7/15/2011 TWTW: "A Shift to the North"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Is this a first? I think I remember Patrick Chapin saying (mainly tongue in cheeck) on The Magic Show once that you can't win a major tournament if you lose the first round, based on the fact that it had never happened before.
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A friend of mine played against Pascal in that tournament and was completely caught off guard by the deck. It was just funny and unthinkable that Caw-Blade would be at the tournament without JTMS and SFM... Pascal is one of the nicer guys who plays regularly at the major events in and around Montreal, and it is good to see him get some recognition.

On a side note, I faced that mill deck he lost to in the opening round. Apparently there was a group of players who brought that deck expecting to see plenty of Valakut, and it didn't disappoint them... against Valakut. They had not dropped a single game to them, but had a hard time with the rest of the field. I beat it using RUG Exarch-Twin, even though most of my deck was stripped thanks to Archive Trap and Surgical Extraction...
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On est fiers de toi, PMayne. La gang de Québec sera toujours derrière toi pour te pousser plus loin dans ta conquête du monde (de Magic)! Je suis convaincu que dans pas très longtemps, tu vas revenir au Donjon avec le trophée de Pro Tour Champion.

Tu as non seulement le talent et la vision, mais surtout l'attitude d'un grand joueur. Tu es l'avenir de ce jeu. Continue de le prouver!

We're proud of you, PMayne. The Quebec City community will always be behind you to push you further in your conquest for (Magic) world domination! I am convinced that in a short while, you'll come home to the Donjon with the Pro Tour Champion trophy.

You have not only the talent and vision, but also the attitude of the Greats. You are the future of this game. Keep proving it!

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