Grappling and Natural Weapons (3.5)

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In rules compendium, it's stated that while grappling, you can do an attack with a natural weapon. What happens when the primary natural weapon is a set, like the tentacles in the mind flayer? Is it allowed to take a full-round action and attack with any remaining tentacle not attached to target's head?

The way I have been ruling this, the mind flayer can choose either to attack with his remaining tentacles (and getting a free grapple check every time he hits on account of his Improved Grab) as a full round action, or doing two (or more, depending of his BAB) grapple checks as a full round action to perform allowed grappling maneuvers. This last will ofc include the possibility of attaching the remaining tentacles with a single grapple check, but in this case without doing any damage. Would this be ok?



The mindflayer doesn't attack with each tentical individually. They all attack at the same time, it's more akin to a bite. Subsequent attacks, after makeing the grapple, are for it's mind sucking ability.
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