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Are the giant ant's (from Monster Manual II) abilities commulative? For example, the hive warrior gets +2 on attack rolls for a turn if an ant close to it dies. Does it get +6 if three ants die close to it?
Because Untyped bonuses don't stack when from the same named game element, even if many Giant Ants die, the Hive Soldier wouldn't get the bonus more than once from Hive Soldier Frenzy and thus would only ever get anything more than +2 to attack roll from this game element.

Hive Soldier Frenzy (free, when any giant ant within 10 squares of the hive soldier drops to 0 hit points; at-will)
The soldier gains a +2 bonus to attack rolls until the end of its next turn.

RC 28 Untype Bonus: Untyped Bonus: Some bonuses have no type (“a +2 bonus,” for instance). Most of these bonuses are situational and combine with other bonuses, including other untyped bonuses. However, untyped bonuses from the same named game element (such as a power or a feat) are not cumulative; only the highest applies, unless otherwise noted.

But the hive workers still get to shift every time an ant bites the dust?
Yes since Shifting has no stackability involved. It is an instantaneous reactive movement and would happen whenever triggerred.
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