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He is a god from another timeline how is he to know that there was another deity of darkness? Tongue out

Portions of the fog almost seemed to concentrate into scowling faces. How dare this god grab him! If Desha wasn't so weak from the eons of being in his prison he would have slaughtered this god and all his family for the injustice of touching him. "I don't know your wife nor do I have her. Personally I'm more concerned that you're angered by my nature. Why you would be angry at that is beyond my reasoning. It's as if I would be angry at the god of earth for being the god of earth. Now if you have a disliking for darkness that's more understandable or is it that your wife was a goddess of darkness?" said Desha as he slowly slipped out of the god's grasp. Desha pondered trying to run away, but he knew that in his current, weakened state that he couldn't compete with this younger god. Diplomacy was his only option.
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~Divine Meeting~

The lantern was tipped and chaos broke out. The poor wolf, freed partially from the influence, lashed out with a body that should have been dead. The Twins, pained by its plight, rushed to help it. Nothing should die like that, they decided, and they worked to calm the creature. Vion went after their father while Vasa sat down and rubbed its ears as she sang to it, soothing it to its final sleep. Its fur came off in clumps at her touch, but the White Lady didn't give a second thought to the rot that was getting on her. The creature put its head in her lap, its eyes looked up at her and it let out a final oooff. Not wishing to leave such a creature in this state, Vasa put her hand on its chest and the rotting mass was wiped away from the world. Perhaps it was luckier than other wolves, for it at least would be remembered.

Vasa stood and brushed herself off. She made to follow her brother but then her father's cries reached her. She plummeted to the ground like a meteor herself and landed in a cloud of light. Her brother had his arms around Altair, trying to hold back the sun-gods furry. Tendrils of smoke curled up from Vion as their father's radiance burned through his shadowed gloves. At first she didn't understand what had caused the problem, but then she saw it, the dark mist. That must have been what was causing the problem.

In a cloud of light, the White Lady rushed the creature, driving it back with her own radiance.

"What," she demanded, "is going on here?"

She glanced at her brother for answers but he seemed to have none, although there was a mischievous look in his eyes. The look toyed with her memory... she remembered that look from before, from the place between the ticks and the tocks. The specifics eluded her for now, but she'd have to ask him later.

To note, at this point Vion has pilfered the other two eggs

~The Woods~

Borte's ears pricked and it let out a low growl that Althas could feel through his feet. The godbeast's eyes locked the god's own for a moment and it sent images to his mind. That was how Borte often communicated, through perceptions. This was the smell morning dew but paired with nightfall, meaning wrongness. That was followed by and image of the prey conquering the hunter. Unnaturalness. And finally, the image of the two of them hunting an unseen quarry.
Oh, I am not saying you should have known, I'm more commending your bravery.  Way to NOT metagame  

Desha tried to slip away, but Altair merely gripped tighter, preventing escape.

"What I know."  Altair's voice hissed from his mouth, full of pent up anger and frustration.  "What I know is that my wife was out of my sight for the shortest of times, and then she was gone.  And now you are here claiming to be the same as she, a God of Darkness.  

So again, I ask you.  WHERE is SHE?  DID you STRIP her POWERS FROM HER?"  
The God began to lose himself into his fury once more, the light from his face causing the fog to roil and boil in a likely painful manner.

And then he was hit from behind, black gloves wrapping around him and prying him backwards away from the Fog.  Startled, he loosened his grip and Desha slipped out.  His hand gripped the glove and it began to steam and hiss as he turned to see his son.


As Vasa landed, Altair's hand burned through the remainder of the glove, and with a curse Vion let go.  Immediately, Altair lunged forward, arms reaching to grab the fog once more. 
Vion had let go in pain and surprise, but he quickly mastered these and reached out again, grabbing Altair with his left hand and, although the light burned, held fast. "You will have your answers, this I swear. Were you not the one to hold me back when I wished to attack the sky-monster? But this mist cannot answer if it is fighting for its life."

As Vasa herded the shadow with her own illumination, blocking off all avenues of escape with her light, she flinched. She could feel her brother's hand burning. "Daddy, stop, you're hurting him!"
Vasa's words slammed like a boulder into the rage-train in Altair's mind, knocking it loose from its tracks and banishing it in the space of a few moments.  Immediately he let go of Vion and stopped struggling to get at Desha.

"You are correct, Vion.  I should heed my own advice on this matter.  Cloud.  Desha, I believe you said your name was.  Explain yourself.  Who are you and-"  
He cut off as the smell of cooked flesh reached his nose and turned to look at Vion's hand, which steamed and blistered from where Altair had gripped it.

"Oh, Vion.  I am so sorry."  The God said, tugging on his missing glove and replacing his mask.  "So, so very, very sorry.  It was never my-"

He didn't really know what to say. 

As swift looked on other gods arrived, he knew that he had seen these other gods while he was watching the timelines but like so many other memories these ones to faded, Leaving nothing more then the knowledge that he should know more about them. He could not dwell on this now but soon he would address this issue. As he watched the two new gods below it was not hard to see that things were leaning further against the dark god. He knew from his own experience that the dark god would be weak nearly completely depleted after losing the timeline that he once called home, though he was was sure that the dark god had realized how much power he had lost from his travel. Though swift did not wish to , or perhaps even could not help the dark god he felt he should at least do something. As such he did all his form would allow him. As Altair moved towards the dark god again swift moved the moon so that it eclipsed the large moon. Shadows spread out from the moon casting a deep darkness across the land. The hot rays of the sun completely blocked from the lush world below. Swift knew he could not block the bright sun for long but he hoped that perhaps the sudden change in light might distract the gods below who were so focused on the dark god.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
As the eclipse's twilight fell across the land, Desha dissipated into the darkness. "As there are more than one god of time there is more than one who rules darkness. Perhaps you should ponder what things exist before and after this time," hissed Desha as he crept away to nurse his wounds.
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A noise... no, a voice. Althas frowned... was that his... grandfather?? He was calling out to him! He'd grown as much as he could in The Woods anyway, and had to find his enemy... perhaps this was the call that would make him find them!

"Come on Borte!" the young teen told the wolf, nudging him with his knees and pointing in the direction of the cry. But... Borte didn't move. "Come ooooooon Borte, move!" Althas went on a little petulently. They were a team, he had to go! He couldn't run there all by himself as fast as he could, and instantly transporting was not something the god had ever even imagined let alone thought do here.

But then Borte looked up at the god and... "Wrongness? Prey eating predotors?" Althas mused with a frown. What could cause that? Nothing in The Woods had that sort of power, and if it lived, it live in The Woods. The world outside was barren in comparison to the lush richness of his creation, and perhaps just barren in general except for a few flies!

Wait, what was that sound... frowning, Althas got off of the Borte, walking towards some sort of... slabbering... pulsing... slithering sound. It sounded a little like stepping through thick mud and slime. But what could... what in the world was that monstrosity?!

Althas gaped at the thing as it hung on a Tree. The thing was... what was... how did it even... it was just a pulsing bag of flesh and teeth that writhed without moving. How did it eat? How did it move? How did it not collapse under it's own weight in a horrible display of broken bones and exploded organs at just how wrong it looked?

Frowning, Althas walked underneath the thing... picking up a stick and poking it curiously. At the merest touch however, what seemed like hundreds of little, acidy wrong things fell out and covered the godling! Crying out in shock and pain, the god fell back, rolling around on the ground until all the things except those that had escaped underground were squished.

Panting, he looked up at the empty husk and... what was this? Was this... the prey that are the predator? The wrongness? But it was just a... no not an animal. Not a creature. But it WAS mortal. Impossibly mortal, more mortal than the most basest of insects. It seemed to live such a short time, and for such... horrible purpose.

He'd forgotten his Grandfathers summons by this point. This thing was... created by a god. If he had an enemy, it HAD to be a god, otherwise they would not be equals, and you needed to be equal if you were to be an enemy. So... the creator of this thing was his enemy? It had to be, what else could make something so different to what he himself made, so counter to the goal he strived for? This was a creature of weakness, a weak thing that lived a short weak life and weakened all it came into contact with. The opposite of his strong life.

Frowning, he touched the empty husk, which... after exploding, which was kind of a shock... gave him an image. Emptiness... the edge of creation... this was where this thing had come from? Where it's maker was? Then that... was where he would go. And hunt the ultimate quarry: he would hunt a god.
With Altair no longer needing to be restrained, Vion let go and collapsed to the ground, clutching his left hand. The pain caused his mind to languish, though he tried to force himself to pay attention to his surroundings. Altair was speaking... what was he saying? Vion's ears didn't seem to want to work, but he willed them to.

"It's okay," he managed to say through gritted teeth. "I only meant that I wish to find mother too."

Then the light went out. Both twins looked up at the sun and saw a large... object blocking it. Unfortunately, in the distraction, the mist whispered a few nonsensical words and made good its escape. Neither of the twins saw which way it had gone. In frustration, Vasa pointed a hand at the object in the sky and a lance of light shot out at it. The thing just seemed to absorb the light and glow it back at them.

The extra light made Vion wince and his sister rushed over to help him tend to his wounds. "What is that?" she asked, inclining her head to the sky.

Vion, on the other hand, looked up apologetically at Altair. "I am sorry the thing got away. We will find it, this I swear."

~The Woods~

Borte whined. He sent an image to Althas of a scavenger sneaking into a den while the dame was out hunting and killing the whelps. From this image the god got the sense that the godbeast was worried about what would happen if they left the woods unprotected. The blue-grey wolf sent another image, that of the aberrant nest that Althas had caused to erupt, but it was overlain on other parts of the woods. What if there were more of these things in the woods, he seemed to ask. Perhaps, the images seemed to suggest, one of them should remain behind to protect the den.
Altair glared upwards as the darkness fell and watched as Vasa tried to dispel it.  As she moved over towards Vion, Altair touched her shoulder.

"It is an object, a Moon."  He said, pulling off a glove.  "But perhaps we can move it together."  Two fists flew upwards and light lanced into the darkness that flowed from the golden orb.  The darkness rippled and attempted to absorb the light, but Light itself willed it gone, and it unraveled, allowing the Sun to shine down once more as the Moon continued on in its orbit.

Tugging his glove back on, he turned back to Vion.

"Son, there is absolutely nothing for you to apologize for.  That being is trapped here on this side of Time.  There is nowhere for him to hide, at least not for long.  Is your hand badly wounded?"
"I will live," Vion responded simply. He drew up a few whisps of shadow and bandaged his wound with them. The pain was there, but his mind was clearing. "You should find that object and destroy it. As you speak with the thing that claimed to have killed mother another one appears that has her darkness. This does not seem to be a coincidence."

The White Lady helped her brother to his feet. "I... think you are correct. Even if this Kyoaag N'gaas creature did not directly harm mother, it seems he knows more than he has let on. However, it has allies. We should prepare ourselves carefully before confronting it, so that it can't destroy our mother's world while we are distracted."

Swift could feel the heat of the sun, could feel it’s energy, and then there was a warmth from the light on the other side as Altair tried to force the moons movement. The effect caused many large cracks in the moons surface. Though swift allowed the moon to move once again the damage to the golden shell was already done. This form would not hold swifts essence together much longer already bits of his essence had rained down to the earth below.

The first thing Swift did was form a thick crystals along the cracks sealing them for now. These would not hold long, but perhaps long enough for swift to complete what he knew he must do. Next he set to the task of forming his essence into a new body; The moon seamed to large and fragile at that, as such the new form he chose would be much smaller. Taking inspiration from the other gods he made it humanoid, Yet it still seamed to large for his tastes, so smaller yet he made it; smaller then the smallest god he could recall. As such his new form was a mere 4’6” in height This form however seamed fragile and remembered the burning effects of the sun he decided to formed small tiny scales upon his new body; Thinking of the darkness and remembering the feelings of fear he made the body able to see in the deepest darkness he then fashioned it so that fear would have no effect, Taking extra care to recall how the fear had effected him so that it would not ever hold such a grip on him again, at least this was his hope as he toiled away crafting his new form.

meanwhile down below

As swift took care to create the new form that would hold his essence; The bits of hius essence that had escaped him ealier and rained down to the earth below mimicks his efforts. As he finished creating his new body the golden essence that had fallen to the earth likewise mimicked his new look. As he entered the body with the bulk of his essence the link between him and the remaining essence that had escaped fractured. Each piece of it that had mimicked his form spawn into it’s own spirit. Each one containing a small sliver of swifts mind. Across the lands these new creatures looked around for the first time, Lost without the connection to there maker they gazed up at the moon from where they had come.

Those looking up to the moon could see the golden light radiating forth from the moon, if they truly looked hard they could see small bits of the light drop to the ground {{ the pieces of swift essence that was lost and later turns into the sentient race of Kobolds.}} as the moon circled the earth. Those who drew really close might even see the cracks filled with a crystalline substance. They could possibly even relies that the golden light casting off the moon so brightly emanated from within the moon and glistening off the crystals that filled the cracks amplifying itself before spreading out in all directions. Deep inside the moon swift continued to work on this new form, He bound the form to magic, for without such he did not think it would hold his essence properly. Knowing that he was making a small form he added small claws; these would be useful for climbing if ever the need arose. After all he did not wish to rely on his godly powers, there would be times he would wish to use this form to walk the world as mortals did. He could not hope to learn the creatures below if he did not know what it was like for them to walk the earth.

With his new form created he allowed his essence to enter the body. It was strange to look around with real eyes to feel the crystal beneath his feat. To fully feel emotions even. Before without a real body, he had not truly felt; for so long things simply were. However with his new emotions he knew that he felt lonely. So long had he floated in the nothingness, or had it been long, perhaps it had been little more then a mere moment. A fraction of time between a tick and a tock of the seconds. These were not important though. He felt lonely, however he did not long for the attention of the other gods. They seamed set in there ways; violent even. Swift looked around and thought; All around him was the near blinding light of the crystal, though bright he found a strange comfort within the light. The crystal and the light was after all a part of his very essence, formed to hold the moon together. The moon he was now trapped inside in fact. It was then that he realized, he had errored. He had formed the new body; however he had trapped it within a small space within the moon. This would not work; so with a final nod he had decided. He would take with him a piece of the crystal essence and escape his newly made prison. Swift reached up and broke off a large chunk of the crystal he then used his divine power to force the moon apart.

Those below could hear a tremendous crack, could see bits of the golden crystal from the moon rain down upon the earth each piece had been formed from the very essence of Swift; being as such it glittered brightly with the golden light of the moon. Then suddenly a large piece of the moon broke away and fell towards the earth below. The rest of the moon floated there in 3 parts. The core seamed to be circled by the 2 pieces of the shell that remained; a golden light emanated between the shells holding the pieces of the moon together as it continued it’s path around the earth. The piece that had broken away plummeted to the earth seaming to almost be directed until it finally crashed into the large island forming mountains of moon rock that jutted out of the earth. Shortly after Swift climbed to the top and looked around with his new eyes. There was much to be learned here but first he had one final task.

Holding the large piece of crystal up in front of him, he then sliced his hand open and spilled a small bit of his blood onto the crystal. He knew this would be easy to work with; it was after all a piece of his very essence, so he sat and crafted the crystal. Twisting it until it formed a small creature similar to his own form. Yet where he had scales of hard flesh, it had molded crystal scale. Where he walked on two legs, it would prefer 4. He gave it wings so that it could soar with him through the heavens and 3 tails so that it would have greater balance. The final thing he did was give it a small splinter of his divine essence and with it a intelligence that rivaled his own and a power beyond that of normal beasts that walked the lands.

Holding his new companion up he named it Glimmer, named after the way She, for it was a female dragon, glistened in the sun. Happy with his creation he gazed across the earth and prepared himself to meet the other gods who he knew would come.

meanwhile across the land

As swift crafted his new companion across the lands some of the large chunks of crystal that had rained down began to shape themselves, the connection to swifts was still very strong and these crystals quickly shaped themselves to mimic his will as he worked on his would be companion, as he finished his companion and gave it a splinter of his essence that essence was split into fractions and given to the others as well. Though the others were much weaker then the one swift had intentionally crafted each one awoke with a intelligence far surpassing what they could ever had hoped to achieve as simple beasts, they were born with all the knowledge that swift had. When they would later sawn children those children would be born with the memories that there parents had learned during it’s life.

As swift held his new companion and friend into the air to admire it the Kobolds and Crystal dragons that Swift had yet unknowingly created looks to where the moon had fallen. The knew it was of the essence found there that they had ben born and it was where the moon had crashed to the earth that they should make there home. Each of these creatures sometimes in pairs sometimes alone began to travel to this point to gather together and learn what they could. They could not explain why they traveled such just that they knew it was at that point that there futures would be etched upon the world.


Editied to fix cost errors and clerify actions

First week starting 8PP

0PP Cantrip - Swift formed his new body and entered his essence into it

1PP Nourish - As the remainder of swifts essence seeps into the ground it is enriched with crystals of all shapes and sizes each one different.
Notes: Gems of all kinds may be found through the world

0PP Start Forge (Lesser) - Golden Crystals are also formed. These will be described when found for now are 100% pure fluff.
PP Note: 1 PP still owed. Until the remaining PP is spent Golden crystals can not be found and are pure fluff.

0PP Cantrip- A piece of the moon crashed down the large islands forming a mountain range that would be swift foots new home.
PP Note: 2 PP still owed. Until the PP is spent the mountains are not usable for anything other then fluff. Further they will crumble if swift leaves the area before molding them into a perminent form. Currently they are little more then a pile of rubble

1PP reserved - This PP is reserved for a  Mold Or craft action Specificaly in the area that the mountain exsists.

3PP Shape - Kobolds are formed from the swifts essence that hit the ground
Note: Kobolds are formed yet are scattered the initial kobolds are born with the urge to gather at the place where the moon stuck the earth.

2PP  Start Shape - Crystal dragons are unknowingly made. They are extremely smart and strong but right now are not still act mostly on instinct as other beats would.
Note: Crystal Dragons are formed yet are scattered the initial dragons are born with the urge to gather at the place where the moon stuck the earth.
PP Notes: 1 PP still owed . Until the rest of the pp is spent The dragons act as Normal beasts

1 Start Beget (Major) - Swift Foot crafts Glimmer to be his companion.
PP Note: 2 PP still owed. Until the remaining pp is spent Glimmer counts as a normal members of her race.

0 Remaining PP

An' ye harm none, do what ye will

Desha almost radiated a tangible miasma of rage as he slithered through the forest. How dare that god treat him like this! Did he choose to be brought to this world? No! He would have rather staid in his world, but he would have rather not been imprisoned as well. But obliviously that hadn't happened At least he had the terror from these woodland critters to balm his pain, physical and emotional. So far this had been the only place where anything had felt true terror. Perhaps this would be a good enough place for him to set up his new home. Well, it would be good enough at least. Desha shoved tendrils of darkness into the rich soil of the forest. Painfully slow a tunnel of stone started to emerge from the ground. After its emergence Desha waited for the stone to settle, so it wouldn't collapse on his head. If he still had a head. Darn Kyoaag N'gaas and his meddling! He would pay, but first Desha needed to rest.

PP Stuff

1 PP - Mold (Minor) (Desha creates a cave in the center of the Wood.)
--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
Altair looked upwards as the orb shattered into pieces.

"It would appear that your sister and I have already done one of the things you suggested, Vion."  He chuckled, although inside he felt a twinge of guilt that he had destroyed one of the Eggs his wife had given him.

"We appear to all be in agreement regarding Kyoaag N'gaas.  But let us bide our time with him and gather our allies.  He is far larger than all of us combined at the moment, and while I do not doubt our strength, I would rather we approach him from a position of strength."

"Speaking of Strength, Where is young Althas?"
In the chaos, Vasa hadn't internalized that her son had also been called for and had not shown up. "He isn't here? We must find him, quickly."

Vion nodded, "But unfortunately it will take time to search even the forest that he has created."

The White Lady paused and thought for a moment. At last she spoke, "Do you recall when we created Borte?"

Vion nodded and she continued, "A being placed inside a creature, something aware, something that remembers and can communicate. What if we create more like him? They could help us in our search"

The Black Lord shook his head, "We can create more, but that was a draining effort. I doubt we could do enough to help us find Althas, and then we would be weak and easy prey."

"Perhaps nothing so potent, then? Exchange power for numbers?"

"I doubt it could sustain itself, then. Perhaps... yes, what if the body of the creature supported it? Instead of being a separate thing, the two beings become one."

"But then, when the body dies..."

"The other things might as well, but it should remain for a while."

Vion nodded in agreement and the two went to work, duplicating Borte's soul but making it smaller. With one done, they set about another, and another, and soon a small pile of souls rested next to them.

"This is no good," Vion interrupted. "It is taking too long."

"Yes... perhaps... yes, we should make something to make these for us."

"Brilliant!" Vion responded, giving his sister a lopsided grin.

Unraveling the souls, they began to make something brighter, deeper, more complex. It was like the sun, in its own way, but its radiance wasn't light and it was not blocked by other objects. Wisps of power danced around the thing. It grew brighter and began releasing countless little balls of essence. These raced throughout existence, finding natural life and imbuing them with an awareness.

In the hopes that some creature knew where Althas was, the Twins summoned a mouse to them. "Well? What have you seen?"

The creature squeaked at them but did not tell them anything. In frustration, Vasa placed her hand on it and pulled the soul out, causing the creature to die. "Where is my son?"

The essence communicated a mouse's life to her, but then it vanished.

"We failed."

"No," her brother said, "I think the creature was just too simple. We need to create a lifeform capable of properly housing these. We need-"

Both of them paused. They could feel it, a new sort of life, something that hadn't existed before. It was proper, at least, though they would need to find out who had created these curious, intelligent little lizard-like thinking things. Kobold, the feeling seemed to say, these were Kobold. The bodies were empty, the perfect place for a soul... wait, no, something else filled them, at least for now.

"There are other gods at work," the Twins said in unison. "We must find Althas now, before something happens to him. To much is happening beyond our keen"

And so they rushed off to search, reading the memories of the spirits of animals as they passed to see if the creatures had ever seen their son.


3PP - Forge Greater: The Twins create the Allsoul, the source of all mortal souls. StarGazer said that for now the Kobold are sharing a bit of SwiftFoot's own soul, so right now they are lacking proper ones, but as soon as they need them, they'll have em. To note, in animals, souls don't achieve full potency, rather becoming spirits that, after the creature dies, persist for a while but eventually disappear. In sentient creatures, though, the Allsoul's power creates proper souls, which endure for extended periods of time (probably indefinately).

As a PP generating artifact, this produces 1PP towards a shape action one time, but for ANY god (of course, it still only provides 1PP each week). It wasn't mentioned in this post (since there wasn't a good opportunity), but basically as soon as is reasonable the twins send the Allsoul to float between the two larger continents, where the water between them forms a sort of sea.
Altair watched with delight as his children got to work, Vion and Vasa moving together in perfect harmony, absorbed in their work to the point that they forgot that their father was standing next to them and did not even think to ask him for help.  Soon their work was complete, and they tested it on a mouse before rushing off to find Althas.

Looking around the crater, Altair bent over and picked up the object, noticing the balls of essence flowing off of its top and skittering off into the world.  Curious, he set the object down and scooped up several of the balls, feeling a primitive intensity within them.   He brought forth a mouse and, like his children, attempted to ask it questions.  But where his Children wanted answers regarding where their son was, he wanted answers of what Kyoaag N'gaas was planning, what had happened with that Moon and the falling chunks of it that had struck the earth far distant from his current location and whether anyone had seen his Vega.

But, much as with the Twins, the mouse's soul had no answers.  Snapping his fingers, Altair summoned forth a wisp and repeated the process of delving into its soul, but found it much the same:  concerned with events that pertained to a wisp, and concerned with events of the past.

This would not do.

After some time, Altair had an idea... but he needed a question answered first.

"Eago, I have a question if you have a moment."  He said to the air, knowing it would reach his friend quickly. 
Borte confused Althas... why did someone need to stay behind in The Woods? It made no sense... The Woods needed no protecting. The Woods was a cauldron, bubbling away with a mixture designed to give those that drank it strength. Strife between predator and prey, enemy and enemy, mate and mate, even tree and tree made each grow stronger, and strong was good.

However... Althas frowned, his young brain trying to wrap itself around this concept. Those things weren't from The Wood though. They weren't even from The World, for she seemed to cry out in pain wherever they touched Her. They were things of otherness, of weakness. They were The Weak, who weakened those they touched, killed the strong in order to fuel their own weak wrongness. This was no right, and... perhaps Borte was right in that one needed to be left behind.

"Very well my friend," Althas told the Unique Soul... perhaps that didn't need to be capitalized... the unique soul then, hopping off of his back. "Stay behind and protect The Woods in case The Weak grow too plentiful... though you can't be everywhere at once..." Althas frowned in thought. Hm... well he had created life before, and The Weak were of a god as well. Perhaps he could craft something to help defend against them? Or anything for that matter... what if... what if The Woods were like a body? And The Weak and others that would do great harm that brought no strength a disease? When one got a disease, little things inside of you fought it off... so what if The Woods had little things like that? Except not little, because The Woods were big, and so were The Weak, so something bigger?

Hm... he had an idea. The Weak seemed to cause no harm to trees. They hang from the branches with no ill effect to them after all, and the little things that had tried to burrow through him and the ground had seemed to avoid the roots of the tree. So something made from a Tree... no, not a Tree, Trees were too big, one of the smaller trees underneath the bigger white barked Trees. But like them... not that big either. Something small. And something... beautiful. Beauty to offset the ugliness of The Weak. What was the most beautiful thing he knew? ...his Mother. The thought sent another wave of home sickness through him, but... he needed to find his enemy. The enemy who's name seemed... just on the tip of his tongue. Burned through his mind through the contact with his spawn.

Plucking some seeds from his hair of leaves, he tossed them onto the ground, before concentrating... soon enough, from the ground grew women... and yet not women. They took the form of women, and looked much like them, but they had skin of thick bark, and hair of leaves. They looked as much like trees shaped like women as women who looked like trees, perhaps even more so. They were a part of The Wood, and they would be its protectors. Instinctively hating The Weak, and those who harmed The Wood.

Dryads... that was what they would be called. But it was not enough... if they were to defeat The Weak, they must be stronger than them! Calling forth his power, Althas embued it within the Dryads, making them stronger, more numerous, more vicious.

Turning to Borte, he smiled softly. "These will keep you company, and help expunge the weak. Fair well my friend. I now seek my enemy. I seek...
The name still elluded him! But even if he didn't know the name, he knew the place... he would leave The Wood. He would leave the mountains his Grandfather had made. He would leave The World. He would travel through the Emptiness, and there, at it's edge, where creation stopped, he woul find his enemy.

PP Expenditure

1PP Spawn - Althas creates Dryads, the anti-bodies of The Wood. They are of limited intelligence, but share a sort of oversoul. Attract a Dryads ire, and many more will follow.

1PP Nourish - Althas embues the Dryads with strength. They become more numerous, and more devoted to hunting down The Weak (aka Abberants).
"A moment, a day a year. What I have is yours, master," said Eago courteously, his voice manifesting from the dark, "But perhaps it is some a bit more grand you require?"

Altair's eyes fixed upon the little man, and he wondered suddenly if he could have simply missed him, and, like before, he wondered if the man simply never left his side. Perhaps he merely blended into the shadows, adding apparent privacy to the list of services he provided.

"Let us walk, I have something I wish to show you."

1 PP (+2 from last week) Forge Artifact - The Throne of Sericea (to be detailed in my next post.)
Altair nodded and began walking next to Eago.

"I have two things to speak to you of, but perhaps I should start with the more pressing matter.  Earlier you spoke of not striking out at Kyoaag N'gaas in haste, and I concur.  But I wonder what you feel should be done about the Beast at the Edge of Time.  I grow... uncomfortable... not knowing his plans.

Also, you should know that a being claiming to be the God of Darkness appeared to me and my children not long ago.  Does this have any implication as to whether or not my wife is..."  Altair
 paused and swallowed.  "Gone?" 
"Hmm, interesting questions both," said the Red Robe, "But I'm afraid, my master, your wife is beyond your power now. If what you say is true, and that there is a god of Darkness prowling the cosmos... well, lots of folk can style themselves Gods of Whatever. Tell me, what sort of being was this 'god of darkness'? Was he how you remember Darkness when your wife held sway? Protective? Loving? Sheltering? Or is he merely some foolish vagabond preying upon the hospitality of darkness, using it as a shield for his cowardice? Planar refugees are rare, but they exist, and the Dark is an excellent place to hide."

At the other question, however, Eago found cause to pause and think.

"Marshall your forces, master, that is what I advise. This Beast at the End of Time flaunts your authority? Makes rude and dangerous claims? It is best, I think, to prepare for the worst where he is concerned. That way, when the inevitable storm of War illuminates the skies, we shall have reason to fight. Fight, and win."

Eago's shoulders seemed to slump after this grave pronouncement.

"Your wife... she did not foresee this. Bloodshed was not a part of her dream." 
Altair grimaced and gave Eago a long, appraising look.

"One day, Eago, you will tell me the full story of what happened at the Dawn of Time.  Nothing is beyond the power of a God.  Nothing.  But for now, you speak wisely, as always.  This Desha was nothing like Vega.  Brash and rude, and radiating a powerful aura of dominating fear."

"I imagine that I simple wish I could know what his plans are.  I have little desire to openly oppose him in combat, although I will do this if necessary with all my strength to maintain Vega's Dream.  I would rather be able to anticipate his moves and thwart them before they begin.  He is far from Sericea and must act by proxy."

The two gods walked in silence for a moment as an idea began to coalesce in Altair's mind.

"Eago, now I have a more philisophical question.  What is time like?  Is it like a river, constantly flowing from Past to Future?  Or is it more complex?  Could one divert part of the river, or elements on that part of the river, back to an earlier point?" 
"Time?" Eago laughed, "Time is a like a patch-work quilt, a field of tall grass and a hologram all at once. It is entirely separate, each moment it's own. It is a puzzle, put together as it is simply because of our limited understanding. Every piece is in every piece, and yet in none. Time is the **** that your wife birthed, and it is my mistress, and I serve her willingly, passionately, and with incredible loathing. Why do you ask?

As Eago spoke, light flared before him, demonstrating the things he spoke of.

Store 2 PP to Craft a Plane.
He had set in motion the Gods on the small shard of earth in the distant glow of that star.

They would be coming soon. 

"I have, to my knowledge, begun new chains of events that may for once twine together and shatter each other under their weight," He spit his words caustically into the void, "I pray knowledge of what is to come will not arrive unbidden to my mind. If I were to remember....then...that would mean....and then I am doomed. Again. And again."

His eyes burned," I will need a staging ground. A boundary to work across. Controlled experiments. I will need the edge."

With that, the galactic mass propelled itself towards the very edges of the void. Travelling through the vast dark until all faded. Until it felt as if He too might fade. He extended his gray waters across edge of this place, using his body to seperate where meaninglessness reigned from creation. The buoyant glaciers of black crystal with their esoteric internal machines seemed to sink below the waters and anchor themselves past the edge of creation with shattering barks of keening machinery.

The waters were spreading. They would engulf this universe, turning the black night of the outer void to rusty gray awash with orange stars adrift the sea of Kyoaag.

2pp towards forging a new plane. Entry to the plane will be passing through the gray waters surrounding creation. Kyoaag will be seperating himself from those.
"My children have created a truly unique thing which they call a Soul."   

Altair opened his hand and revealed three shining orbs which pulsed gently in the dim light of evening.

"They formed them to attempt to find Althas, who appears to have vanished without a trace, although I am sure he is merely practicing his archery.  In this state they are more or less inert, yet... observe."

 waved his hand and a rabbit with a tail that appeared to be a sunflower appeared before them, looking blankly around before reaching down to nibble at the grass.  Altair held one of the souls between his thumb and forefinger and brought it near the Dobbit.  There was a small flash and the soul was gone.  The Dobbit looked up, a greater awareness in its eyes, and it began to hop about in a lazy zigzag.

Altair reached out and grabbed the dobbit by the next before reaching inside it and pulling out the soul.  The dobbit kicked once and went limp.

The rush of dobbit sensations and emotions poured through Altair and Eago, but it was too rapid to tell more than an impression of what the Dobbit had felt about its short ensouled life before the soul vanished.

"And that is the issue.  The being is not intelligent enough to sort its inputs properly, nor does the soul exist post-body for long enough to do a more in-depth analysis.   However, that is now.  The Twins have made it so every being born or created from this moment will recieve a soul, and it is foolish to believe that there will never be a soul from a more advanced species."

 shook his head.

"What I mean is this.  I have studied these souls and feel that I could modify a portion of them, a portion that has strong emotional connnections to their lives, to survive for significantly longer than the few moments we have observed.   However, what I require is your expertise in the manipulation of your mistress, Time.  For if we are to use this to predict the moves of the Beast, these souls that I preserve must come from a time beyond ours.  Would this be feasable?"


0 PP: Cantrip Spawn:  An old friend appears briefly, then dies
It had taken hours of painstakingly detailed carving, but he was done. Every visible of inch of Desha's cave was now covered in words. Each of the words was a different name of darkness and each of them bled out pure shadow that was filling up the forest around the cave. The words seemed to flow together into some kind of mural. The forest had been fairly dark when he had arrived, but Desha wanted it even darker around his house. There was another reason for him to do this though. The darkness created by his cave didn't just block out light it also absorbed energy. Fires would not light in the darkness from the cave. Heat was slowly sucked away. Magic would be weakened and unpredictable. This cave was now Desha's best protection against those that would try to seek him out and he knew that eventually they would find him. He hoped that with this power he would at least stand a fighting chance.

Animals instinctively knew to stay away from the strange darkness that oozed out of the cave. But Desha did find one creature that hadn't been able to escape the quickly spreading darkness. With shocking brutality, Desha snapped the python's neck and dragged the corpse back to his cave.

If one had been able to see through the freakish darkness that now filled the cave they would have been disturbed by what they saw. As Desha peeled away the meat that surrounded the python's organs and skeleton it looked like the meat just jumped off the python.

Now that he had all that pesky flesh removed, Desha started coating what remained with some of the darkness that dripped down the walls of the cave like condensation. As soon as he had finished covering the tip of the creature's tale it jumped to life. "Go, my little pet. Hunt the night as I made you to. I need some entertainment as I heal," said Desha as he pushed the creature out of the cave.

PP Stuff

3 PP for Forge (Greater) (Desha's Cave now creates a field of pure darkness for a mile around it. Any light source, divine or non-divine, only lights an area of about three feet around it within this field. In addition to this the darkness absorbs energy. This causes fires to not light and magic to barely work. Creatures that remain in the darkness too long without proper protection will go into hypothermia also.)
1 PP for Spawn (Desha creates Shade Vipers.)
--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
Eago did not like this. It smacked of fortune-telling. Too much for his taste. The future was possibilities, how often had he said that? To define the future was to make it present, a form of time-travel he could never allow. But perhaps possibility was exactly what he needed?

"I will give you what you seek, but perhaps not in the form you expected. I am sorry, there is no other way for me to do this. And I fear to do otherwise would cause cataclysmic harm. For now, take this."

And Eago opened his eyes. Those threads of Time, always there, always underpinning, well, everything, stretched across his vision like cobwebs. No change could be done here, not in the way that Altair desired. But he pulled at strands, dragging them into the visible spectrum. They would need an anchor, something to give them for. These souls perhaps?  At least now the possibilities would be accessible. Not the truth of the future, no, but the possibility. And perhaps that would be enough?

1 PP - Shape - Given to Altair for his Shape action.
Altair nodded.

"Thank you.  I am aware that this has great risk, but we must have information about what those arrayed against us are planning."

He sat on the ground near one of the streams of souls still flowing from the Allsoul, pulling out soul after soul and staring at it intently.  Soon a small pile of unclaimed souls was stacked before him and Altair began to work.  Ever so carefully he tweaked the essence of the souls and placed them in quickly summoned and destroyed beings and quickly learned that strong emotions, particularly despair and misery, as well as the unique emotional distress of knowing you were murdered could, in some souls, cause it to desire to linger for significantly longer than before, some only vanishing when, after a long silence, the Sightblinder snuffed it out himself by ripping it in half.

So it would work.  Now to draw the proper ones back.

He reached out and touched the strands of Time.  It was unlike anything he had ever felt before... a slippery eel covered in razor blades that seemed to split in two as often as it seemed to join with another.   However, there was some order to it.  It took the better part of an hour, but eventually, by twisting two strands of time around one another, a bridge was created from the future to the present.  He reached into that nexus and gave one final jolt of power to join the timelines and allow the souls to pass through.

Immediately the surrounding area filled with translucent shapes.  Here what would eventually be called an elf, here a human, here a goblin.  Here were things that defied understanding... beasts made of clockwork, what appeared to be a ghostly image of a large crystaline man.

Altair stood before the nearest one.  

"What is your name?"  He asked.

The ghost made no answer.  In fact, it didn't even seem to notice that Altair was speaking to it.

"Hello.  Speak.  Who is this?"  Altair asked again, but again he was ignored.   Frustrated, he reached out and grabbed the human ghost by the head.  

Timmy had been a good boy.  Timmy had gotten good marks in school, but one day he was killed by his sisters' fiance... and now he was here.

And that was all.  A brief recollection olife, and a few formative events that explaiined why it had not vanished but had persisted on as a soul.  Useless.  

Altair pushed the soul aside and reached for another.  In this one, Susan had lived a long time, but her family had rejected her when she began to turn a pale orange color for no discernable reason.  She  had lived alone in the middle of the woods for seventy three years.  And now she was dead.

Again and again Altair tried to find a soul that would both understand him and have relevant information about the actions of The Beast, but to no avail.  None heard him, and while all lived lives of misery, none hthat he had sampled had come from a place near K'yoaag N'gaas.

Frustrated, Altair got to his feet.

"What a failed attempt.  They cannot understand me!  I will deal with this more fully later.  You said you had something to show me?  I hope it is not too much further.

2 PP + 1 from Ara:  Shape Populace:  Esyatman:  Straddling the boundary between spawn and race, these are spirits from an unknown future cast back into the present.  While the time stream is fairly immutable, and it can be assumed that each individual will exist, if not necessarially the tragic figure that actually comes back.  They tend to congregate in places where people are born.

5PP - Althas*
4PP -  Altair, Desha, Eago, Kyoaag N'gaas, Swift Foot, Vasa&Vion

All PP producing Artifacts (and Exarchs, if there were any) are reset. 

*Althas receives a "Good RP" bonus. Being ascended as a child was unexpected to you, but you've done a smash-up job rolling with the punches.

Glimmer took to the sky extending her large wings; she circled for a while feeling the air in her face. She was very smart for her age sharing all of Swift knowledge she knew he had created her to be his companion and she was happy for it. There were many things she wanted to learn and do just as Swift  himself had many things he wished to learn.
    She flew for a while before returning to Swift foot; upon landing she gave a toothy grin and then shrunk to the size of a small house cat before leaping up to his shoulder and curling her tail around the back of his neck for support.  “” There are more like me you know” Glimmer said looking at Swift with a mischievous Glint, for she knew that while she could sense those that were of her yet not; Swift had not even considered the fact.  Swift glanced over to his new friend, “ More?” he asked. Glimmer only smiled in return and gazed over the horizon. Then silently she said, “do not worry they are coming to us I can sense it and other to I think my friend” Swift nodded for he could now also sense the beings he had mistakenly made. “”they have a long journey ahead of them I think, we still have time to prepare. It is the other gods of this land I think we must address before our newfound children arrive.” swifts voice was soft and filled with love as he talked of the children he had mistakenly made. It had ben a mistake and he wasn’t sure how they had come to be. But he was happy, for truly he would not be alone in this world with so many children. Swift once again returned his gaze to the horizon and stood there waiting and watching the land. He had come to love the beauty of the land and would learn a lot in his time within this existence. As Swift stood there he also started to practice his ability to appear to mortals for he knew if he was to be with his children that he must learn to allow them to see him.

So he stood there practicing while him and Glimmer chatted back and forth and waited for a time soon in the coming.

Meanwhile in other parts of the realm

The large Kobold Tellark  had gathered a few of his fellow brethren, they trusted him for he was stronger and smarter then the others. He seamed to be more connected with there maker then other Kobold as well. Many moon circles they travel; on one such moon circles when the moon was to the north and the rings of the sun blocked out the blinding light they came across a large sleeping crystalline creature, quickly they surrounded this odd looking creature thinking that might find good use of it’s scales and claws if they could mange to fell it. Lacking nets or other tool the bulk of the kobold pounced the crystal dragon. The dragon startled from it’s slumber by the dog pile of small reptilian creatures thrashed to the left and to the right however it was far to outnumbered and weak from it’s long days flight. A few of the Kobolds grabbed a large rock nearby hoping to smash the things head and still it. They had the rock lifted high when Tellark arrived and ordered theme to stop. The kobolds were used to following his orders, though they were confused they still did as they were told. Surely there leader would know better then them. Slowly one by one the kobolds carefully released the frightened dragon. Tellark approached the dragon. He knew nothing of fear, but reason told him that this dragon could tear him to pieces; However something inside him told him, that though different the dragon; for he knew that’s what it should be called, was not his foe.
    The crystal dragon backed away, it’s wings far to tired to fly and the struggle with the smaller kobolds left no desire to attack these little things. It looked to the largest of the kobold.  Still small by the dragons measurements, but larger then the others by a full head at least. Tellark raised his hands and offered a apology for his brethrens hasty actions. He offered the young dragon food and the safety of there camp. The Dragon could sense no further ill will from the kobolds and knew well that the forests could be a dangerous place in it’s weakened state. So Glint for that was the dragons name; decided to share there camp, Glint and Tellark talked long into the night and traveled together in the following days they both shared there knowledge of there maker of the bond they had with him. No two creatures seamed to be created knowing the same things; instead each seamed to be connected to a different piece of swifts mind.
   Tellark and Glint would travel together as friend from this day on, they would go out of there way to find and gather there brethren along there journey. Traveling in numbers was much safer and in numbers all could share what they knew and all could learn. Tellark took the time during this journey to teach Glint how to remain calm even when fear threatened to take hold over ones mind, though Tellark had never known fear he could recall the feeling well from swifts brief experience with it and shared his creators memories of fear.  Tellark and Glint would come to be leaders of this group, they were looked up to and they fit the role well.


0pp Cantrip - Glint & Tellark Became the leader/champion of the Kobolds and Crystal dragon races. They have greater then normal stats

1PP  Finish Shape - Crystal dragons Gain full sentience.
Note: Crystal dragons may not think and act as a sentient race.
PP Notes: 2 PP provided from last week

2PP Finish Beget (Major) - Glimmer reaches her full potential, she learns to use her wings and natural talents as well as is able to tap into her link with Swift Foot
Note: Glimmer Provide 1 free command action per week
PP Notes: 1 PP provided from last week

0PP Start Craft (Minor) - Swift begins to learn how to be visible to mortals.
PP Note: 2 more pp needs to be spent before Swift will have a actual avatar.

1PP reserved for a craft Minor action
Remaining PP 0

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
Across the plains and wooded groves of the world the Twins hurried, fleet of foot, searching for their son, Althas. They stopped and meditated on the passing memories of the spirits of dead creatures, but there was no trace of him. It seemed that he had not yet traveled far afield. Slowly, though with all speed, the Twins began to home in at the Woods. As soon as they set foot inside they could tell that their son was at work here. The spirits, too, began to have memories of the god's passing, though they could not tell how long ago this was.

Over the rooted ground the Twins picked their way, the path harder here where trees grew tall and thick. Their run had become a walk, but even there the living things knew who the gods were and creatures stayed from their path, the plants pulled back in their woody ways. So it was that the twins were surprised when they could a malformed thing that did not respond like the others. Vasa picked it up and examined it, wondering what oddity her son had made, but no... this was not his work, it was hardly deserving of the word at all. Foulness and ineptitude had formed this thing. It was made by something unaccustomed to how life should be. And the White Lady would not tolerate it.

As the Twins went, lances of light jumped from Vasa's hand, unmaking the aberrant creatures she saw. Vion, on the other hand, was not so perturbed. Rather, he was focused on finding Althas. Neither noticed when they became separated.

Vion wandered the Woods for a long time when he stumbled upon a place of darkness. He had his mother's eyes, as it were, yet even it seemed almost too dark for him. Could Althas be here? He turned to ask Vasa to illuminate the place, but he found she was not there. Should he go find her, or should he make sure his son was or was not here?

Deep into that darkness peering, long Vion stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting...

At last he stepped further in. He could feel a presences, so he called out, "Althas, are you here?"
The gray waters flooded across the curves of space, sliding between creation and the nothingness marking its borders with the clicking thunder-cracks of monumental machines encrusted in ebon crystal anchoring onto the unfathomable.

The waters rushed, and impossibly reached the other side of creation.

The planetoid of flesh, eyes, and black pits floated away from its place amongst the waters, that final hole sealing as well.

His words ground out through the void, "It is finished then, a world in my image to bear fruits for a better future. A more perfect, future. One with an end." With that, he passed through the barrier made by the waters, into the new plane, Kaaothis Gaaos

It was a massive world. Giant continents of glossy doomstone under a distant sky of gray rolling waves illuminated by sparse and dim orange stars. Between the continents yawned black gulfs into nothing, across which arced blazing displays of curious red lightning, seeming to move like masses of fluid through the air while reaching for a grounding point.

On the continents were vast tracks of rough terrain, chasms, canyons, mountains. Dotting the landscape were the doomed ruins of foreign timelines, some containing etched writing in strange languages while others featured the horrified remains of those who might have written them. Deserts of doomstone granules moved across the barren ground with the ever-present strong wind of poisonous air filled with mercury, sulfur, silicon, and Ununoctium. The land shimmers with intense heat. Spanning the abysses and crossing continents are networks of giant circuits made of brushed titanium. Each metal pathway being 20ft by 20ft, either running into and joining another pathway or terminating into large octogons. Embedded in the doomstone are crystalline veins of promethium, standing exposed to the air in some places.

Each continent had a different flow of time. The borders between each different field of time being turbulent and unpredictable with how each second will flow. The borders were marked by odd sparks of flaring Moment. Gravity remains normal for most places, although for some abysses there are sudden intense gravity wells pulling into the void.

The planetoid god passed through the sky-waters of the plane, and gazed upon his creation. This hellscape would see the culminating works of countless eons of a mad god's planning.


 2pp from last week + 2pp from this week to create the plane Kaaothis Gaaos.
Desha silently glided out of his cave to see who had come near his home. It was one of that god's children, the one that had restrained his father. Desha almost called out to the god, but he stopped himself. If he talked to this god he surely would be blamed for the loss of this Althas person. It appeared that Desha would have to send this god away in some non-overt way. That's when he remembered his tree from his original timeline. It had been a tool to help others overcome their fears, but perhaps it could instead be used as a weapon. He hurried back to his cave.

From one of the nearby trees Desha tore down a branch with a blast of wind. As the fog that formed Desha's body engulfed the branch it started to transform. The branch's bark took upon a gold-like appearance and its leaves turned to silver. Desha thrust the branch into the ground. The air was filled with thunderous cracks as the branch grew into a massive tree with startling speed. "Let's see how that god copes with this," muttered Desha to himself.

PP Stuff

3 PP for Forge (Greater) (The Tree of Eternal Terror (I'm not very good at coming up with names. Tongue out) - The Tree of Eternal Terror causes a person's fears to physically manifest. The manifestations are capable of killing the person that they belong to. The only way that the manifestations can be stopped is if the Tree is completely destroyed or the person overcomes their fears. The Tree can only create these manifestations within a mile of itself.)
--- The Member Formerly Known as GhostVampire
~Island of the Crashed Moon-Mountain~

A band of Kobolds moved through the grasses, the crystal mountain glinting in the Sun before them as they traveled towards it, their bodies protected from the Sun's fierce rays by cloaks, gloves and their natural scales.

But before them floated something unexpected.  A tall being with wings of pure light, looking down at the smaller kobolds.  There seemed to be something odd about the figure, as it seemed to shimmer in the summer heat, and if they looked hard enough, they could actually see through the being.

                            ~Island of the Crashed Moon-Mountain~
The Kobold band Paused, They had encountered much since there birth but this strange creature puzzled them. The smallest one who surprisingly had became the leader of this group stepped forward; while the others watched with intent little eyes to see what would happen. “” I am Runkin, who and what are you” the little Kobold bravely asked. The others stood ready in case like some of the other creatures they had encountered, this thing tried to eat them. Runkin stood there watching the creature taking mental notes of it’s every move and feature. He was a very smart Kobold and like other Kobolds he shared Swift thirst for knowledge. he had become there leader becouse unlike them he possed abilities granted from his conection with there maker.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will

The ghost opened its mouth.  "Runkin..."  The voice seemed as delicate as a spring breeze, barely dancing across Runkin's ears.

"I am Gienah... you must turn around." 

 ~the edge of the Island of Mount Shimmer~

Runkin smiled happily, this thing could talk and seamed intelligent. The other creatures they had encountered were simple beasts good for little more then food. ""I am afraid we can not turn around we must reach our destination, It is there that we must settle." Runkins voice was firm and dedicated and the others nodded in agreement turning back simply was not a option for them. Again Runkin addressed the strange creature " though I must ask why would you have us turn away from our goal? Is there a danger ahead we should prepare for?" Runkin truly had no fear and the creature could tell he was already calculating plans and paths around danger that might slow there journey. "perhaps you could come with us, we have yet to encounter one such as you and I would love the chance to get to know you better" though Runkins friendliness was genuine the creature could tell that Runkin desired to know more about the creature on a intellectual level more then as a friend though the two were not exclusive of each other.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
"There is only death ahead.  Death and Misery.  The Sapphire Moon is so jealous.  There is nothing you can do."

The wings of the being rippled slightly, strands of golden light gently basking the area.

"I cannot go from here.  I can only warn.  You must go back." 

Runkin smiled pleasantly, He knew nothing of death nor did he know of fear. The concepts did not effect him, for even death was a curiosity to him. His will to live was strong however so was his thirst for knowledge and death was nothing more then a mystery begging to be solved when the time was right. Runkin bowed, then in a gental but sure tone said “We must push on, our maker is there. We can feel him and he can feel us. I thank you for your warning. We will in time return to try and find you, for there is much we can learn. However we must reach out goal. Do not fear for us though even in death we shell learn and grow stronger.” Runkin again nodded to the others then plotted a new course that would take the others around the possible dangers. The new course would take them a little longer. However if what the creature said was true then the delay might be faster then dealing with whatever might stand in there way. Though defiantly not deterred the urge was after all built into them as they all felt like a piece of them was missing and knew only with there creator could this be filled. They would be careful to watch out for whatever was supposedly waiting for them if they continued.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will

The voice touched them as they left.

"I will die there."

but when they turned around, the figure was gone. 

Runkin paused for a moment contemplating why the creature had said it would die there. After a short while it he shrugged and continued on his journey. Perhaps the creature was not trying to help them, but instead was trying to help itself. However he was far from sure how it knew it would die there, or why it wanted them stopped. Deciding that it was in there best interest the small group doubled there efforts to reach there creator. After all if the creature whished to stop them it might try to get ahead of them and slow there path they were determined to reacht here creator and there new home.

An' ye harm none, do what ye will
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