, it was against their nature.

"You know my Grandfather?" Althas had to ask in surprise. "What is my Grandfather doing consorting with one who is the very antithesis of The World he helped make? As for The Woods... I do not know what has happened there since I left, but last I checked it the only thing unnatural in there were The Weak, creatures who look as unnatural as yourself."
Altair walked up to the Throne and examined it from all angles, pacing slowly around it and admiring the fine craftsmanship of the carving that had left the wood intact but fashioned it into a thing of beauty.

"It seems a bit... out of place, do you not think?  It should be in a place fit for a King!"

Power shone from behind Altair's mask and seeped through the seams of his gloves as he raised his hands and began to gesture with large strokes around the Throne and into the clearing.  A large hall began to take shape.  The roof was of two levels, a central span nearly a hundred feet in height and two lesser spans to its right and left of about fifty feet in height, all made with travertine that seemed to nearly glow an ochre color.  There were six doors, Two large ones in the center and two smaller on either side.  The smaller doors were made of a dark maple wood, plain aside from ornate brass handles.  The larger doors, reaching at least fifty feet in height, were made of solid bronze.  On each, a brilliant sunburst created from inlaid shards of crystal glimmered in the sunlight.

The side spans ran roughly 250 feet from door to wall, and roughly fifty feet from the obsidian columns banded in sapphires, rubies, pearls and other precious stones to the outer walls, which was accented every ten feet or so by a small window of stained glass in the shape of a sunburst.

The central span ran for 300 feet, ending in a curved half-circle that jutted out from the rest of the building by about 50 feet.  It too was roughtly 50 feet wide.  The half-circle raised itself up on several steps until it was about thirty feet above the floor.  A hole in the ceiling directly above the Throne shone a brilliant column of light onto the Throne itself while dozens of smaller holes in the ceiling angled light down past the Throne to a series of hidden mirrors in the wall behind it, throwing blinding light into the eyes of any who wished to speak to the King of the Gods while he was on the chair.  Finally, a mosaic of a sunburst dominated the wall between where the mirrors were hidden and the ceiling.

Altair looked over at Eago.

"Better.  I assume you are giving it to me?  If not..."
  He glanced around at all the sunbursts.  "This might be awkward." 


2 PP:  Create Demiplane:  The Hall of the King of the Gods.  It is a throne room for the, erm... Throne.  I abdicate all claim to this plane and give it to the "King of the Gods"... which is, I guess, for the moment, me.  But it will pass *from* me if I am ousted.  (so yes, this is a god-interchangeable home base)

"I had not realized you were so young! Such charm! Such bravery in the face of this hideous guise!" His voice erupted, grinding like stones, "Yes, I know your grandfather. He and I made a deal. You see, he wishes to see your...eh....grandmother. So, he has commissioned me to tear through reality, unravel creation, and eventually find your grandmother. He wants to destroy everything. My goals align with his. I want release. I want to find an end to an endless life. Or at least, find new experiences. I've been living the same life for many times, you see."

There was a great sigh.

"As for this, 'weakness'. There are many gods. We may seem powerful. We may seem few. We may seem unique. But what you must understand, is that gods are made and killed all the time, young one. We are like any mortal, in the end. We live, and we die. I have lived a long time. I have seen, with my own eyes the mightiest fall. Their names are lost to me now, my mind is dulled with the time spent in this new breath. But do not trust your divinity too strongly. Everything that moves eventually grows still."

His eyes burned, but their glow quickly dissipated. 

"I am the one who made this 'weakness', as you call it."
The eyes appeared almost thoughtful for a moment, "I feel a kinship with you. Maybe...maybe I was like you once. A lie to you feels...poor. I made them to spread action, young god. I am inciting movement among all gods. I want events unfolding. I desire to observe these events, mold them. Hopefully peace will be found for me this way. Perhaps creation will find an end with my endeavors."

"It's not always a forest. The first place of life is beset on all sides by the interests of many gods. They flay and shape and spawn their will within its borders." His eyes wandered.

"I am evil. I am the burning hatred of ages. I harbor no mercy for mortal or god!" He roared, "However, I will concede this mask to you. It isn't sporting otherwise."

Unravel creation? His Grandmother? "Madness, on both your part and his," Althas told the monstrosity plainly, shaking his head. "What was before was nothing. If my Grandmother was gone before The World was made, then she never existed to begin with. I was created with The World, to be her first true creature. The first to see the truth that what came before was nothing, and that everything began when The World was first formed. Did the void sing? Did it breathe? Did it live? Will it continue when it's dead? Though... I admit that you at least see this," Althas shrugged. "You seek a release from an endless life rather than bringing back what never existed. You may be my antithesis, but you are not mad. My Grandfather on the other hand..." What a disturbing thought. His Grandfather pined for what did not exist and never had, and would unravel creation to do so? When he thought of his Grandfather, he remembered a bright being of love and laughter... the one who had given him his bow, so that he might grow strong. But... in truth he harbored such thoughts deep within him? He was a being of light, but had dark madness within him... tears stung Althas' eyes. It seemed one day, he might have to Hunt his own Grandfather.

It seemed his Enemy truly was his twin... despite knowing he was wicked, deprived, and weak, he found himself nodding along with him as he spoke. What he said was... agreeable. What he said made sense. He was Strong. However, he had seen many a predator fall. From weakness. From illness. From injury. From age even. He might not age to death... though somehow he doubted even that truth, for he was linked to The World, and She might well one day age into oblivion along with him... but he had not the arrogance to believe he would not die. If he fought his Enemy here... he might well die. He was okay with this. It was the law of nature, the law of the Strong! If one was weak enough to fall, then they were not Strong enough, and should have become Stronger before fighting!

Stronger before fighting... his mask was down. He has stated his intent... and yet...

"I loathe you," Althas told the bubbling monstrosity. "You are Weakness that spread it's weakness onto others. You are a manipulator who has turned my Grandfather mad, using the seed of darkness within him to turn him from The World. You have spread weakness and disaster to The Woods, and as you say you will do so to the whole World if left unbound! However..."

Althas grinned grimly. "Your are too powerful to destroy... too large a quarry to Hunt. And even if you were not, I... would be hesistant to do so. You are evil. You are deprived. But you are honest, and worthy Enemy I would be loathe to destroy. It would be a waste... an Enemy can help one grow Stronger. An Enemy can give one purpose. But mark my words,
Kyoaag N'Gaas, the one who has no face to know... when I am Strong enough that your existence no longer gives me meaning, I WILL slay you, and take pleasure in tasting the black bile you call your blood! In the mean time, I shall simply fight your Weakness and destruction with all my being... and we will see if Weakness can overcome Strength."
Vion blinked, taken back. Dead things... didn't do that. Admittedly, he wasn't an expert in death, as it tended to be an undesired side effect, rather than his goal, but in his experience, death was permanent. He had been sure that Vasa was dead, but then she was not dead. Though unsettling, the scene was also confusing. He tried to reach out for his sister's presence with his mind, but the only one he found in the vacinity was that thing he had sensed before. It wasn't Vasa, and it wasn't Althas.

The Black Lord had feared his sister dead, but if she was not dead, then there was nothing to fear. And, if she was dead but someone was toying with him... regardless, whatever fear he had was replaced by anger. He stood up and left the darkness. That presence within seemed to be behind this. The pieces came together and he realized that the presence was the darkness that had escape his father. He nearly went back in, to rend the creature in two, but he paused. He could not do this alone. He still needed to find Althas and together they'd have their revenge on the creature who had killed his sister.

But what if it fled again?

The god of life looked up at the sky and saw the moon that his father had created. It provided light even when the sun was blocked. But there were still too many shadows, it was too easy for that thing to flee.

Vion took the two eggs he had nicked from his father and examined them. He had been very curious about what they were and, inspired by the time when, as a child, he had stolen his father's mask, he had done the same with these. Altair had used them to create a moon. What if there were two more, casting light so that even in the darkest night this evil could not escape his sight? He closed his eyes and wrapped fillaments of his power into the eggs, causing shadows to be absorbed.

And a divine presence came into existence within each egg. Those were no moons, those were actual eggs! Vion realized.

A spark drifted down from the one on the left and it slowly took the shape of a very old, very fat man. His hair was white, his jowels pronounced, and he let out a baby's cry as he took his first breath. Yet even as the "child's" father looked on, it seemed as if he was aging in reverse.

From the right egg another spark difted, this time expanding into... well, a square, like a black blanket, or perhaps even something that would one day be a cloak. Two eyes open in the cloth, however, as did a mouth, and it too began to wail. The wisp of cloth moved and shook like a newborn baby, but as far as Vion's eyes could see, the god was that cloth.

The two eggs lifted off the Black Lord's hands and, growing in size, ascended to the heavens where they too their place in the sky, leaving Vion with two fairly strange sons. They were nothing like Althas, at least physically, and he wasn't entirely sure what to do. Of course, he realized, that this made their mother Vega.

"Well, Balist," Vion said, glancing at the 'older' son/man. He wasn't sure where the name had come from, but it seemed to fit. He glanced to the 'child' on the right, "Izuru," that too seemed to fit, "what are we to do?"


2PP +2PP from Eggs= Beget (minor) x 2: Vion creates two additional moons/gods, Balist and Izuru (Joran and Shadow, respectively)

2PP remaining

The god had defeated one of Desha's barrier. This was bad, very bad. And those bursts of energy could only mean the arrival of new gods. Generally three against one are bad odds to begin with, but the fact that he had drained himself by creating this new Tree made it even worse. He could try fleeing, but they would probably just chase him. If he tried fighting he would be defeated. That left only one legitimate option. He would have to try to talk with the gods. Perhaps they wouldn't attack him right away. That probably wasn't very likely though, so he would remain in the field of shadow while he spoke with them.

Desha floated near the edge of the field. "I salute you on overcoming my little challenge. Not many are able to overcome their personal fears. Even less do it by turning fear to rage and a need for vengeance," said Desha. That should hopefully calm him a bit about the fake goddess matter. But that still left the other issue. This god most likely still believed in the other god's false accusations against him. It would probably be best to breach that topic now. "I'm guessing you hold some kind of resentment against me from my earlier...questioning. Will you let me speak my case or should I expect another round of beatings and false accusations?"
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A roaring and terrible laughter erupted from the black pits yawning across the planet of flesh, "You seem enamored by strength! Muscle and bone aren't everything that strength is. As a hunter, I suppose an appreciation of cunning has bloomed. Well, as nemesis I shall teach you a more varied definition."

Ooze and phlegm began to bubble up in the black pits across the planet's surface. "Still, I suppose I should make amends for my apparent affront upon your lands. Here, creatures of your liking."

The flowing slime began to detach, floating in the void with writhing pseudopods. They detached, floating into the void, a shell of doomstone crystallizing around them.

"Consider this the beginning of a beautiful rivalry." 

The shelled pockets of slime vanished in flashes of orange light, blazing like meteorites down on the distant world. They slammed into the earth leaving shallow craters across the land, showering the surrounding area in doomstone shards and bits of ooze.

The pools of slime sat steaming and roiling in their craters for only moments before shapes began to slide away from the mass. Mobile pools of ooze consuming and dividing.  

Some slid away odd.

Some flickered in and out of sight, others spat fire, some camoflaged themselves into environments perfectly. Still more could absorb flesh to regenerate quickly. Their kind was many and varied.

Separating themselves from the oozes were long nearly transparent, voracious devourers, sliding over the earth in a constant quest to fill their bottomless hunger. The lucent worms.

They spread and settled into the land. Hunting by night when free of the harsh sun, and burrowing beneath the soil by day.

"Your quarry awaits, young hunter. Give your grandfather my regrards."

1pp spawn: Oozes
1pp spawn: Lucent Worms

The creatures have the same DNA system as other creatures made by Kyoaag.
Balist's eyes opened and in front of him a whole new world. Feeling the pressures of the universe around him like currents, he heard potential. Looking around he felt the presences of others. Specifically those of his brother and his father. The moon he was on shifted pace. It wanted to be near his brother's. Why he didn't fully understand yet though.

Lifting his girth, he stepped down from the moon. Landing in front of his father, he stepped lightly despite his weight. Looking at Vion, he made move to speak yet, he seemed to not know how. Scrunching his face up, he seemed to be in the thought as to how to convey his thoughts. After a few moments, his face finally returned to normal, and he spoke softly to the elder, "You have brought me here, and I felt your pull." Coughing at the sudden use of his voice, he breaks up and continues, "Why am I here? I can feel some thing. Something like potential, but I don't know what it is." Coughing yet again, he waits for the answers..

Meanwhile on the moon an odd looking device appears. Hardly noticable, yet it still seems to stand out. The wheels on it are spinning swiftly almost looking like it is out of control. The levers moving randomly with little or no control.


3PP The Loom: Upon the pale blue moon sits a loom. This loom sits spinning, waiting, taking the essence of the universe and making into something else. The Loom is taking this essense and creating magic with it. The magic that flies out from the loom onto the world below is erratic, and wild. It is unpredictable and dangerous at best, lethal at worst. Most creatures are unable to utilize magic in its base forms, but some are. The magic created by The Loom is more usable, yet without someone to control the loom, it is nothing more than an out of control object. Currently. More will be wrote up later on when I'm not half asleep.


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The cloak twisted and shook, dissolving into a featureless cloud of smoke. From within, a small voice whispered on the wind. "What? Why?"

Above, the moons shifted, thier orbits aligned in a dangerous fashion. Within moments, it was clear that thyey were destined for a collision. With a horrible crash, the two moons slammed into each other, red mixing with blue as peices rained down on the world below. For a long moment, it seemed as if their impact would rend both into rubble, leaving the sky as empty as it had been before.

Then, slowly but surely, the two moons began to melt into one another, the larger blue moon engulfing and swallowing the red. Besides the shower of rocks falling on the world below, the only sign that the red moon had even existed were a few few violet streaks running through the now much larger sapphire moon.

PP Expenditures
1 PP - Nourish Land - Scattered rocks from the moon colision fall to the ground, becoming pockets of mithril and adamantine.

7/8 PP remaining.

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71235715 wrote:

Swift watched over the world from his perch, he still had much to do but the days had seamed to fly by and he needed time to simply watch, so watch he did. As swift watched two lights ascended into the air growing quickly, He sensed the gods that would be as brothers to him; born of the same magic that had brought him from the void, to this reality that he now loved. He watched on as the new godlings left the moon eggs, He then watched in mixed horror and amusement as the eggs collided leaving only a single larger egg. He could not imagined the sky without his golden moon so the loss of the other moon stirred a sadness within Swift. The loss of the new moon made Swift Foot think of this new reality he was in, he had watched the world from his high perch, had watched the best he could as animals and creatures when about there business. He had seen death and rebirth of the mortal creatures. But nothing in the world had shown him the destruction as he had just witnessed. If such a thing as a moon egg could be snuffed away so easily then truly his new children would not be safe. Not unless he made there new home truly safe. So swift put aside his other tasks for now as sat with his companion Glimmer, Sat planning a way to ensure his children could be safe. The other gods at least for now had ignored him so he in turn would ignore them as well his new children needed him. Though he did note in the back of his mind that when time permitted he would go and see his new brothers, Swift wondered in the back of his head what his brothers were like he had no memories dreamlike or otherwise of having a brother before so this idea filled his curiosity whenever he would take a break from his plans.


Swift begins planning out what to do with the mountain. To see what he could do to alter them further, to improve them so that they were livable, so they were more then a mere pile of moon rock in the middle of a grassy island.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
Altair frowned, confused as to Eago's continuing silence.

"Very well.  I take your silence to be assent."  He said, turning and climing the stairs to the Throne and sitting in it.  It was surprisingly comfortable.

"So.  You told me how this works.  Lets see.   I declare..." A chime sounded and the quartz crystals began to glow and quietly hum.   "...it anathema for any mortal or God to interfere with the progression of the Sun in the sky or block its light without my permission."

The crystals flashed brightly and the Throne stopped humming.

Altair nodded appreciatively and looked out over the hall.

"This lacks something... it is not nearly impressive enough."  He muttered to himself, gesturing with one hand at the obsidian pillars.

On the sides facing into the center of the building, faces of stone pushed out of the pillars, Long angular faces with mouths full of impossibly sharp teeth.  Their elongated eyes were made of crystal and scattered the light from the mirrors throughout the room.   Altair nodded at his handiwork, clearly pleased once more.

"There, Eago.  I think that I am finished.  Vega would have loved to see this."   

Thinking of Vega made him think of the rest of his family.  His Children, Vasa and Vion, his grandchild, Althas, who was growing up so quickly.

But along with those were the Others.  Those that had threatened violence to him and his own, who had taken patronage of things that by rights belonged to others.  And their effects had already been felt.  Vion would likely bear scars from breaking up the confrontation between Altair and Desha for many years.  Althas... Althas had all but vanished.  His children needed a protector, one born specifically for the task.  But how to find such a being?  

Altair sat in the throne for a few moments longer until a thought occured to him.  He had a test for this Throne.

"I declare that a protector of my children and of this house is needed."  He intoned.

The crystals began to hum, but where before the light had peaked and vanished when he finished speaking, this time the light and sound continued to build in intensity.  Before his eyes, a delicate lattice of light, darkness, and what to the Gods was easily defined as conciousness, although such a definition would escape a mortal watching this procedure, began to take shape, the strands darting here and there to form a complex weave.  Reaching out, Altair lent some of his power to help stabilize the Throne, which was now almost too bright for him and was currently shaking fiercely from the vibrating crystals.

The Lattice continued to grow in complexity, strands looping over strands to dive back into the main mass, emerge, and loop back once more.  It seemed to go on for an hour, but could have been thirty seconds before the entire lattice was flew from the Throne and landed on one of the stone faces.  Immediately the stone face softened, turning a dark ochre color as the eyes snapped open and teeth glistened as breath was drawn for the first time.  With a Crack!, the pillar split down the middle and a man with a terrible face stepped out into the room.  

The crystals went out and the humming stopped.   In the sudden silence, Altair studied the man .

"I am Altair, King of Gods."  He intoned after a long wait.   "What is it that you will call yourself, my just-created Protector?" 


2 PP:  Ascend Kol'Gar.  Welcome to the game, Jormy!

Also, the first Edict has been pronouced: "it is anathema for any mortal or God to interfere with the progression of the Sun in the sky or block its light without my permission."  

I'll make a wiki article for the Throne that lists all of its edicts shortly.

More monstrosities to plague the world below? ...no, this was different. Oddly, bizzarrely different. Some of the oozes seemed to be Weak, but... most of them seemed to be Strong. No different in their lack of skin or bones as pythons were in their lack of claws or legs. It made them different, in an odd way to the other creatures that stalked the world, but it did not make them wrong. They seemed to be a part of nature just as anything else. The World did not cry out in pain where the ooze touched Her.

It was... oddly disturbing in fact. If this thing was truly his Enemy, than how could such natural creations even be POSSIBLE for such an alien and evil being? Perhaps... just because one was his Enemy, did not mean they could not do good. And just because one was his Grandfather, did not mean they were incapable of great evil, or conspiring to do so anyway. It was... a strange thought. He had always been used to thinking of the world in blacks and whites. The World and The Other. The Strong and The Weak. The Predator and the Prey. The God and The Mortal. But it seemed that it was a far more blurry line than that. There was all sorts of gray between the two extremes, one he had neglected. He swore he would never do so again, and grew to almost full size at the tought. Still in his teens, though between sixteen and seventeen at one point.

"I know now whether to thank you for your gift, or curse you for the small taint you put into it to spite me, or perhaps because it is your nature... for now, I will do neither, and instead say that I at the very least misjudged your potential, if not your intent." The young god frowned a moment, before bringing his dragon to heel, making them turn around. "Enemy... I know not if you will continue to do some good things among your things of great Weakness and Evil, but I know that I cannot stop you as I am now except by proxy... and so for now, I will take my leave. You have given me much to think upon, and... much to do." For one thing, he needed to confront his Grandfather! Which was... a horrible thought, but it needed to be done.


Meanwhile, in The Wood... a couple of dryads frowned curiously over an odd creature. It looked like a python, but... it seemed wrong. Blackened. Darkened. If it were simply a member of The Weak they'd of killed it on sight, but this looked like a member of nature, even if it came from the Dark Place where none could tread.

One decided to take the initiative, grabbing it off of the ground and snapping it's neck. The shadowstuff that poured out was proof enough the decision was wise... living things had blood, and this was not blood. As if approving of their decision, the nearby Heart of The Wood beat, spreading growth and strength throughout The Wood.

PP Expenditure

1PP Nourish from The Heart of The Wood - The Heart of The Wood, despite having a long name fairly annoying to type out, extends the range of the Wood.
The newly created god stood in awe for a moment, for he was now alive and full of thoughts and feelings. His eyes fell to his taloned hand as he opened and closed it for the first time, before directing his gaze to those who stood before him. The radiant God-King spoke, and the new god knew that it was his nature to serve. The Red One stood silently, and it occurred to him that this one was likely also a servent. He fell to one knee and bowed his head in reverance of Altair.

"I am Kol'Gar," he rumbles in a low bass voice that echoes for miles, "and I am a harbinger of Order. You have my word, which is my bond, that I shall faithfully serve as protector and agent of the King of Gods."

Kol'Gar looks up to Altair, ignoring the burning pain of his glorious light.

"How may I serve you Altair, King of Gods? Tell me your will so I may make it part of the Order of things."
OOC for TimeLord
It isn't so much that Vion defeated your barrier as he ran away, unless running away counts as defeating things :P

Vion had his mother's eyes and though the other god's lair was almost too dark even for him, he cloud still make out its misty form when he squinted just right. "Is my sister alive?" was all that the Black Lord asked.

Then the two children spoke. Unlooked for, but they were his and, if Vasa was indeed gone and Althas lost, they were the only companions he had. Vion's greatcoat grew longer and wider, wraping the two children in it and pulling them closer to their father, keeping them safe and warm. From the shadowy coat that surrounded them they thought they could hear their father's voice. Hush now, it spoke to their minds, stay still. There may be danger about, but I will protect you.

In the back of Vion's mind, however, it occured to him that if these two eggs had spawned gods, then the one Altair had used must have done the same. It was... unpleasant to think that there was a divinity in the world that he had not known about.

Silently, the smoke filtered through the enshrouding coat. Exposed to the wind and burning sunlight, the smoke began to coalesce into a physical form, flesh and bone forming before the eyes of any who coudl bear to watch. 

Lifting his right hand to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight, he turned his grey eyes to the one who had called him forth. "Answer questions."

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71235715 wrote:
The flapping straps of Vion's coat obeyed his wish and they darted out. They wrapped the godling tightly and dragged him back into the protection of Vion's aura. Again the Black Lord's voice was transmitted through his shadows to the child's mind. I am you father and you will obey.
Growing angry, Izuru lashed out at the approaching coat. "No."

Looking around in depseration, he reached out towards the shadowy darkness hiding Desha nearby, wrapping it about Vion, temporarily blinding the god as he made good his escape, vanishing into the Wood.

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71235715 wrote:

(shrugs) I thought he had overcome his fear... lol

Desha crept a little out of the shadow since the gods didn't seem intent on hurting him.

"How should I put this? I cannot say for certain what condition she is in since I haven't seen her since we met at that impromptu gathering of gods. So if you're asking whether I hurt her, I can answer that I did not. But otherwise I don't know. Pardon my long winded answer, but I want to be as precise as possible."

Desha watched as one of the other gods used the shadow of the Cave to blind the one Desha was speaking with. "Is there something wrong?"
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Balist from the inside of ihs father's coat got distracted fairly easily. Grabbing what seemed to be a piece of string, he pulled it from his father and plucked away. Tying it into a circle, he started to play with it. Manipulating the string, it some how got longer and the design in it got more complex. Completely oblivious on what was going on, he continued to play with the string, suddenly reaching out from his father's coat and grabbing what seemed to be a whitish blue thread from the air. Tying the new string into a circle, he began to weave the two together.


IMAGE(http://www.wizards.com/magic/images/whatcolor_isred.jpg)Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.



I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
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I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

Again, Vion had his mother's eyes. He might not embody darkness like her, but his eyes were quite at home in it. However, though he could see through the darkness, he didn't turn his head as Izuru tried to make his escape. Rather, this close, he could feel the lingering glow of his own power, which had birthed him, on the child. Again the straps of Vion's greatcoat darted out, though the child avoided most of them. It was close, but one caught him by his foot and dragged him back out of the woods into which he had vanished.

"No, nothing is wrong," the Black Lord said coolly. Straps bound the child's limbs, holding him down, while another began to lash its backside. "Just an unruly child. My apologies that you must witness this."

I am sorry, Vion's voice said in Izuru's mind through the tendrils that held him, but you disobeyed and thus must be punished. However, know that this hurts me more than it hurts you.

"If you did not harm her, then why, might I ask, did I find her body near your abode?" Vion was willing to believe this strange god, particularly since the experience with his sister's corpse had been unusual, but he still had doubts.
"It was a manifestation of a defense I created. If you saw your sister dead, you fear it. Thus it was there," said Desha.

"Why do you punish the child? Did your father teach you to treat others like this?"
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"Very well," Vion said. The words this god spoke had a ring of truth to them, it seemed. But as for its question... "That is a personal matter."

"But this brings us to an older topic. My father claims that you have stolen the darkness from my mother, who is lost. Can you explain why it is that when she has vanished, you have appeared with what belongs to her?"
Altair considered the new being before him for a long moment.

"Another God."  He finally said.  "Excellent.  I was hoping that the champion I asked for would have the power necessary to perform my required task."

He pointed out into the world beyond the sunburst-embossed doorways.

"In the world are my son and daughter, Vion and Vasa.  They are searching for my grandson, a young child called Althas.  My first wish is for you to help them.  Find Althas for me, and guard him until you are convinced he is safe.  Do this, and I will be pleased." 
"I'll answer your question with one of my own. What do you know about time? No explanation I could give you would make sense if you don't understand that," said Desha.

He was going to have to play this conversation very carefully, a lot balanced on it.
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This time the outrage was too much. Finished fleeing, Izuru attacked, lashing out with flames at Vion. "Release me. Now."

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71235715 wrote:
"Time," Vion said to the dark god, "is a created thing. It is what we will it to be, like any other created thing."

To the petulant child, Behave yourself and I will.

With the protection of his greatcoat, the other child, Balist, heard his father's whisper. Thank you for being good.
Completely lost in his own design, Balist didn't even hear Vion's words. His string art becoming exceptionally complex, yet to him he felt he was missing something.... Several somethings.

Briefly opening the coat, his hand shot out and grabbed a piece of green looking thread, before letting the coat fall back into place, and he returned back to his design. It wasn't until the green was halfway woven in the rest that he realised he had no idea what he was doing or where he got the string from.

Looking down at his work, he saw that it was completed, yet at the same time, it still lacked something. Not the spark to ignite it, to make it full, but something else. What that was, he wouldn't know until he found it.

"We must go father. Quickly. There is much to be done. The Other calls." Saying that last bit more like a question than a statement.


IMAGE(http://www.wizards.com/magic/images/whatcolor_isred.jpg)Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.



I am Red/Black
I am Red/Black
Take The Magic Dual Colour Test - Beta today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.


I am both selfish and chaotic. I value self-gratification and control; I want to have things my way, preferably now. At best, I'm entertaining and surprising; at worst, I'm hedonistic and violent.

"That's such an adorable belief. It's the belief of a god who hasn't yet realized that he has limitations. No. Time is like a river. It is always pushing forward. Sometimes you come across branches of the river that lead to different places. But if you go down one of these branches you can't go back due to the force of the river. Now if you have a boat and the strength you can get back from that branch and go back up the river. And with that ability can come visits to new places and visitors from those places..."
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"You are not that strong," Vion stated. "Someone must have 'brought' you here. Who was it?"

The children were becoming... troublesome. Either he'd have to let them go careening off into the world totally unprepared and unlooked after, or he'd have to leave soon and follow them.
Kol'Gar paused a moment while his orders sunk in.

"I understand." He growled in his deep monotone while he nodded his head in affirmation. "Order dictates that I am to aid Vion, Son of Altair, King of Gods, and Vasa, Daughter of Altair, King of Gods, in finding Althas, Son of Vion and Vasa. After this task I am to protect Althas, Son of Vion and Vasa to the best of my ability until my services are deemed to have become redundant."

He stood upright and looked off to the vastness of the world through the doors of the Hall of the King of Gods.

"I have much ground to cover, it would appear."

Kol'Gar bowed before Altair, then turned and left. Stepping foot out in to the world he breathed deep his first breath of the dusty wastes of the sun-scorched earth. Glinting in the light was a shard of mithril jutting from the ground. Kol'Gar drew the metal fragment from the ground and formed it in to a double-edged blade which fit his grip perfectly. He sliced it through the air to grow accustomed to its weight and balance, and when he was satisfied he gave it a purpose within the Order of the universe.

"You shall be named Vigil." He stated to the newly created sword. "And you shall guide your wielder to what they desire. Now, show me where I might find Vion, Son of Altair, King of Gods."

He raised the blade in to the air and it pointed itself off towards the horizon. Silently he trudged off towards the woods where Vigil had pointed him.

PP Used: Forge (Moderate) 2pp. Vigil is a gladius-style shortsword cast from a single shard of mithril that can point its wielder towards any person place or object desired.

6pp remaining.
"Strength is an odd matter. It is precariously balanced on the edge of entropy," murmured Desha.

"I left my time because it was destroyed. But since I wasn't strong enough, as you pointed out, I couldn't control where I went. In addition, my weakness exposed me to the dangers of dabbling in time. I wound up poisoned. Hence my unorthodox form. You can take my story or not, but that's why I made my social blunder. I never expected to come to a place where the native deity of darkness was lost. Normally people don't respond well when they learn you're the god of fear, so I went with my other title," said Desha as he noticed the god's quickly fading attention. "If you need to go, we can talk another time. You now know where I dwell. I only ask that you don't bring your father. He seems a bit displeased with me."
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Not so much quickly fading attention as quickly being distracted attention :P

Vion suspected that this god had purposely avoided the question, but there would be time to deal with that later. For now, he needed to find Vasa, find Althas, and deal with his new sons. However, before Vion let his sons drag him away, he had one more question. "What is your name?"
"Desha, Vice Eater," said Desha as he started gliding back to his cave.
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