Level 3 Common Magical Item? (Noob Question)

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Hey guys,

So I just bought the Red Box today. I created my character with the Player's Book, and then downloaded the next solo quest "Ghost Tower of the Witchlight Fens". I got through the adventure itself with no problems...until the end.

After I beat the Blackguard, it said that I got 90 gp, and a "level 3 common magical item." I have no idea what this means. I added up the XP I earned, and got my gold, but I don't know what I'm supposed to do about the item. I have Magical Item cards from the Red Box, but they don't have a level, and it doesn't say if they are common or not...I also think they might come into play in the "Twisting Halls" adventure.

Thanks in advance for your help,

I'm not sure. Do they have how much gold the item is worth? If so, a level 3 item is worth 680 gold. That doesn't help you with rarity; but I don't think it's a huge deal since it's a solo adventure. If you absolutely want to play by the rules, tell us your class and we'll give you a level 3 common item that you'll like.
I haven't seen the cards in question, but other WotC cards are marked with a tiny circle for common, diamond for 'uncommon,' and star for 'rare.' 

There are tons of magic items in the PH1, Adventurer's Vault, and Adventurer's Vault 2.  They do have levels, but not common/uncommon/rare.



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It doesn't say how much it is worth. I'll copy paste the text in.

The blackguard keeps 90 gp in a black iron boxadjacent to the west altar. He also carries a level 3common magic item (of your choice; pick somethingyour character would like to have).

I'm a fighter btw. 
(I meant on the card. The item card may say how much it's worth, which would tell you what level it is.)

Here's an example of a level 3 common item that your character might like.

Armor of Cleansing (Scalemail) +1
Level 3, 680 Gold
Property: Add a +2 item bonus to your saving throws against ongoing damage.

(Note: For Armors that are "+1", you add the +1 to your AC defense, in addition to the bonus to armor from wearing scalemail.)
Okay, so if I pick that item, what would I change on my character sheet?

And can I take this character into other games?
Under Equipment and Magic items, you would put "Armor of Cleansing +1". I usually also put what type of armor it is (It would be Scalemail, because that's the best heavy armor you can wield normally as a Fighter, I think, unless if the Red Box is different). A simple rule of thumb for filling out your character sheet: The two people who need to know what the stuff on your character sheet means is you and your game master. As long as you have those two people covered, you're good.

As for taking it into other games (non-solo games, you'll be fine during the twisting halls adventure), I believe there's a conversion document. It's at the link, and you'll see it as an attached file under the two frequently asked questions.
Alright, cool. Thanks for the info!

Last but not least, I have a total of 925xp now. When will I hit level 2? 
In 75 experience. Level 2 starts at 1000 xp, and level 3 starts at 2250 xp.
Cool. Can I sell my original scale armor?
Well, I just subscribed to D&D Insider, so I can easily find stuff like that.

I went to D&D Encounters last night and played my first real game...amazing! I'm going to be sticking around for a while! 
Welcome aboard then! Enjoy your stay, it's a great game Smile
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Well, I just subscribed to D&D Insider, so I can easily find stuff like that.

I went to D&D Encounters last night and played my first real game...amazing! I'm going to be sticking around for a while! 

Welcome to Dungeons and Dragons!

Yep, you can find any level and commonality of magic item you want in the character builder, so have fun!

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Well, I just subscribed to D&D Insider, so I can easily find stuff like that.

I went to D&D Encounters last night and played my first real game...amazing! I'm going to be sticking around for a while! 

Id like to join the Welcoming Voices... err key strokes err whatever.

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Cool. Can I sell my original scale armor?

Normally, unless things changed in Essentials, you can't sell mundane gear for anything.

This is to prevent the "bring a donkey cart to the dungeon and gather every scrap of armor, every beater sword, and heck why not the brass door trimming as well" style of gaming where you're scrounging for every last GP.

In 4e, adventurer's adventure for their wealth, they don't play merchant.

The only thing you can sell and get GP back for are magic items (well maybe mounts and vehicles, but that'd be it I'd think). 

Also, just be aware that if you start a home game with a new group of players they are likely to ask you to create a new character from scratch. I guess way back in the day there was this idea of floating characters who would move from gaming group to gaming group, but I haven't run across that outside of organized play these days, where it is, well, organized.

Besides Encounters, there's also Living Forgotten Realms, Living Divine, and Ashes of Athas as opportunities to continue a character for a while without a home play group (Encounters is a season covering just a few levels, the last three are campaigns covering 1-30).

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I've got the same problem now. What's a level 3 common magic item for a rogue?
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